Enemy Infestation


  • Level select

    Hold [Shift] + [Ctrl] and click on "Single Player" to play any normal or special level in the game.

  • Cheat Codes

    While playing the game, enter one of the following codes then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: If colonists are selected, they may follow the command assigned to various keys being entered in the code.

    Result Cheat Code
    Level skipgsawin
    Heal all colonistsgsaheal
    Removes all roofsgsaroof
    Control aliensgsaswap
    Kills selected characters; use with gsaswap code to kill aliensgsakill
    Stops aliens and colonistsgsastop
    BOG weapon created at pointer; collect it for extra defense and
    ability to lock doors
    KNIFE weapon created at pointer; collect it for invisibility to aliensgsaknife
    Commander created at pointergsacmdr
    Medical officer created at pointergsamedi
    Technician created at pointergsaboff

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