The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Rise Of Sauron campaign

    Successfully complete all War Of The Ring campaign maps to unlock the Rise Of Sauron campaign.

  • Legendary mode

    Successfully complete the War Of The Ring and Rise Of Sauron campaigns to unlock the Legendary difficulty.

  • Easy health

    When playing as an Archer, Scout, or Warrior, return to the "Change Class" location, and change to a Mage. After regenerating your health, change back to your original class.

  • Finding invisible Scouts

    Have an Archer fire a Poison Arrow at an invisible Scout to reveal its position.

  • Special abilities

    Use one of the following moves to perform the corresponding special ability:

      Aragorn: Hold [Strong Attack] for five seconds, then press [Weak Attack] while still holding [Strong Attack]. This will activate Powers Of The Undead for healing over time. Note: This can only can be activated once per life.
      Elrond: Unknown move. Water sphere that heals and protects from projectiles.
      Eowyn: Press [Weak Attack], [Jump]. She will do an invincible front flip over opponents.
      Faramir: Unknown move. Energy attack can be repeated quickly for multiple hits.
      Frodo: Unknown move. Does not uncloak when using melee attacks
      Gandalf: Unknown move. Lightning attack will hit multiple enemies. Wider fire attack.
      Gimli: Unknown move. Powerful Longbeard Pound energy attack that cannot be interrupted.
      Isildur: Unknown move. Energy attacks made more powerful by flaming "ghosts" that deal extra damage.
      Legolas: Hold [Weak Attack] for five seconds, then press [Jump] while still holding [Weak Attack]. He will ride on his shield.
      Lurtz: Unknown move. Arrows can pierce through enemies and hit others.
      Mouth Of Saruman: Unknown move. Lightning attack becomes progressively more powerful as it spreads through a group of enemies.
      Nazgul: Unknown move. Power Of Nine attack can be used in combinations with other energy attacks.
      Saruman: Unknown move. Lightning attack does high damage to single enemies. Powerful fire attack.
      Witch King: Unknown move. Terror Quake attack that can damage an entire battlefield of enemies.
      Wormtounge: Unknown move. Spawns a bomb in his hand that makes him faster, stronger, and regenerate energy quicker before it explodes after ten seconds.

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