LawBreakers Review
PS4* | PC
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System: PS4, PC
Dev: Boss Key Productions
Pub: Nexon
Release: August 8, 2017
Players: 10 Player
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Strong Language

Hardcore or not, LawBreakers has systems and details that, without any kind of practice space, tutorial, or even in-game reading materials, will turn people off. This game is complex, more so than much of its peers, and it’s also unforgiving. Unlike, say, Overwatch’s more team-based dynamic, LawBreakers is more Unreal Tournament-like in that more skilled individuals can have a serious impact on a game. You can and will get torn apart, even on day one. This can be especially frustrating here, since the second you enter the zero-G space, you’re faced with learning a new way to operate in a first-person shooter.

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Chances are, these tutorial tools will come to LawBreakers at a later date, possibly making this a moot point in the future. But as it stands, not having that resource hurts the game initially; LawBreakers does have an uphill battle ahead of it. But there’s also no denying that once you start to get it, there’s a lot of old school/new school hybrid fun to be had here. Blasting around as a jetpack-laden Vanguard and ripping people apart with her minigun, being awarded with Unreal Tournament-still kill streak announcements, and then in the same movement, getting that modern rush of contributing to the game’s objective is a rush. Screaming across a stage in zero-G or flying around in an intense one-on-one fight in the middle of the battlefield is something you won’t find in Overwatch.


LawBreakers is a mess, but a good mess; it is one that tries to hit a ton of marks all at once and only misses a few. I worry about its meager content offerings in a crowded, already saturated genre. If LawBreakers can coast for a while on its solid core, hopefully its intended audience will find it and stick around.

Lucas White
Contributing Writer
Date: 08/10/2017

The Unreal engine looks great as usual, but uninspired character designs and muddled art direction doesn’t help LawBreakers stand out in a crowd.
Familiar at first, then very complex as you dive in. No tutorials at launch make this problematic.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
Nothing out of the ordinary to speak of here. Competent, but not memorable. VO is often drowned out by the action.
Play Value
The usual online shooter model of “play until you level up, unlock stuff, reset, and do it again until you’re sick of it.”
Overall Rating - Great
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • Gravity Defying Combat: Prepare to encounter an entirely new brand of skill-based combat that challenges players to master role-based movement systems with gravity-defying abilities and compete in vertical, gravity-ravaged maps that feature variable gravity effects.
  • A Cast of Verti-Killers: Choose your play-style and rise up to compete in gravity-defying action by mastering the skills of a diverse cast of multiplayer roles. Each with innovative movement systems and thrilling combat abilities providing a highly competitive, map-traversing vertical experience.
  • Modes That Matter: Fight to the death in intense, objective-based game modes that challenge players to improve their skills with fierce and rewarding competition. LawBreakers' gravity-defying roles set the stage for rollercoaster matches, transforming them into "only-in-LawBreakers" battles.
  • A World Reimagined: Experience a brand-new world from the mind of Cliff Bleszinski set in a futuristic Earth, years after a global seismic event known as “The Shattering” forever changed the landscape and even gravity itself.

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