Duke Nukem 3D

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Opponent viewpoint

    Begin a modem multiplayer game and enable recording on the options screen. Then while playing the game, press K to view the game from your opponent's view point.

  • Cheat Codes

    While playing the game, enter one of the following codes:

    dncornholio or dnkrozToggle God mode
    dnstuffAll weapons, maximum ammo, all keys
    dnitemsMaximum armor, all keys
    dnkeysAll keys
    dnweaponsAll weapons and ammo
    dnunlockToggle all doors
    dninventoryAll inventory
    dnmonstersToggle monsters
    dneatFull health
    dnnukFull ammo
    dnhyperUnlimited steroids
    dnscotty[episode number][level number]Level select
    dnendingEnd episode
    dncashmanPress [Space] for money
    dnviewAlternate viewpoint
    dnskill[skill level 0-4]Change skill level
    dnclipWalk through some walls
    dnrateDisplay frame rate
    dndebugDisplay debug information
    dncoordsDisplay coordinates
    dnshowmapDisplay entire map
    dnbeta"Pirates Suck" message
    dncosmo"Register Cosmo" message
    dnallen"Buy Major Stryker" message
    dntimeDisplay message
    dntoddDisplay message

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