NASCAR Thunder 2004


  • All cameo FMV sequences

    At the main menu, select "Features", then select "Create-a-Car". Enter "Seymore Cameos" as a case-sensitive name to unlock all cameo FMV sequences.

  • Dale Earnhardt

    Win the Daytona 500 with Kevin Harvick (29 car) to unlock Dale Earnhardt. After winning the Daytona 500, a Thunder Plate will appear with Dale Earnhardt on it. Alternately, go to Lighting challenge and play three of them.

  • All-Star race

    Reach level 16 in your EA Bio to unlock the All-Star race.

  • Bud Shootout

    Reach level 18 in your EA Bio to unlock the Bud Shootout.

  • EA Bio bonuses

    Various other Thunder Plates can be unlocked by uploading your EA Bio from other 2004 EA titles, such as NCAA Football 2004, March Madness 2004, Madden 2004, etc.

  • Night tracks

    Go to season mode, then to "Custom Schedule". You can unlock night races for the day tracks.

  • Alternate night tracks

    Win the race that has a locked version of an alternate night track on the veteran difficulty, 3% race length, and damage on visual only. Repeat this method on all tracks that have a locked version of it to unlock alternate night tracks.

  • Easy All Star race and Bud Shootout

    Instead of reaching the EA Bio levels for the All-Star race and the Shootout, just race a season on veteran at 3 or more % race length, damage on visual only, and brake and steering help, and win the races.

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