Prisoner Of War

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Alcohol and cigarettes

    Always get alcohol and cigarettes when they are found while exploring the camp. They are required to bribe guards and to get objects and services from other prisoners. They can also be used in exchange for your confiscated equipment.

  • Nazi uniforms

    If you wear the Nazi uniform while exploring the camp, stay way from higher ranking Nazis. They will be able to detect your disguise.

  • Free hints

    Gain a lot of currency and then save the game. Afterwards, talk to the Major who gives you hints. You should get 150 currency to get all three hints. After you have heard these helpful hints, load from the last save point and use the info to help you on your objective. If you keep the same amount of currency, you can do this for the next objective. As you have used the hints but not saved afterwards, at the end of the level the game will not register their use, and you can get a higher grade.

  • No capture or shooting

    Note: This will only work if you save regularly. If during an objective you are shot or captured, load from the last save point. If you save after every objective, you will not have to do those objectives again.

  • Cheat Codes

    Enter one of the following case-sensitive passwords at the password screen to unlock the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Password
    All levels unlockedger1eng5
    No levels unlockeddefaultm
    All daily eventsalltimes
    All core eventscoretimes
    No core events except currentfarleymydog
    First person viewBoston
    Overhead viewFoxy
    Unlimited money or rocksDino
    Change guard sizeMuffin
    Change guard awarenessQuincy
    Cannot be shotFatty
    View game creation date and timeDt
    Toggle in-game savesTogsavecan

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