Red Ocean


Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ or §, then type one of the following case-sensitive codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Codes must be re-activated after each new level.

Result Cheat Code
Enable all cheats AllCheats
Toggle God mode Godmode
Toggle God mode for NPCs NPCGodmode
All weapons GimmeAll
Infinite ammo UnlimitedAmmo
Upgrade ammo UpgradePlasma
Upgrade laser UpgradeLaser
All keys AllKeys
Full health FullHealth
Debug mode DebugCollGeom
Toggle gpeed hack SpeedHack
Toggle fog Fog
Toggle user interface NoGUI[0 or 1]
Floating camera FreeCamera
Hide the object you shoot ShootHides
Change the light PostProcess
Toggle stencilshadows Stencil
Wireframe graphics Wireframe
Unknown AiDebugAgent
Unknown AimTime
Unknown AimFoVFactor
Unknown NoDoFNear
Unknown RenderFilter
Unknown Stats
Unknown JWT
Unknown DebugShader
Unknown ColorBalance
Unknown NormalMaps
Unknown Bloom
Unknown RenderFlares
Unknown TimeScale
Unknown DebugCam
Unknown LoadLevel
Unknown TimeDemo
Unknown EnableDoF
Unknown LogLevel
Unknown FlushLog
Unknown CollGeomOnly
Unknown CollGeomWireframe
Unknown CollGeomShow

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