Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet


  • Achievements

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      Apprentice Hunter (5 points): Defeat the first boss in Shadow Hunters.
      Archaeologist (20 points): Found all artifacts.
      Cleaning Crew (10 points): Score 500,000 points in Shadow Hunters.
      Complete Electrical (10 points): Completed the electrical zone.
      Complete Game (50 points): Completed the game.
      Complete Homeworld (10 points): Completed the homeworld.
      Complete Ice (10 points): Completed the ice zone.
      Complete Mechanical (10 points): Completed the mechanical zone.
      Complete Ocean (10 points): Completed the ocean zone.
      Complete Organic (10 points): Completed the organic zone.
      Explorer (20 points): Uncovered 100% of the map.
      Fully Loaded (20 points): Fully upgraded your ship.
      Journeyman Hunter (10 points): Defeat two bosses during one match in Shadow Hunters.
      Marathon Run (20 points): Reached the 9th arena in Lantern Run.
      Master Hunter (20 points): Defeat four bosses during one match in Shadow Hunters.
      Millionaire (10 points): Scored one million points in Lantern Run.
      Sweep Up (5 points): Score 250,000 points in Shadow Hunters.

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