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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    AERIAL AWESOMENESS: Perform your first double jump.
    BREE YOURSELF: Beat 40 levels in hardcore mode.
    DARK PAST: Collect the first bad memory.
    DARKER PAST: Collect 5 bad memories.
    DARKEST PAST: Collect 20 bad memories.
    DIE HARD: Beat 5 levels without dying.
    DIE PIG, DIE!: Die 100 Times.
    DODGE MASTER: Beat 20 levels in hardcore mode.
    FIRST BLOOD!: Die 1 time.
    GODLIKE: Beat all levels without dying.
    GODSPEED: Beat your best time 20 times.
    GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL: Get all other achievements.
    GOTTA GET BACK: Beat 5 levels.
    GREAT ACHIEVER: Get 75% of all achievements.
    HALFWAY THERE: Get 50% of all achievements.
    HEARTLESS: Skip the last cutscene.
    HOW COULD YOU?: Die on the first level.
    I GIVE UP!: Quit a level.
    I LIKE A REAL CHALLENGE: Start a level in hardcore mode.
    I LOVE RED BUTTONS: Press the red button!.
    I NEVER GIVE UP!: Die 50 Times.
    I WANNA GO HOME: Beat 40 levels.
    I'M NOT LAZY I'M THINKING: Stay still for a while.
    IT'S OVER NINE LEVELS: Beat the tenth level.
    MOST AWESOME SKILL: Get Double Jump.
    NO BOAR CAN STOP ME: Beat 20 levels.
    NOW I REMEMBER!: Collect all bad memories.
    RUN PIG, RUN!: Get Run.
    RUNNING WILD: Beat your best time 10 times.
    SH*T HAPPENS: Die 5 times in the same level.
    SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT: Beat 5 levels in hardcore mode.
    SPIDER PIG: Get Wall Jump.
    SUPER MR. BREE!: Defeat the slaughterhouse boss.
    THANKS FOR PLAYING: Watch the credits cutscene to the end.
    THE QUICKER THE BETTER: Beat level 24 in less than 29 seconds.
    THIS IS MADNESS!: Beat 20 levels without dying.
    THIS PIGGY WENT HOME: Defeat the forest boss.
    UNSTOPPABLE: Beat 40 levels without dying.
    WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: Complete all levels in all game modes.
    WHAT IS THIS PLACE?!: Enter the first slaughterhouse level.
    YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING: Die 10 times in the same level.
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