Icewind Dale 2

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Cheat Codes

    Run the game's configuration utility and enable the cheat console option. Next, press [Ctrl] + [Tab] while playing the game to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Cheat Code
    Teleport selected party members to pointerctrlaltdelete:hans()
    Get 500 gold piecesctrlaltdelete:midas()
    Get indicated amount of gold piecesctrlaltdelete:addgold([number])
    Full map for current areactrlaltdelete:explorearea()
    Set experience of selected charactersctrlaltdelete:setcurrentxp([number])
    Set current chapter; Prologue is chapter 0ctrlaltdelete:setchapter([0-6])
    Load indicated area; view data directory of Disc 2
    for names.
    Spawn indicated number of items.ctrlaltdelete:createitem("[item name]",[number])
    Spawn indicated creaturectrlaltdelete:createcreature("[creature number]")
    Selected character gains indicated spellctrlaltdelete:addspell("[spell name]")
    Set global variable to a certain value. The first entry
    is the name of the variable, the second entry must
    be either LOCAL, GLOBAL or an area name
    (AR[number]), and the third entry the number to
    set the variable to. For example,
    ctrlaltdelete:setglobal("VARIABLE", "GLOBAL", 1)
    ctrlaltdelete:setglobal("[variable name]",[local,global,AR],[value])
    Check the current status of a variable. The first entry
    is the name of the variable and the second entry must
    be either LOCAL, GLOBAL or an area name
    ctrlaltdelete:setglobal("[variable name]",[local,global,AR])
    Intended to give potions and scrolls, but does
    not work
    Intended to summon a monster to defend you,
    but does not work
    Intended to summon a monster to attack you,
    but does not work
    Enable in-game cheat keysctrlaltdelete:enablecheatkeys()

  • In-game cheat keys

    Use one of the following codes while playing the game after enabling the "ctrlaltdelete:enablecheatkeys()" code:

    Result Cheat Code
    Scroll forward through available character sequences[Ctrl] + A
    Scroll reverse through available character sequences[Ctrl] + S
    Replay chapter introduction[Ctrl] + C
    Turn selected character around its axis[Ctrl] + F
    Debug dump with area information[Ctrl] + M
    Teleport party to pointer[Ctrl] + J
    Kill selected unit[Ctrl] + Y
    Kill selected monster or remove character from party[Ctrl] + K
    Heal selected character or portrait[Ctrl] + R
    Receive free experience points[Ctrl] + U
    Display current pointer position and search square[Ctrl] + X
    Cycle through armor levels[Ctrl] + 1
    Fade screen to dark[Ctrl] + 2
    Fade screen to light[Ctrl] + 3
    Display trigger polygons[Ctrl] + 4
    Transform current selected character into the next one[Ctrl] + 6
    Transform current selected character into the previous
    [Ctrl] + 7
    Display character bounding boxes[Ctrl] + 9

  • Item names

    Use one of the following values with the "ctrlaltdelete:createitem("[item name]",[number])" code. Note: Only some items can be spawned in quantities of greater than one.

    ItemItem name
    Belt Of Bluntness00BELT03
    Belt Of Piercing00BELT04
    Belt Of Beautification00BELT05
    Boots Of Stealth00BOOT02
    Boots Of The North00BOOT03
    Boots Of Avoidance00BOOT04
    Boots Of Grounding00BOOT05
    Boots Of Winterbranch00BOOT09
    Boots Of Yeti00BOOT14
    Boots Of Snow Wolf00BOOT15
    Bracers Of Defense +200BRAC02
    Bracers Of Defense +300BRAC03
    Bracers Of Defense +400BRAC04
    Bracers Of Archery00BRAC05
    Bracers Of Expertise00BRAC10
    Bracers Of Icelandic Pearl00BRAC11
    Crossbow: Hagnen's Folly00BWHXHF
    Crossbow: Hagnen's Foolishness00BWLXHF
    Baleful Armor00CHAN06
    Elven Chain of the Hand00CHAN07
    Armor Of Life00CHAN08
    Ogien's Armor00CHAN09
    Cloak Of Protection +300CLCK02
    Cloak Of Displacement00CLCK03
    Cloak Of Non-Detection00CLCK04
    King's Tears00GEM29
    Rouge Stone00GEM30
    Battle Axe: Soul Stealer00HFAXAS
    Battle Axe: Scales of Balance00HFAXBA
    Great Axe: Cowards Flight00HFAXBB
    Throwing Axe: Big Black Flying-Death00HFAXBD
    Throwing Axe: Stormshifter00HFAXCK
    Throwing Axe: Screaming Axe00HFAXSC
    Battle Axe: Death's Ally00HFAXSP
    Great Axe: Grim Widow-Through00HFAXWT
    Bow: Mithril Arc00HFBCAG
    Bow: Triumphant Flamekiller00HFBLFK
    Bow: Sophia's Arc00HFBLSF
    Bow: Great Sun-Reacher00HFBLSR
    Bow: Swift Eye of the Hunter00HFBSEH
    Bow: Furious Rabbit Slayer00HFBSRS
    Club: Club of Confusion00HFCBHK
    Dagger: Dagger of Closing Arguments00HFDGFW
    Dagger: Ysha's Sting00HFDGPF
    Flail: Demon's Breath Flail00HFFLFV
    Flail: Chains of Righteous Strength00HFFLSR
    Halberd: Hand of the Buccaneer00HFHBDC
    Halberd: Holy Hammer of Lucerne00HFHBHL
    Warhammer: Masher00HFHMPH
    Warhammer: Hammer of Lightning00HFHRSC
    Crossbow: Beloved Geloise00HFHXGE
    Crossbow: Folly of Hagnen Odestone00HFHXHF
    Crossbow: Mithril Arbalest00HFHXIA
    Crossbow: Shielded Mailripper00HFHXMR
    Crossbow: Foolishness of Hagnen Odestone 00HFLXHF
    Crossbow: Iron Mary's Bold Reply00HFLXIM
    Crossbow: Makavail's Swift Bane00HFLXMB
    Mace: Glowing Azure Rod00HFMEAR
    Mace: Iron Hand of Ohanion00HFMECF
    Morningstar: Lathander's Gift00HFMRMG
    Morningstar: Mountains of Selune00HFMRMS
    Flail: Svirfneblin Skull00HFMRSS
    Bastard Sword: Know Thy Family00HFSBBS
    Bastard Sword: Order's Nemesis00HFSBRC
    Bastard Sword: Bloody Wroth00HFSBWR
    Scimitar: Caernach's Silver Sickle00HFSCCS
    Great Sword: Dwelnar's Folly00HFSDT
    Stave: Delnar's Lightning Stave00HFSFDD
    Sling: Nimble Cat-tail00HFSGCT
    Sling: Sun-kissed Sparrow00HFSGSS
    Long Sword: Delnar's Healing Blade00HFSLDB
    Long Sword: Sword of Gleaming Dykahst00HFSLDY
    Spear: Life's Blood Drinker00HFSRIM
    Short Sword: Lolth's Cruel Sting00HFSSLS
    Short Sword: Assassin's Blade00HFSSSK
    Short Sword: Shame of Thy-Dunag00HFSSTD
    Stave: Phantom Staff00STAF86
    Stave: Staff of Fireballs00STAF89
    Wand Of Fear00WAND01
    Wand Of Magic Missiles00WAND02
    Wand Of Paralyzation00WAND03
    Wand Of Fire00WAND04
    Wand Of Lightning00WAND05
    Wand Of Sleep00WAND06
    Wand Of Summon Monster00WAND07
    Wand Of The Heavens00WAND08
    Great Axe: Executioner's Wife11HFAXEW
    Throwing Axe: Dullcobble's Axe11HFAXHO
    Battle Axe: Kegsplitter of Shaengarne Ford 11HFAXKS
    Club: Paths of Kuldahar11HFCBMK
    Dagger: Goblin Slayer11HFDGGH
    Flail: Black Chimes11HFFLBC
    Warhammer: Slow and Steady11HFHRCR
    Stave: Iron-Banded Staff11HFSFPI
    Sling: Left Hand of Darkness11HFSGLH
    Long Sword: Golden Heart of …11HFSLHE
    Spear: Twelve Paces11HFSRNP
    Great Sword: Saga of Wandering Sky11HFSTWS
    Stave: Caballus' Whispering Staff12HFSFWS
    Club: Belib's Amazing Everlasting Torch 50HFCLBT
    Dagger: Black Lamia's Tongue50HFDGLT
    Long Sword: Barrow Wight's Blade50HFSLWB
    Spear: Kyosti's Hunting Spear50HFSRKS
    Battle Axe: Duergar-Forged Doom Axe51HFAXDF
    Warhammer: Hammer of Utter Darkness51HFHRDA
    Warhammer: The Dire-Hammer Valorfoe51HFHRVA
    Crossbow: Dragu's Doom Bolter51HFHXDB
    Crossbow: Dragu's Hell Bolter51HFHXHB
    Stave: Ryomaru's Harmless Staff51HFSFRH
    Dagger: Baron Sulo's Hook52HFDGSH
    Long Sword: Light of Cera Sumat60HFSLHA
    Dagger: Wyvern Stinger61HFDGWS
    Dagger: Xvimian Fang of Despair62HFDGXF
    Club: Monkey Paw of Extreme Prejudice63HFCBMP
    Flail: Pustule's Flail of Boils63HFFLPF
    Halberd: Pudu's Fiery Blight63HFHBPB
    Warhammer: Xvim's Brutal Impact63HFHRBI
    Scimitar: Scimitar of the Soulless63HFSCSS
    Battle Axe: Mighty ScalecleaverZZI6HFSC
    Mace: Selune's BlessingZZJ6HFMM
    Great Sword: Thunder's ShockZZR6HFWB

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