The Guy Game


  • SuperStiff mode

    Correctly answer nine out of twelve bonus questions. To unlock SuperStiff mode easily, play through the level as usual. When the bonus question appears, guess it as normal, but write down the correct answer. Do this until you get to question 10. if you have not already unlocked SuperStiff mode, quit the level and play it again. Now that you have the answers to the bonus questions, choose the correct answer and the Flash-O-Meter should disappear after question 9.

  • New videos, cheerleaders, and pictures

    Successfully unlock SuperStiff mode in each level to unlock the corresponding bonus:

      Behind the Scenes pictures: Level 1
      Nikki: Level 2
      Hey, Ladies! video: Level 4
      The Girls of Summer pictures: Level 5
      Monique: Level 6
      Mind Fuck video: Level 7
      Eye Candy pictures: Level 9
      Simone: Level 10
      Back Stage video: Level 11
      Got Titty pictures: Level 13
      Mandy & Mandi: Level 14
      Meet Matt video: Level 15
      The Fruits of Our Labor pictures: Level 17
      The Babes video: Level 18
      Night At Padre video: Level 19
      Game Over! video: Level 20
      Boobs, Babes and Boobs pictures: Level 20

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