Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Cheat Codes

    At the "Game Information" screen, select "Options", then choose the "Codes" selection. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Enter the code again to disable its effect.

    Result Cheat Code
    Level selectIPULATOR
    Maximum healthBABYLONTRUST
    Infinite healthMARCUSECKOS
    Maximum skillsVANCEDALLISTER
    Infinite skillsFLIPTHESCRIPT
    All combat upgradesDOGTAGS
    All characters unlockedSTATEYOURNAME
    All legends unlockedNINESIX
    All Black Book graffiti and Truth Pieces unlockedSHARDSOFGLASS
    All beat down arenas unlockedWORKBITCHES
    All iPod songsGRANDMACELIA
    All art unlockedSIRULLY
    All movies unlockedDEXTERCROWLEY

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