Dungeon Lords


  • Attacking

    To execute a forward combo, press W to move forward when starting a series of attacks. This is effective when facing a single opponent. To execute a left/right combo, press A or D to move left or right when you start a series of attacks. This is effective against multiple opponents. To execute a chop combo, press S to move back when starting a series of attacks.

  • Stop coughing

    When a Slime shoots out the green gas, go into your inventory and stay there until you stop coughing.

  • Evasive maneuvers

      Forward Roll: Tap [Forward] twice
      Side Roll: Tap [Left] or [Right] twice
      Leap Sideways: Press [Left] or [Right] + [Space]
      Backflip: [Away] + [Jump]

  • Nether spells

      Blade Of Baal: Monkey Paw, Diamond Dust, Blood Nectre, Brimstone Powder, Demon Horn
      Fear: Bat Wing, Deadman's Hair
      Pain Sting: Scorpion Tail, Snake Skin
      Soften: Snake Skin, Spider Yolk, Rat Tail
      Summon Rat: Rat Tail, Bone Dust
      Summon Undead: Raven Claw, Bone Dust, Deadman Hair
      Summon Wolves: Wolf Mane, Bone Dust, Blood Nectre

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