Motocross Mania


  • Cheat Codes

    Rename your profile to one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat function. You can then rename your profile back to any desired name.

    Result NAME
    All tracksBeef Cake
    All stuntsMad Dog
    Extra moneyUncle Bill
    Always advance in championshipVera Champ

  • Hover Biker

    Get a stunt score over 500,000 to unlock all of the stunts, collect over $50,000, and set the following garage settings:

      Brake Gyro: 0
      Gear Ratio: -0.95
      Suspensions: 0.95
  • Moves

    Note: The following moves require a Gamepad:

      No Hander: Press R2 + Up.
      Look Back: Press R2 + Left.
      Saran Wrap: Press R2 + Right.
      No Footer: Press R2 + Down.
      Can-Can: Press R2 + Left, Up.
      Fist Punch: Press R2 + Up, Right.
      Front Fender Grab: Press R2 + Down, Right.
      Nac-Nac: Press R2 + Down, Left.
      Windsurf: Press R2 + Down, Up.
      Twist: Press R2 + Up, Down.
      Prayer: Press R2 + Right, Left.
      Nothing: Press R1 + Up.
      Superman: Press R1 + Down.
      No Footed Can-Can (towards the right): Press R1 + Right.
      No Footed Can-Can (towards the left): Press R1 + Left.

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