Ninja Blade

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Easy mode

    Die ten times.

  • QTE Easy mode

    Miss the same QTE action ten times.

  • Moonlight sword

    Collect all nine Moji. Then, go to Chapter 5, and enter the new cave to get the large sword and upgrade it.

  • Ninja Blade weapon

    Successfully complete Chapter 8 to unlock the Ninja Blade.

  • Ninjitsu Protective Barrier

    Successfully complete all missions on the Hard difficulty to unlock the Ninjitsu Protective Barrier.

  • Tsuinetanarunaifu (Twin Eternal Knives) weapon

    Get an "A" rank in all chapters, then upgrade the dual swords to the maximum to unlock the Tsuinetanarunaifu (Twin Eternal Knives) weapon.

  • Seeing your character

    Choose a very light color for your appearance in order to distinguish your character better from his background.

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