NBA Live 2005


  • All team gear

    Enter "1NVDR89ER2" as a code.

  • All shoes

    Enter "FHM389HU80" as a code.

  • All Hardwood Classics

    Enter "PRYI234N0B" as a code.

  • 50,000 Dynasty points

    Enter "YISS55CZ0E" as a code.

  • Atlanta Hawks alternate jerseys

    Enter "HDI834NN9N" as a code.

  • Boston Celtics alternate jerseys

    Enter "XCV43MGMDS" as a code.

  • Dallas Mavericks alternate jerseys

    Enter "AAPSEUD09U" as a code.

  • Golden State Warriors alternate jerseys

    Enter "NAVNY29548" as a code.

  • New Orleans Hornets alternate jerseys

    Enter "JRE7H4D90F" as a code.

  • New Orleans Hornets new road jerseys

    Enter "JRE7H4D9WH" as a code.

  • Seattle Supersonics alternate jerseys

    Enter "BHD87YY27Q" as a code.

  • Air Unlimited shoes

    Enter "XVLID9895V" as a code.

  • BG Rollout shoes

    Enter "09B4ADF90P" as a code.

  • Huarache 2K4 shoes

    Enter "VNBA60230T" as a code.

  • Nike Shox Elite shoes

    Enter "23B8HDFCBJ" as a code.

  • Zoom Generation Low shoes

    Enter "234SDJF9W4" as a code.

  • Zoom LeBron II shoes

    Enter "1KENZ023XZ" as a code.

  • Easy dynasty mode

    Before you start dynasty mode, trade Deshauwn Stevenson and Jameer Nelson for Brad Miller. Start dynasty mode, then play with Miller for about five games very well (only score points with him). However, make sure you win all of the games. Then, trade Brad Milller for Okufor on the Bobcats. You will win every game. Make sure you do not trade Francis, Howard, Hill, Cato, or Mobley. Mobley will try to leave at the end of the season -- resign him.

  • Easy dynasty points

    Play a game on the rookie difficulty in dynasty mode and get 20 shots in a row. Just do dunks and play against a team with no shot blockers. You will get over 2,000 dynasty points. Additionally, simulate dynasty to the playoffs or pass the playoffs to the off-season. You should get a message on your PDA that states that you have received NBA Store points.The amount may vary. Go to NBA Store to see how many points you have, then exit. Save the settings but do not save the dynasty. Go to the main menu and load your settings. Go to NBA Store and buy items (shoes, throwbacks, accessories, etc.). When out of points, save your settings and repeat this trick.

  • Easy points

    To get easy points, give the ball to your PG and use [Direct Switch] with your best dunker on the team. Then, set a pick and roll for the PG (or the ball handler). Move your person in the opposite direction of where the PG moved. When you are a few steps from the basketball, press [Alley-Oop] . This works at least 80% of the time. The best teams for this are those that have flashy players (the Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, or just a team that has a few dunkers). Additionally, give the ball to a very good player such as Bryant, Iverson, Pierce, McGrady, etc., and call the Isolation play by pressing [Left]. Most times they will double team you and just pass the ball to the wide open player. He hopefully will make the shot. This will only work if you have trouble getting a shot. Be careful because it does not work all the time.

  • Guarding

    When playing defense, if you have trouble guarding the ball carrier try switching control to one of your big men down low in the paint and "roam" the key while your CPU teammate does the work up top guarding the ball carrier. This puts you in position to stop penetration easily and force your opponent to shoot from outside. If the big man you choose to control is also a Big Blocker (as indicated by the hand icon), he should be able to turn away even the best offensive players with fearsome blocks and in-air collisions. Playing tough defense is your key to victory when playing against the toughest opponents.

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