Need For Speed


  • Cheat Codes

    Enter one of the following case-sensitive player names before a single race. Note: Some cheat functions may require that the tournament be completed before activation.

    PLAYER NAME Result
    EAC POWRHidden 260 mph Warrior car
    EAC 4X4RReplace 4x4s, vans, trucks with cars
    EAC WARPBetter handling, and aggressive cars
    EAC RALYChange Rusty Springs into rally track
    EAC SCARCar cannot recover from flips
    EAC QAQAStable crashes with immediate restart
    EAC GIMXAlternate advertising on walls and signs
    EAC TIMEFaster game clock
    EAC SLOWSlower game clock
    EAC WACKUnknown
    EAC RULEUnknown

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