Company of Heroes 2 Hands-On Preview
Company of Heroes 2 Box Art
System: PC
Dev: Relic Entertainment
Pub: THQ
Release: “Early” 2013
Players: 1-8
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p

There are other quality-of-life elements on display, from improved unit A.I. and new actions they can take, such as vaulting over low cover, to vehicle takeovers, which can be done if a neutral vehicle is discovered in the map or the driver of one is killed. It looks gorgeous, sounds like war, and—from what I’ve seen in my limited time with it—does a tremendous job of making the Germans and the Russians play differently enough that both are enjoyable for different reasons.

Company of Heroes 2 Screenshot

Of note: There was a summer map on display as well, with no snow, which allowed two-versus-two gameplay. I wasn’t able to swing a game on this one, but I watched one proceed, and it’s about as grand and hectic as you would expect, though it really drives home just how much the weather factors into how one plays.


Company of Heroes 2 is shaping up to be a plenty worthy successor to the first game. Due to the visual fidelity of the Essence 3.0 engine and the degree to which elements such as snow, which are primarily aesthetic and superfluous in other games, are deeply integral to gameplay in this title, I have some concerns regarding its performance on a system that just meets its base requirements, but this build was already running much more smoothly than the somewhat choppy E3 demonstration.

Company of Heroes 2 and its developer Relic have certainly earned my respect and my attention going into the new year. Let’s see how that plays out.

Shelby Reiches
Lead Contributor
Date: December 10, 2012

Game Features:

  • Essence 3.0 Engine – Cutting-edge technology that increases the graphical quality and accuracy of deadly combat with the unprecedented TrueSight system and ultrarealistic ColdTech dynamic weather that changes strategic warfare forever.
  • Blood and Snow – Take command of the iconic Red Army on the Eastern Front and repel the Enemy invaders in this Battle of the Ideologies.
  • Tactical Warfare – Develop and utilize your new Commander Abilities and experience the up-close, moment-to-moment brutality of frontline warfare through new Dynamic Battle Tactics.

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