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It is purely for informational purposes and neither Blizzard Entertainment nor the authors of the FAQ (Jeff Kang, Chris Asher) accept any responsibility for any harm or damage caused to anyone or anything because of the content of this FAQ. _____________________ TRADEMARK INFORMATION All specific names included herein are trademarks and are so acknowledged: Blizzard Entertainment Any trademarks not mentioned here are still hypothetically acknowledged. _________ COPYRIGHT This article is copyright 1995, by Chris Asher and Jeff Kang. All rights reserved. You are granted the following rights: I. To make copies of this work in original form, so long as the copies are exact, include the copyright notice and give obvious credit to the authors: Chris Asher and Jeff Kang. II. To distribute this work in any form, as long as you do not charge a fee for copying or for distribution and you request permission of the authors if you wish to distribute it within a magazine, piece of computer software or other commercial media. ________ CONTENTS .1. - Chapter 1 - (Introduction) .1-1. - Introduction .1-2. - About the FAQ .1-3. - Revision History .1-4. - Getting the FAQ .1-5. - Submissions to the FAQ .1-6. - Acknowledgments .2. - Chapter 2 - (About WarCraft/Blizzard) .2-1. - What is WarCraft? .2-2. - Is Warcraft available on any other platforms? .2-3. - Who are Blizzard Entertainment? .2-4. - Has Blizzard written any other games? .2-5. - Does Blizzard have an official FTP site or webpage? .2-6. - How can I contact Blizzard? .3. - Chapter 3 - (The different WarCraft releases) .3-1. - How many different releases of WarCraft have there been? .3-2. - What's the difference between them? .3-3. - Where can I find the latest patch? .3-4. - Where can I get the playable demo? .3-5. - Are there any editors? .4. - Chapter 4 - (Hints, Tips, Cheats) .4-1. - Built-in Cheat Codes in WarCraft .4-2. - What are the differences between the orcs and humans? .4-3. - General tips .4-4. - Getting loads of gold and lumber .4-5. - Cheating in network play! .4-6. - Tactics from the players .4-6-1. - Unholy armour on a Daemon! .4-6-2. - Mass destruction of catapults .5. - Chapter 5 - (Level-by-Level walkthrough) .5-1. - Human Scenarios .5-1-1. - Level 1 .5-1-2. - Level 2 .5-1-3. - Level 3 .5-1-4. - Level 4 .5-1-5. - Level 5 .5-1-6. - Level 6 .5-1-7. - Level 7 .5-1-8. - Level 8 .5-1-9. - Level 9 .5-1-10. - Level 10 .5-1.11. - Level 11 .5-1.12. - Level 12 .5-2. - Orc Scenarios .5-2-1. - Level 1 .5-2-2. - Level 2 .5-2-3. - Level 3 .5-2-4. - Level 4 .5-2-5. - Level 5 .5-2-6. - Level 6 .5-2-7. - Level 7 .5-2-8. - Level 8 .5-2-9. - Level 9 .5-2-10. - Level 10 .5-2.11. - Level 11 .5-2.12. - Level 12 .5-3. - Ending text .5-3-1. - Human Ending text .5-3-2. - Orc Ending text .5-4. - End-of-game credits .6. - Chapter 6 - (Statistics) .6-1. - Unit Statistics .6-1-1. - Human Unit Statistics .6-1-2. - Orc Unit Statistics .6-1-3. - Creature Unit Statistics .6-2. - Building Statistics .6-3. - Spell Statistics .6-4. - Technology Statistics .7. - Chapter 7 - (Bugs, Problems, Troubleshooting) .7-1. What was the 'Human 7 bug'? .7-2. Multi-player is sloooow! How can I speed it up? .7-3. Why can I only select 4 men per group? .7-4. The copy-protection doesn't match the manual! .7-5. How would you know exactly how much gold was in a gold mine? .7-6. Why do catapults auto-fire when they never hit anything? .7-7. Why can't I tell my catapults to aim in front of moving targets? .7-8. My peasant died before he reached his construction site! .7-9. The #$%@ computer cheats! .8. - Chapter 8 - (WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness) .8-1. When is WarCraft II going to be released? .8-2. Official press release information. .8-3. Where can I get some screenshots? +--------------+- ++ Chapter One ++ (Introduction) -+--------------+ # -=1-1=- Introduction Welcome to the WarCraft: Orcs and Humans Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Strategy guide. The aim of this FAQ is to tell you as much as possible about WarCraft - anything from the various releases and the add-ons available to the cheat codes and tips on playing. # -=1-2=- About the FAQ This FAQ is written and edited by Chris Asher and Jeff Kang. Most material in it has been written and/or compiled by us. Any information that we have not written is by one of the people listed in section 1-5 : (acknowledgements). # -=1-3=- Revision History v0.5 April 7, 1995 v0.6 April 21, 1995 v1.0 August 27, 1995 # -=1-4=- Getting the FAQ The Warcraft FAQ is available at WWW: Kevin Lo's Homepage http://www.geopages.com/SiliconValley/1070/warcraft.html Jeff Kang's Ultimax GamePage http://www.geopages.com/TimesSquare/1492/ GamesDomain http://wcl-rs.bham.ac.uk/GamesDomain/ FTP: ftp.wustl.edu \pub\MSDOS_UPLOADS\warcraft\ # -=1-5=- Submissions to the FAQ If you have any information you wish to add to the FAQ then please send it to gkang@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca (Jeff). Please note that any text send to us for use in the FAQ becomes our property to change and edit as we wish. Full credit will be given to the writer in the acknowledgements section (1-6). If you have written a program to enhance WarCraft in some way then please archive it and UUENCODE it to Jeff via email. # -=1-6=- Acknowledgements Thanks to all these people without whom this FAQ wouldn't have been possible: Blizzard Entertainment - Writing such a wicked game and replying to us by email. Tony Evans - Who helped by gathering information from the internet. Mike Adshead - Helped us with the hints 'n' tips section and gave encouragement when the FAQ was in it's early stages. Roger Wong - The great ASCII logo. Teri Tokamoto - Information about Blizzard and their email address. ** If anyone was left out then let us know and you'll be put on the list. +--------------+- ++ Chapter Two ++ (About WarCraft/Blizzard) -+--------------+ # -=2-1=- What is WarCraft? WarCraft: Orcs and Humans is a point-and-click strategy game of 24 levels. It was written by Blizzard Entertainment and published by Interplay. The objective is to build a town that can create an army strong enough to beat your opponent. It is possible to play either the computer or a human player via serial link, network or modem. It is incredibly addictive! :-) # -=2-2=- Is WarCraft available on any other platforms? WarCraft is available for the Macintosh. # -=2-3=- Who are Blizzard Entertainment? Blizzard Entertainment is an independent subsidiary of Davidson and Associates. They have produced many console games, including, but not limited to: Rock & Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings, Blackthorne, etc. They were formerly known as Chaos Studios and Silicon & Synapse. Please call their BBS (714-556-4602) and read the company info there for more information. Here is Blizzard Entertainment's corporate background: Blizzard Entertainment, formerly known as Chaos Studios, is a premiere publisher of next-generation entertainment software. The company has developed more than 30 titles for computer and cartridge systems since its founding in 1990. As a third party developer, Blizzard has developed entertainment software for a variety of platforms including Sega, Nintendo, SNES and IBM PC in CD-ROM and floppy disk formats. Some of the companies best known titles include Rock 'n Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings, Blackthorne and The Death and Return of Superman. The first multimedia computer title offered solely under the Blizzard title is Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, a real-time fantasy strategy game that was released nationwide in November 1994. Blizzard combines several key components in its products including solid game play, vivid graphics, exciting sound tracks, explosive sound effects and extensive character interaction. Blizzard's titles have won three consecutive "Best of the Show" awards at the Consumer Electronics Show for the past two years, Video Games Magazine named the company "Best Software Developer of 1993", and the company has recently won a "Technical Innovations Award" from the sponsors of the Consumer Electronics Show, the Electronics Industries Association. Blizzard's products are developed at its headquarters in Costa Mesa, Ca., using the company's complete programming facilities. The Blizzard staff is comprised of 25 designers, producers, programmers, artists and sound engineers. Blizzard also maintains a technical support staff to answer any consumer inquiries. Blizzard Entertainment was founded in 1990 under the name of Silicon & Synapse by president Allen Adham and Vice President Michael Morhaime. In February of 1994, Blizzard became an independent division of Davidson & Associates, Inc., a leading publisher of multimedia educational software. # -=2-4=- Has Blizzard Entertainment written any other games? Blizzard has mainly produced console games in the past. These games include, but are limited to: DC Fighters, Rock & Roll Racing, Justice League. Their only other games for the PC are Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. # -=2-5=- Does Blizzard have an official FTP site or webpage? They plan to have one by the end of September 95. # -=2-6=- How can I contact Blizzard? Blizzard Entertainment P.O. Box 18077 Irvine CA 92713 Tel: 800-953-SNOW (Sales) 714-556-5740 (tech support) 714-556-5571 Fax: 714-556-5572 Email: blizzrdent@aol.com tloving@blizzard.com (Tymothi Loving) BBS: 714-556-4602 Messages posted to: alt.games.warcraft, comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic are read, and responded to by Blizzard personnel. +----------------+- ++ Chapter Three ++ (The different WarCraft releases) -+----------------+ # -=3-1=- How many different releases of WarCraft have there been? Here are all the different versions publicly released: 1.21, 1.20, 1.16, 1.15, 1.14, 1.13, 1.12 (original version) # -=3-2=- What are the differences between them? 1.21 - Full install copy protection removed in CD version WarEdit included 1.20 - Unknown 1.16 - Added command line option for enhanced connectivity Copy protection enhancement 1.15 - Enhanced direct link and modem connectivity Fixed bug affecting scores over 12,000 Improved copy protection for ease of use Gravis UltraSound support added 1.14 - Fixed speech bug 1.13 - Replaced CD-ROM copy protection with floppy copy protection Fixed human level 7 bug Updated DOS 4/GW extender 1.12 - Original version # -=3-3=- Where can I find the latest patch? The 1.21 patch can be found at ftp.cdrom.com \pub\games\dresden\games\patches\warcr121.zip # -=3-4=- Where can I get the Warcraft playable demo? ftp.std.com://vendors/COMPUTER_EXPRESS/warcraft.exe ftp.pht.com://pub/msdos/games/fighting/warcraft.zip ftp.leo.org://pub/comp/platforms/pc/msdos/games/demo/warcraft.zip 1.4 MB in size # -=3-5=- Are there any editors? Unit editor Included with 1.21 patch - see section 3-3 Map editor (windows) wuarchive.wustl.edu /pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/warcraft/warcedit.zip ftp.cdrom.com /pub/games/new/warcedit.zip Save game editor ftp.uml.edu /pub/msdos/games/editors/wartrn.zip (unconfirmed) +---------------+- ++ Chapter Four ++ (Hints, Tips, Cheats) -+---------------+ # -=4-1=- Cheat codes in WarCraft There is a Master Code which needs to be activated before the other codes. To use the cheat codes, first press to bring up the message box for Two-Player games, then type in the code and press again to activate the cheat. The codes do not require the Master Code to work are preceded by a double asterisk **. Note that in Two-Player games, the codes affect both sides. Master Code: Corwin of Amber Code Effect ORCxx / HUMANxx Takes player to the requested level (i.e. ORC12) This cheat works only in Campaign Mode YOURS TRULY Takes player to the victory sequence This cheat works only in Campaign Mode CRUSHING DEFEAT Takes player to the loss sequence This cheat works only in Campaign Mode IDES OF MARCH Takes player to the finale sequence for the current campaign This cheat works only in Campaign Mode **POT OF GOLD Adds 10,000 gold and 5,000 lumber to your reserves **EYE OF NEWT Upgrades your magic users with all spells **IRON FORGE Upgrades all technologies immediately **SALLY SHEARS (SALLY) Displays the entire map area **HURRY UP GUYS (HURRY) All buildings, units and upgrades are built/trained at an accelerated rate THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE (THERE) All of your units are invulnerable except by a catapult hit or rain of fire spell and inflict 255 points of damage per hit. # -=4-2=- What are the differences between the Orcs and Humans? For the sake of play balance, the orcs and humans are quite similar. The only major differences are in the magic each side wields. There is much argument over which side is stronger magic-wise. Some believe that the healing magic of the humans make their units last longer, while others insist that the unholy armour spell of the orcs make their units invincible on the battlefield. Some people prefer daemons over water elementals, and others vice versa. The game designers made both sides as equal as possible for the balance of play, giving both sides advantages and weaknesses. It is up to the individual player to decide which race is more enjoyable to play. # -=4-3=- General tips 1. Scout the map using scorpions or skeletons - they cost nothing to create and are expendable, plus they can tie up a few of the enemy units for a while. Farseeing is also extremely useful early on in a game. Not only does this give you the location of the enemy buildings, but acts as an early warning for the build up of enemy forces prior to an attack. 2. Later in the game, build up a unit of four sorcerers and have them summon four elementals to attack as one unit. They are virtually undefeatable. :) 3. Lines of eight or more archers/spearmen are invaluable but they need the support of a few foot troops to prevent attackers reaching the archer line. Behind the archers should be at least two catapults and two clerics. 4. When attacked by elementals, send 2 - 3 knights at them and bombard the lot with catapults. The sacrifice is worth it! Make sure you've got enough barracks to quickly replace them though. 5. The enemy's mages take time to summon elementals so attack them as soon as you can, and deny them that power. 6. The computer ain't stupid. If you build up an extremely strong force at one place it will not waste troops by attacking there. It will more often attack your weakest side, so try to keep things pretty balanced. 7. Use skeletons or scorpions to lure enemy units within the range of your archer/catapult line. 8. Do not forget the importance of peasants/peons, with no economy you're dead in the water. If an enemy attack gets through to your village have the peasants run away as soon as possible - even if you save only _one_ peasant, it's enough to enable you to acquire enough gold to re-train others. 9. Attack catapults with mounted troops. You can get them into combat quickly enough to keep them out of range of your main body of troops. 10. If you're being attacked by catapults early on in a game, make sure you keep your troops spaced out so that a shot from the catapult will only kill a single troop. # -=4-4=- Getting loads of gold and lumber 1) Save the game 2) Quit to DOS 3) Load a suitable hex editor such as Norton Disk Edit. 4) Edit the save game file (save?.sav / save?.net) 5) Modify the offset as follows: 00607 50 00608 c3 0061b 50 0061c c3 You will then have 50,000 coins, and tons of Lumber # -=4-5=- Cheating in network play! 1) Save the game in multi-player mode 2) Quit to DOS 3) Load a suitable hex editor such as Norton Disk Edit 4) Edit the save game file (save?.net) 5) Modify the offset as follows: 0002E 00 6) Rename the save game from save?.net to save?.sav 7) Load WarCraft 8) Load the appropriate save game. 9) Hit and type SALLY SHEARS and hit again You now know exactly where your opponents village is! Now all you have to do is find a way to stop the game half-way through. :-) In theory you should be able to convert normal 1-player games to 2-player games by reversing this tactic but I haven't tried it. # -=4-6=- Tactics from the players # -=4-6-1=- Unholy armour on a Daemon This was posted by someone named Kelvin Lim in com.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic. We hope he doesn't mind us including in as it explains *exactly* what is so good about casting unholy armour on a Daemon. :-) ---------- Cut Had a game against a human player. Scenario : I played Humans and he played the orcs. Everything was enabled and the only rule to our game was that THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. The map was forest ... good I thought the mine was just next to my city.. we both had a complement of footmen and archers as our initial line of defense so I decided to go straight and direct ... research for invisibility and summon elemental. OOOOH.. I was soooo close to having my first cleric having full manna when I see a Daemon heading my city.. we both had already guessed the other's location and had line up a by-then strong line of defense. I was particularly confident of my defense which had 8 knights , 15 archers and 5 catapults... I mean not even the CYBERDEMON and the ARCHVILLE can pull through this line-up. So I thought to myself ... no problem .. my soldiers are maxed out and strategically placed.. just let me send invisible water elementals down into the heart of his city and I will be laughing all the way to the bank. I'm gonna enjoy watching his daemon vanish when he comes smack into my defense ... BTW what an ugly creature the Daemon was. Then the inevitable happened.. what occurred was not an Eat-daemon fest. BUT A DAMN SOB $%#$@% HUMAN-CLOBERRING EVENT!! AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!! My catapults and archers were firing away non-stop at that ugly thing and my knights were just bashing at it.. but I don't see that sucker go down..! I saw my knights going "uuggghh" when that thing started drawing first blood. And after killing my knights, that Daemon went for my archers.. and all this time the catapults and archers were engaging it!!! So after, having the starters and the main course that damn thing decided to have catapults for dessert.. sh**! In the background I could occasionally hear the sound of cast magik.. but never thought of it till my opponent sent me this dumb message "Not bad for a daemon with unholy armour, huh?" Predictably, my opponent sent 2 more daemons to mop up the operation. ---------- Cut # -=4-6-2=- Mass destruction of catapults Sometimes you find enemy catapults all bunched up together in a small little area. For example, in level human12, there were four catapults or so surrounding each of the barracks. If you could only get a couple of clean shots through with one of your own catapults. Here's a tactic posted to comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic on August 9, 1995 by Pat Traynor. ---------- Cut I wanted to attack a group of enemy catapults. There were five of them huddled inside enemy walls. If I sent one of my catapults, I could take out one of theirs, but mine would be destroyed also. So I did this: I sent out a raider and a catapult. While still out of range, I instructed my catapult to attack the most distant of the enemy catapults (within that huddle). This would put it within range of all of the others. While my catapult was advancing, I sent my raider ahead and kept him moving. The enemy catapults kept firing at my raider (and of course missed because he was moving), and my catapult took out all of the enemy ones at its leisure. The trick was to keep my raider closer to the enemy than my catapult was. ---------- Cut +---------------+- ++ Chapter Five ++ (Level-by-Level walkthrough) -+---------------+ # -=5-1=- Human Scenarios These level walkthrough take you through each scenario and give you level- specific tactics and hints. They are not guaranteed to work, as Warcraft require skill as well as strategy. However, I have had much success using them. They may not be the easiest or fastest method of passing each scenario, but they should help you complete the ones which you are having trouble with. # -=5-1-1=- Human level 1 As a test of your abilities the king has appointed you as regent over a small parcel of land. Since we must keep our armies in the field well supplied, you are to build the town into a farming centre of no less than six farms. Construction of a barracks for defence is also advised, as our scouts have reported Orc patrols in the area. Objectives: BUILD: 6 FARMS, 1 BARRACKS Strategy: The first level is fairly simple. There is a gold mine directly to the right of your starting position. That and your starting gold is enough for you to build the five extra farms (you already have one to start with), and one barracks. The left over money you can spend training two more peasants to speed up the building process. The are 8 orcs scattered around the map. They will not come looking for you so if you don't explore, you won't even meet one. You might accidentally attract one's attention with your peasants so have your footmen nearby. The safest place to harvest wood is to the Northeast, so get your two new peasants to chop there while your first peasant mines gold. Conserve your gold, do not build more roads unless you want to fight it out with the orcs for another gold mine. # -=5-1-2=- Human level 2 The Orcs around Grand Hamlet are becoming increasingly brazen in their attacks, and our spies inform us that they are amassing a large army to march against the town. The King is sending you, along with a small detachment of troops, to rally the people and defend the town against all opposition. Objectives: DEFEND TOWN AND DESTROY ORCS Strategy: You should train another peasant right away so that the construction of a barracks and then a lumbermill can begin as soon as possible. There are gold mines to the southeast, northwest, and far to the southwest. This first one is the safest and closest to your city and should last a while. Cover your peasants with your archer and have your footman stay close to your town. The 16 orcs will attack your town one at a time at regular intervals, so there is no need to explore until your first mine goes. Once the lumbermill is finished, just pump out as many archers as you can afford, while building enough farms to feed them. At this point you may want to upgrade your arrow strength and train another peasant or two. After that, just wait for the enemy to walk up to your town and be mowed down by your archers. When the 16th orc dies, the level is completed # -=5-1-3=- Human level 3 With Blackhand's raiding parties routed, now is the time for us to secure a lasting peace in the area around Grand Hamlet. You must seek out the Orcish outpost of Kyross that lies deep within the Swamps of Sorrow, and destroy it. Objectives: DESTROY OUTPOST Strategy: Start by getting your peasants to mine gold and harvest lumber to the south of your town. Then get one footman to start exploring. There is a swamp which lies between you and the enemy town to the north west. Have your footman completely explore around the swamp because the enemies have to walk around it to get to your town. Depending on which way they come around the swamp, they either appear to the southwest or northwest of your town. Post guards at both ends. Once you have explored in a circle around the edge of the swamp, you will be able to determine which side the attack will come from and then have time to divert the bulk of your defences to that one end. Build some more archers as your gold comes in to reinforce your defences at both ends. Archers are much more effective than footman so try to have four or more archers for each footman. Train more peasants as needed. By the time your first mine runs out, you should have a sizable army and upgraded arrows completely. This is the time to advance. Move your defences to the far northwest corner of the swamp to intercept attacks before they reach your town. This will also make two other mines safe for your peasants. Enemy grunts and necrolytes shouldn't even hurt you, and since archers have greater range than spearman, if you have enough archers, they won't bother you either. Now you can use a footman to walk into the enemy city and lure the defenders out to your waiting archers. Repeat this tactic to empty the enemy town and then send in your archers to mop up the buildings. # -=5-1-4=- Human level 4 It has been some twenty months since Sir Lothar, one of the crown's greatest heroes, led an expedition into the Dead Mines to search for the Lost Tome of Divinity. They were never heard from again. However, the great knight has recently appeared to the Abbot of Northshire in a vision - battered and pleading for assistance. King Llane has ordered you to lead a detachment of warriors and healers into the mines in an attempt to find Sir Lothar, heal him, and bring him and any other survivors back alive. Objectives: RESCUE LOTHAR Strategy: Formation is the key in the dungeon type missions. This is one which is very successful: F F C A C C F: footman A A A A A: archer F F C: cleric F Have your footman facing the front to fend off the ogres while your archers kill them from a distance. The front footman explores ahead so that the archers can react when ogres come into range. The two footman in the back are to protect your clerics who are vulnerable to attack from the rear. As soon as you detect an ogre, usually by it attacking your front footman, make the unit run back to your archers. The archers will take out the offending ogre and you have not suffered any losses. Use your clerics to heal your injured and continue down the tunnel. Never split up, even if there is an fork in the tunnel, stay together and you will always come out on top in the ogre confrontations. After you reach Lothar, stay there until he and the other injured (5 archers) are completely healed, then make your way out of the dungeon with a much stronger force. # -=5-1-5=- Human level 5 The forest of Elwynn is a strategic key to securing the Borderlands. An outpost near the southeast edge of the forest will serve as your stronghold. The King has assigned one of his knights to aid you, so that your task of ridding the area of Blackhand's dark minions may be more readily completed. Objectives: DESTROY ORCS Strategy: There are mines to the north and south. Begin by training another peasant to chop wood to the south making a path the second mine. Have your initial two peasants mine gold to the north. Explore westward with a footman, but stop when you find a small opening in the trees going northward. The enemy town lies further that way. Enemies start coming right away in groups of 2-3, so ready your defences. Find a small patch of trees close to your town which resembles a triangle and position your units there. As soon as you can afford it, build a barracks and then a woodmill. While your woodmill is being constructed, make a couple of footmen to replace those that died. Once the woodmill completed though, train nothing except for archers for a while. During this time you should train a couple of extra peasants when you have the gold. While you train archers, begin saving up for a church. When you have 8 archers, train 2 clerics and upgrade arrows to the full. Don not research far-seeing yet, use your available money to build a blacksmith. Once this is done upgrade your armour. At this point you should have about 5 peasants, 3 footmen, 8 archers, 2 clerics, now it is time to think about advancing. Go to the opening in the tree you found earlier and position your archer around it, have a couple of footman by your archers in case a raider or something gets through. Have your clerics as far back as possible but able to heal your troops when it is needed. When you feel comfortable with your position here, research far-seeing, upgrade swords, train more archers as you see fit. With far-seeing you can explore and find the enemy town without risking anyone. Once you have found the enemy defensive positions, use your footman to lure a couple of enemy at a time to your archers. Do this until the town is deserted except for a few peons, and send in your main force. # -=5-1-6=- Human level 6 The monks of Northshire abbey are under siege by a band of warriors that have been convinced by enemy agents to fight against the crown. You will be given a complement of knights to lead to the abbey, which is already under attack. Ride hard and fast, as you must prevent its destruction. When you have secured the abbey and beaten back these treacherous curs, you must then move to destroy the enemy at their source. Objectives: SAVE THE ABBEY AND DESTROY THE TRAITORS Strategy: Attack the enemy as fast as you can and you might only lose two buildings. Pick off the enemy archers with your knights and use you archers and footmen to kill the enemy knights and footmen. As this is happening, begin training a peasant. After the initial attackers are gone, you peasant should almost be ready and you can start to rebuild. Train a cleric when you have the money because some of your units are probably badly injured. The enemy town is to the north, on the other side of the lake. Most attacks will come from the west side of the lake and will appear north of your town. However, once in a while a group of two enemy knights and a cleric will go the other way and attack your town from the east. Put one knight there to protect your peasants who may be working there. Use another knight to explore along the western edge of the lake northward, do not go more than half-way up the screen or he will be killed by enemy archers. Make sure to explore the eastern lake edge as well till you reach a mine. This will let you know when attacks are coming. Attacks usually come in the form of a knight, 1+ archers plus a warlock or cleric. The enemy clerics will heal the attackers as they get injured, so pick them off with your own archers. After an attack, be careful of enemy catapults. Because of their slow speed, they arrive after the main attack. Send out one knight or footman to deal with it. If you were lucky, your woodmill might have survived from the beginning, if not rebuild it. After that, spend a while just training archers. Station 3 at the eastern edge of your town to defend against attacks from that way. Place the rest with your other defenders. Be sure to spread your men out some, just in case an enemy catapult catches you off guard. Rebuild your blacksmith while training another peasant. This will allow you to train catapults which really help out, especially when are you attacked by multiple enemies. Then, when you have sufficient funds, upgrade your arrows, armour, swords, preferably in that order. At this point, the level becomes like any other, just use the same lure technique explained in previous levels to clear out the defenders and send in your main force. # -=5-1-7=- Human level 7 A Raiding party has completely overrun the village of Sunnyglade. Our scouts report that the survivors have been taken to a hidden Orcish compound to serve as slaves. You must take a detachment of warriors and rescue the group of peasants that are imprisoned somewhere in the Orc camp. Our intelligence confirms that all of the prisoners are together, and that you must destroy the enclosure to open a path for their escape. The rebuilding of Sunnyglade is also of the utmost importance, as you will need their assistance in destroying the Orcish slavers. Objectives: RESCUE PEASANTS, DEMOLISH ORCS Strategy: This is one of the harder levels. Especially if you have a version of WarCraft before 1.21 (see section 7-1). You don't start out with much, and you don't get more anytime soon. Leave a cleric and a knight at the town to defend it. Move the rest of your men to the bridge at the centre of the map. Place them is a formation similar to this: c ,,,,,, K ,,,,, c = cleric [ C A] C = catapult bridge--> [ A A] A = archer [ K K A] K = knight ~~~~~ ~~~~~ e = oncoming enemy e e e Use the middle knight to explore into enemy territory. As soon as you meet an enemy, run back to the bridge. The enemy town is in the southeastern corner of the map, and the pen in which your peasants are held is north of the that. In between are trees and enemy spearman. Use your cleric who is back at the town to find all of the enemy defenders using far-seeing. Then use your knight to lure them back to the bridge to be killed by your catapult and archers. Heal your severely injured with your cleric. If your knight catches the attention of a lone catapult, do NOT run back to the bridge, try to destroy it where it is. If however, it is defended, retreat the bridge, the other enemy units will arrive before the catapult and as soon as most of these are dead. Charge to the enemy catapult and destroy it before it gets any closer the bridge. Before the orc defences are killed, do not destroy a section of the pen wall surrounding your peasants or heal them. If you activate them, by healing them, etc, it will make them targets for the orcs to destroy. After all of the orcs near then pen are dead, send a knight to rescue the peasants. Destroy the northern side of the pen wall and make your knight walk up to the peasants to revive them. As soon as they are revived, send them northward along the eastern edge of the map and then along the northern edge of the map back to the safety of the town. If you have an earlier version of Warcraft, this will trigger a massive attack from the orcs which is VERY difficult (but not impossible) to survive. I suggest you get the 1.21 patch. Once your peasants are safely home, you can build up your army and crush the orcs as in the previous levels. # -=5-1-8=- Human level 8 A new crisis has arisen that threatens to end the lives of all who would serve the King. The evil warlock Medivh has begun draining the soul of the land itself to increase his dark powers. You must take a party into his tower and destroy him. Beware his mastery of the black arts, for legend speaks of his ability to command daemons of hell. Objectives: SLAY MEDIVH AND ALL MINIONS Pretty much the same as the previous dungeon level. An organized formation is the key to victory. Use something similar to this: F F F K F = footman F C C F C = cleric A A A A A A = archer K K K K = knight ^ k = knight* k e = enemy e e e Use knight* to scout ahead. When he finds an enemy, run back to the main group and enter a position between one of the other knights. Your archers and the knights in the front should finish off any enemy without problems, including the one daemon. Advance your formation as the tunnels ahead are cleared of enemy. The daemon and dungeon spiders do not seem to use up magical energy, so there is no sense to wait for them run out of mana and die. Medivh is at the end of the tunnels, surrounded by a group of his own spiders. He is constantly using up his magical energy to replace these spiders as they die. He has a very long range fireball attack, so when you meet him, rush in with your knights to finish him off quickly. This level is as simple as that, as long as you stay organized. # -=5-1-9=- Human level 9 The time has come to take the battle into Blackhand's own domain. King Llane has ordered a full assault upon the Orcs, demanding that this plague that spreads across the kingdom be eradicated. To the east of the borderlands lies the Black Morass where the Orcish hordes make their encampments. You are to lead an army into this foul region and destroy every trace of their dark presence. Objectives: DESTROY ALL TRACES OF THE ORCS Strategy: Deploy your peasants and then use a footman to explore northward. About halfway up the map, there is a bridge leading to the west. As you approach the bridge you will probably catch the attention of three grunts. Have them chase you back to your town and let your archers kill them. Now that the bridge is clear of orcs, you should make it your first priority to secure a defensive position around the bridge since all attacking enemies must first cross it. The cities are positioned like so: ___ ___ | O | | | O - orc city | | | | H - human city ~#~ | | # - bridge |~ ~| | | | # | | | | | | O | | H | --- --- Not allowing orcs to cross the bridge will also protect your city from poison cloud attacks. With your footman, explore a 7-square block around the enemy side of the bridge, this will give your archers time to fire at approaching orcs. If your footman encounter orcs, retreat back to your main force. By this time, your should have a woodmill, so start training more archers to beef up your bridge defenses. Your present defenders should last a while but not forever without the ability to heal. After you have 6 archers at the bridge, start the construction of a church. As this being done, train another peasant to steady your money-flow. Train a cleric and heal your bridge-crew. As your cleric makes use of his healing powers, begin construction of a blacksmith. Once this is done, do not upgrade anything yet, first train a couple of catapults. These catapults will greatly help your defences at the bridge and will tone down the brunt of most attacks. This should give you some breathing room, and time to expand. Train another peasant if you want, and build a tower and stables when you have the resources. Reinforce your defences at the bridge when it is necessary. When you feel that you have a solid defense, begin using the lure technique to empty the first orc town. Completely destroy the first town before starting on the next. Experiment with your rain of fire spell, but make sure you don't hurt your own guys in the havoc. # -=5-1-10=- Human level 10 Runners have arrived and informed you of grave news. King Llane lies dead this day, assassinated by the treacherous Garona, at Stormwind Keep. His last command was that you should assume the mantle of War Leader, and end this battle that has drained the land of its resources, and now its king. Scouts report that deep within the Black Morass lies one of Blackhand's darkest seats of power --- The Temple of the Damned. No peasants dare approach the vile temple, and only the bravest of your soldiers have agreed to accompany you on this mission. You must strike boldly and without error, for there will be no reinforcements. Objectives: DESTROY TEMPLE, RAZE TOWN, KILL ORCS Strategy: This level is actually pretty easy. You have a very large force to begin with and if you strike fast, you should complete this level without any problems. Summon some scorpions to explore fast and find the enemy city which is to the west. Get into a good defensive formation, with your knights at the front, behind them the archers and catapults, and then the clerics and conjurers at the rear. Every few minutes you will be attacked by a large swarm of spiders, there is no need to be intimidated. If your units are in formation, the spiders won't even scratch your defensive line. Once you have found the enemy town, send a group of scorpions inside the town. This should catch the computer's attention immediately. Retreat your scorpions to your main forces and EVERY orc attacking unit will follow. Be prepared for this huge attack, your catapults should finish off most before they even reach your lines, those that do get through, should pose no problems either. The only thing which can seriously damage your formation is the orc poison cloud, kill warlocks on sight and don't give them that opportunity. The good part is that, the enemy city does not have a tower, and therefore dead warlocks can not be replaced. Once you survive this attack, the rest is simple. Just send every guy into the orc town, killing the peons and sacking the buildings. # -=5-1-11=- Human level 11 Here beats the diseased and malevolent heart of Blackhand's plagued lands. The sister towns of Rockard and Stonard are all that stand between the forces of the kingdom and Blackhand's stronghold - Black Rock Spire. After conferring with your warchiefs, the path to victory lays clear. You must destroy Rockard and Stonard, thereby cutting off all lines of support and supplies, so that the final offensive can be made upon Black Rock Spire. Objectives: DESTROY ROCKARD AND STONARD Strategy: Magic finally begins to play a major role in battle. However, before you can research spells or train magic-users, you must first survive the orc attacks. Enemies come from two direction, sometimes at the same time so you must be ready at both fronts. Use the conjurer you start out with to train a couple of scorpions to explore. To the west of your town is a swamp. This is one direction which attacks comes, enemies make their way around the bottom of the swamp. This is not too hard to defend against since they have to walk along a very narrow stretch of land, especially once you get another catapult to station there. Use more scorpions until you have a good-sized portion of the map explored, especially around the swamp and trees in which enemies lurk. As the exploration is being carried out, train some more archers with your starting-out funds. You will be able to finish a couple before the first attack comes, position two archers and a knight to the bottom left-corner of your town to defend against orc attacks there and the rest to the north of your town. You should have ample notice of orc movement with the exploration done by your scorpions. Summon scorpions to attack enemy warlocks (red robes) as soon as you see them. Their poison cloud can really hurt. Continue building up your defenses until you feel comfortable that you can repel attacks of 3-4 enemies. This is easily accomplished by have a catapult to aid your archers and knights. Start construction of a tower, and research major summoning afterwards. Water elementals make up the brunt of your attacks in the later two levels. Train additional conjurers until you have 6 in total. Spread them out, so that a lucky poison cloud attack won't kill too many of them. Have one stand near your defensive position, so that you can summon a water elemental to aid you other unit in a large enemy attack. Have the other four conjurers do nothing except summon water elementals and send them in groups of four into the enemy towns. This costs you nothing and does major damage to the orcs. Watch out for catapults though, one shot can finish a water elemental. Try attacking at one end of the town to divert the enemies there, and then send the other 3 to attack the other end. Once you are inside the enemy town, the enemy catapults won't fire in fear of damaging its own buildings. Repeat this until no orcs remain. # -=5-1-12=- Human level 12 Black Rock Spire stands before us! the skies above the reeking swamp fill with the gathering thunderheads that spell doom for the loser in this final confrontation. Tension hangs like a heavy cloak on your shoulders as your troops prepare for the battle ahead. Above the din and chaos that swirls about the battlefield stands the Castle of Blackhand, its gaze sweeping down upon the battlefield where the destiny of the land will be decided. Destroy the stronghold and those who would seek to defend it, and Azeroth will be freed from Blackhand's poisoned grip forever! Objectives: DESTROY BLACK ROCK SPIRE AND KILL ALL ORCS! Strategy: You've made it this far, so you must be doing something right. That's why I've decided to let you find the best strategy for this one. It's not hard... compared to the orc last level. Basic tips: 1) You start out with a conjurer and a water elemental spell. (hint hint...) 2) All daemons are created by one single orc warlock, if you find him and kill him - no more ugly daemons to worry about. 3) Walls keep daemons out, at least for a few critical seconds in which your defenders with ranged attacks can finish it off. If you've played this level more than 20 times, and are still stuck, you can email Jeff for more tips, see title for address. # -=5-2=- Orc Scenarios # -=5-2-1=- Orc level 1 Blackhand has assigned you to an outpost in the Swamps of Sorrow. Your task is simple enough that even the War Chief feels you are capable of it. Construct at least six farms, so that we may keep our troops well fed and ready to do battle. Only a fool would leave his treasures unguarded, so you must also build a barracks for the defense of these farms. Objectives: BUILD: 5 FARMS (you start with one), 1 BARRACKS Strategy: The levels don't get any easier. All you have to do is build five farm and a barracks. If you don't explore and attract the enemies' attention, you won't even be attacked. The closest gold mine is to the north. It has enough gold for you to construct all of the neccessary buildings and two additional units. Conserve your money and you won't need to fight it out with the humans for more gold mines. Do not build any roads because it wastes money and city layout is not important yet. Start by training another peon to chop wood to the south. Once your gold mine runs out of gold, start building the necessary constructions. Once that is done, the level is finished. # -=5-2-2=- Orc level 2 Like the stinging of a wasp, the attacks from the humans grow more and more bothersome. You have been assigned to a small outpost on the Borderlands of the Swamps of Sorrow. You are to defend our lands from the incursions of these ravenous dogs by crushing any opposition that you encounter. Objectives: CRUSH ALL OPPOSITION Strategy: Start by training another peon to speed up the gathering of resources. Then use a grunt explore a small area around your town, this will give you advance notice of the attacking humans. Do not explore too far, or you will be attacked by humans. They are 20 of the them scattered around the map, and they attack your town one at a time, every few minutes. As soon as you can afford it, build a barracks and then a woodmill. By this time, the human attacks should have begun. Your two grunts and one spearman should be able to kill the first couple. After that, you will need to train more units to replace your injured soldiers. Remember that spearmen and much more effective than grunts so have 6 spearman or so for every grunt. Your first mine should take you to your 5th-7th spearmen with fully upgraded spears. These spearmen should kill all oncoming footman without any difficulty. The next closest mine is to the southeast, however, you need you post a grunt and a spearman to guard the mining route your peons use. Once this gold mine is secure, train as many spearman as you can. Place them around your town and then wait for the humans to come. After the 20th one dies, the level ends. # -=5-2-3=- Orc level 3 The Humans are growing strong in Grand Hamlet. An outpost will be placed under your dictatorship to use as you see fit. You must then prepare and lead a force to destroy Grand Hamlet and all that dwell there. Blackhand will brook no survivors - these Humans must be taught a hard lesson in the ways of humility. Objectives: DEMOLISH GRAND HAMLET Strategy: Begin mining gold, and harvesting lumber to the southeast of your town. Explore with a grunt and locate the bridge to the east of your town and place half of your defences there. Place the rest of your defences by the opening in the trees near the goldmine. Here is a rough representation of the map: ____ ____ | O | | m | O - orc town | m # | H - human town | | | | m - goldmine | | ~~#~ # - bridge | | |~~ ~| | | | | | | | H | |m # m | |____| |____| Do not rush and build a temple just yet. First, concentrate on training some spearmen. To do this, you need to build a barracks and then a woodmill. As your spearmen are trained, assign them to your two defensive positions. After you have about eight or so, upgrade your spear technology. Continue training spearmen to strengthen your defences. After your first mine runs out, move your defenders to bridge north of the human town. Kill all of the human units around the bridge and secure a position there. Place another group of spearmen and grunts by the bridge near the bottom of the map, this will prevent human peasants from mining gold down there and eliminates any chances of humans approaching your town. Construct a temple and train a couple of necrolytes. After the humans finish mining their first mine, peasants will try to get past your bridge defences to the other gold mines. Your spearmen should have no problems dealing with these, and the human peasants will give you a constant source of bodies to raise into undead. Use skeletons to scout further into human territory and lure humans to your defences. Use grunts to assist in luring if you find that your skeletons are destroyed too quickly. After the human defenders are dead, send your army into the human town and burn it to the ground. # -=5-2-4=- Orc level 4 You are wakened from your nights sleep by a runner from the War Chief. Blackhand's daughter Griselda has run off with the outlaw Turok's band of Ogres. Our wolfriders have tracked them to the dungeons hidden beneath the Dead Mines. Find Turok's band of rebellious pigs and kill them all --- including Griselda. She must not disobey the commands of her father ever again. Objectives: KILL GRISELDA AND HER MINIONS Strategy: You must have a solid defensive formation in order to survive. Because you can't heal, every hit inflicted against you counts. Here is a formation which works well: G G R R - raider S N N G S - spearman S S S N - necrolytes R R e - enemy ^ r e e e Use a raider(r) to scout ahead. When he finds an enemy, retreat him back into position beside the other raiders. Single ogres should not even hurt you and groups of them should not pose a problem either. Just move your formation down the tunnels and eliminate all enemies which you find. Do not split up your force for any reason, there is safety in numbers. Once you find Griselda, she should be easy to finish off. She cannot fight back and will only run. A raider can easily catch up to her, just watch out for her ogre bodyguards. # -=5-2-5=- Orc level 5 On your return from the Dungeon, you receive word from advance scouts that the recently establish outpost near the Red Ridge Mountains is under siege. A group of raiders have been dispatched to assist you in taking back the outpost and crushing the Human opposition. Your secondary objective is to seek out and completely destroy their encampment, putting an end to this threat for good. Objectives: SAVE THE OUTPOST, SLAY ALL HUMANS Strategy: Race as fast as you can to your city to save as many buildings as you can. Attack the enemy with your raiders and grunts while your spearmen damage them from a distance. Once the initial attackers are dead, train a peon before anything else. Form your remaining troops into a defensive formation just above your town to fend off attacks while you rebuild. Your woodmill should still be intact and so should your barracks, this allows you to train additional spearmen immediately. Once you have about eight spearmen, 4 peons and fully upgraded spears, locate the two bridges leading northwards to the human town. If you attract the attention of some human archers, retreat back to your spearmen lines and kill the archers there. Once you have explored to the bridges, you will be forewarned of any attacks. Now replace the spearmen who were killed by the human archers, if any, and add four more, making a total of twelve. Build a blacksmith and fully upgrade armour. Split your twelve spearmen into two groups, one of five and the other seven. Post the group of seven by the bridge on the left, and the other five by the bridge on the right. Make sure you have a couple of grunts or raiders by each group for backup. This cuts off all enemy access to your side of the map and allows the other gold mines to be used by your peons. Now that you city is safe from attack, you can build a kennel and temple. If you have the gold, you can upgrade swords and then wolves. Use a raider to enter the human town just to the northeast of the left bridge and lure the defender back to your bridge defences. Once the human city defenders are dead, the rest is simple. # -=5-2-6=- Orc level 6 The Humans of Sunnyglade have become fat and lazy with their prosperity. The town is like a ripe plum waiting to be plucked. You will march upon their weak Human armies and smash them to pieces. Somewhere in the town is a tower that you must keep intact so that we may study how their magiks are created. Fail me, and I will have your head on a pike at the gates of Black Rock Spire. Objectives: RAZE SUNNYGLADE, CAPTURE TOWER Strategy: Begin mining to the east and use a grunt to explore. Train another peon right away to speed up production. Although the enemy town is to the north, attacks come from the north, east and west. Position your army along the top of your town, and place a raider beside your gold mine to protect your peons. Build barracks, followed by a woodmill. This will allow you to train spearmen; train seven of them, putting three at the mine and the other four by your town. Train another peon, and upgrade your spears completely. After this, build a blacksmith, but don't upgrade axes or shields just yet. Train two catapults, and then four more spearmen to supplement your defences. After this build a temple, and then train a couple of necrolytes to use dark vision and locate the human town, defenders and the bridge leading northward. Use a grunt to lure the human archers by the bridge to your defensive line and be killed. Then secure the bridge using your units to cut off enemy access to your side of the map. Use a formation similar to this: (human town) C - catapult S - spearman |===| R - raider |===| (bridge) N - necrolyte |===| CSRSSSRSC SCSCS N N N This will stop almost any attack without taking much damage. By blocking off the bridge you cut off all enemy access to your side of the map, therefore your troops at the gold mines and town are no longer needed and can be diverted to positions by the bridge. This will also make two more gold mines safe for your peons. At this point you can build a kennel and fully upgrade axes, shields and wolves. Use a raider to lure the humans in the town to the bridge and destroy them. Then send in your army to destroy the town. Be sure to keep the tower intact, so keep it out of the range of your catapults and spearmen. # -=5-2-7=- Orc level 7 The time has come for you to seize control of the Orcish hordes for yourself. Blackhand has become foolish in the deployment of his personal troops, and has left an opening that you can now exploit. A key outpost in the Black Morass is the core of Blackhand's supply lines - not only to his foremost battle groups, but to his castle at Black Rock Spire, as well. The complete destruction of this outpost will disrupt his power base long enough for you to secure his overthrow. Objectives: KILL BLACKHAND'S TROOPS Strategy: Orc vs Orc. Start mining to the west. Position your defenses to the north of your town and place a raider by the gold mine. Use a grunt to explore, but do not venture too far. If you attract the attention of humans, they will kill you. For now stay in the bottom half of the map. Begin training another peon and the construction of a barracks and then a woodmill. Train 4 spearmen, leaving two at the city defenses and the other two at the mine with your raider. Build a blacksmith so you can train a catapult. Be sure that your defenses are spread out so that a enemy catapult will not do too much damage. They usually roll in after an attack because of their slow speed, so watch out. Use a single grunt or raider to destroy it before it gets close to your town. Build a temple and train a couple of necrolytes, use one to cast dark vision and the other to raise dead. Skeletons are good for scouting ahead, they can also draw fire away from your more valuable units if you place a couple in front of your defenses. At this point you can begin thinking about offensive, so train four more spearmen. Use a raider to lure the enemy spearmen by the bridge to your own spearmen line. With the bridge clear, you can move you guys there and cut off enemy access to your side of the map. This will give you some more breathing room and also make a couple more mines safe. Form a long line of spearmen in front of the bridge and place raiders at either side and catapults behind them. This puts you in a better position to fend off enemy catapult attacks. Be sure you have a large area on the enemy side of the bridge explored so you have adequate time to respond to attacks. Now you can build a tower and train a warlock or two. Use them to summon spiders and lure the enemies out of their town and to the bridge. Repeat this until the enemy town is empty of defenders. The rest is simply a matter of destroying the enemy buildings. # -=5-2-8=- Orc level 8 The destruction of Blackhand's outpost has left him in a weak position. The Shadow Council, sensing your rise in power, orders the assassination of Blackhand and elevates you to the position of War Chief. A wolfrider brings you news that our best spy, the half-orc Garona, has been discovered by the Humans of Northshire Abbey and imprisoned there. She has valuable information concerning new and powerful magiks that would aid you in the destruction of your counterpart - King Llane. Trusting no one to complete this vital mission in time, you must find her, and then completely destroy the abbey to protect her secrets. Objectives: SAVE GARONA, DESTROY THE ABBEY Strategy: Set the speed to slowest for the first few minutes because the action begins right away. Your raiders are attacked within seconds of starting the game and if you have the game speed set too high, you won't be able respond. After the initial attackers are defeated, Place your units in a formation like so: e e | | |GRG| | - dungeon wall |SNS| G - grunt |SNS| R - raider |RGR| S - spearman | | N - necrolyte | | e - enemy eee Your formation will be attacked every once in a while, but you shouldn't have any problems repelling attacks. You might experience some difficulty killing archers because of their range, but there are only about seven of them. Garona's cell is in the top-right corner of the map and is guarded by a fire elemental. Make your way through the dungeon while keeping in formation. If you find peons, just leave them where they are. If you bring them with you or send them to the entrance they will probably be killed. When you find the Garona's cell, do not approach her. If you do, the fire elemental will kill her. Lure the fire elemental away from Garona and kill it. Them walk up to Garona to activate her. Put her in the centre of your formation and make your way out of the dungeon. If you want, you can save the peons, but it is not neccessary. # -=5-2-9=- Orc level 9 With your new found magiks, the time is ripe to burn the Human occupation from our lands. There are two Human outposts to the south that pose the greatest threat to our security. Reports from scouts near these towns show that the key to your success in this confrontation is to hold back the Human forces at their bridges while you strengthen your attack force. The glories of combat will be yours as you personally lead the armies that will reclaim your homelands. Objectives: CRUSH THE TWO HUMAN OUTPOSTS The nearest gold mine is to the southeast, however, the safest way to access it is to cut a narrow path through the trees and approach it from it's top-left corner. Use a grunt to explore out the area around your town, so that you will have a forewarning of attacks. Here is a rough representation of the map: |~~~~~~| |~~~~~~~~~~~~| O - orc town | # m O | H - human town | m | | m | m - gold mine | m | | | # - bridge | H | |_________ __| | | _________#__ | | | m | | | |m H | | # | ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The enemies must cross bridge to the west and south to reach your town, so place your units at the southwest corner of your town. Do not place your defenses too far from your town, because invisible enemies will get by your units and attack your town. Kill conjurers as soon as you see them because their rain of fire spell can be very destructive. Construct a woodmill and train four spearmen, then build a blacksmith and train a catapult. These additions should hold off most attacks for a while. Build a temple and train a necrolyte to cast dark vision, use this to locate the bridges and the enemy towns. Upgrade your spears while training some more spearmen. Stop when you have 15 spearmen in total. Now upgrade your shields and train a couple of grunts. Form two task forces with the following units: 6 spearmen, 2 grunts, 1 catapult, 1 necrolyte. Use the remaining units to guard the town. Capture the bridge on the top-left and place your first task force in a position away from the bridge in enemy territory. If you put them too close to the bridge, they will be open to catapult attacks. Now capture the bridge to your south and form a defensive position there. This should make the other mine on your side safe for your peons. Train some more spearmen to strengthen both of your task forces. Now build a kennel to train some raiders and upgrade wolves. If you have the money, research unholy armour as well. Defeat the towns one by one using the lure technique to kill the defending humans and then destroying the buildings. # -=5-2-10=- Orc level 10 You have tasted victory, and the craving for more is upon you. It is clear that one decisive blow to the humans will make the total and complete domination of this race a simple matter. Your spies have gathered intelligence that points to an encampment near the centre of the Human lands where their knights and soldiers are sent to train. Although they will not be expecting an attack, they should prove a good fight. The destruction of this site would greatly weaken their forces, and etch your position as War Chief in stone. None shall survive! Objectives: DESTROY THE HUMAN CAMP Strategy: This level may seem hard, but it is actually quite simple. You start out with a HUGE army and as long as do not become separated or allow the humans to slowly wear you out, there is no way you can lose. Use your necrolytes to locate the enemy city at the top-right corner and summon some spiders to scout out your route. |~~~| |~~~~~| H - human town | # H | O - orc starting position |_ _| |___ _| # - bridge # # |~ ~~~~~~~ ~| | O | |___________| Now throw caution to the wind and attack the town with ALL of your units. Target the human clerics first so they can not cast healing on anyone. Do not worry if some of your units die, just cast raise dead and continue. You should have the entire town conquered in a few minutes. # -=5-2-11=- Orc level 11 The final march to King Llane's home, Stormwind Keep, is at hand. Only two pathetic settlements stand in the way of the awesome juggernaut your cruel leadership has created. The Humans have proved to be amusing opposition, but the hour of doom has come for them. The complete and utter destruction of the twin cities Goldshire and Moonbrook will sever the lifeline between the king and his people, making him a figurehead waiting to be lopped off. Objectives: RAZE MOONBROOK AND GOLDSHIRE Strategy: The closest mine is to the east, there is another one to the north, surrounded by trees. Put two grunts by the mine to protect your peons and use another to explore around the town. Keep your other units close to the town because invisible humans come non-stop. Keep training spearmen to strengthen your defense. Upgrade your spears fully after you have ten spearmen. Then build a blacksmith, train one catapult and build a tower. Train a warlock and then research major summoning. Make sure that your units are not clumped together, or a rain of fire spell can do a lot of damage. Summon some spiders to explore a large area around your town. As soon as you see a conjurer, kill it as fast as you can to deny him the opportunity to cast spells. When you your warlock has full magic power, summon a daemon and clear the area around the opening leading northward of enemies. Move you defences there and block off the entire opening with your spearmen. This will protect your town from invisible enemies as well as the rain of fire spell. Use that daemon to explore a larger area around the opening, killing any humans he meets. This will give your catapult and spearmen time to react to attacks. Train some more warlocks and keep them in a safe spot. When you are attacked by a water elemental, summon a daemon to keep it busy while your spearmen finish it off. When you have 5 warlocks in total, build a temple. Train some necrolytes and make sure you have the unholy armour spell researched. Now send in unholy-armoured daemons in groups of four into the human towns. It shouldn't take too many attacks like this to destroy all of the humans. # -=5-2-12=- Orc level 12 Stormwind Keep is ours to take! The Orcish hordes gather like buzzards to the carrion, as the moment of destiny is close at hand. A low growl fills the air as your wolfriders whirl their savage mounts into a frenzy. The earth shakes as catapults are loaded and moved into position. The fires of the burning rubble about you dance in your eyes as you gaze upon the pristine, white towers of castle stormwind. White that will soon be washed with the red of King Llane's blood. With his fall, all of Azeroth will be yours! Objectives: DESTROY STORMWIND KEEP, KILL ALL HUMANS! Strategy: Sorry no walkthrough here. (You didn't expect me to help you through the entire game, did you?) IMHO, this is the most difficult level in the entire game. Many are simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of invisible enemies and water elementals. However, with some practice, this level is not impossible. Here are some things to remember while you play. 1) If you block off both bridges, enemy units, (including the invisible ones) can not get past to attack your town. 2) One on one, a daeman will defeat a water elemental. 3) Spearmen have more range than water elementals. 4) A direct catapult hit will destroy a water elemental. 5) Walls do a good job of keeping pesky invisible enemies at bay. If you are absolutely convinced that you are stuck and desperately need more help, you can email Jeff for more tips. See title for address. # -=5-3=- Campaign ending text # -=5-3-1=- Human ending text The fall of Black Rock Spire spelled final victory for the forces of Azeroth. With Blackhand slain and their stronghold destroyed, the few scattered Orcs that remained were quick to bow before your might. A celebration ensued that lasted for many days and many nights, with music and joyous festivities resounding throughout the land. The people of the kingdom have come from miles around to gather at Stormwind Keep, and are delighted by a display of mystic sights and sounds provided by the court conjurers while being treated to a feast of unequaled splendour. Amidst the celebration, your ascension to the throne is acknowledged by your new subjects, and you are given the honorarium Defender of the Crown. As the evening's celebration continues into the early hours of the morning, you retire to the sanctity of your throne room... The duty of ruling Azeroth is an awesome responsibility, and should prove to be your greatest challenge yet. Learning the intricacies of court politics alone will be like sailing in uncharted waters. King Llane was renowned for ruling with a fair and just hand, and you resolve to be as proficient as he was. There is also the matter of discovering the exact location of where the Orcish hordes entered into this world, and divining a way to end the threat of another invasion forever - but that is a story for another time... # -=5-3-2=- Orc ending text With the decimation of the Human forces, the sacking of their castle was a simple matter. They offered little resistance once you ran their weak leader through with your war blade and toppled his body into the moat. The taking of Stormwind has kept your warriors in good spirits, and the offerings of gold and jewels that they bring to your are ample tribute to your leadership. Wine flows like blood, and the smell of freshly cooked meats fills you with satisfaction as you begin your victory feast. The countryside is ablaze with bonfires as groups of battle hardened Orcs celebrate your dominion of this land with songs of war and victory. You have finally assumed your rightful place as ruler of this realm, and as War Chief of the Orcish Clans... What new conquests will await you in this place? The Shadow Council has begun to bring you information concerning the lands across the great sea that are as yet untouched by Orcish rule. The Warlocks also seek your permission to resume their experiments with the portal, their intent being the subjugation of other worlds. With the power you now possess your choices are limitless - but these are choices for another time... # -=5-4=- End-of-game credits Game Design Blizzard Entertainment Producer Patrick Wyatt Executive Producer Allen Adham Programmers Patrick Wyatt Bob Fitch Michael Morhaime Jesse McReynolds Artists Stu Rose Samwise Didier Ron Millar Mickey Neilson Brian Sousa David Berggren Roman Kenney 3D Artists Joeyray Hall Ron Millar Duane Stinnet Music & Sound Glen Stafford Gregory Alper Rick Jackson Chris Palmer Voices Bill Roper Manual Design & Layout Bill Roper Manual Illustrations Stu Rose Samwise Didier Roman Kenney Brian Sousa Mickey Neilson David Berggren Chris Metzen Nick Carpenter Public Relations Susan Wooley Linda Duttenhaver Marketing Kathy Carter Steve Huot Burkley Hanes Debbie Caton Fernando Paez Sales Russel Nishida Aprile Penhall Helen Moriyama Quality Assurance Robert Louden Tymothi Loving Mark Menter Larry Smith Registered Beta Testers Derek Arasi David Bevik Jeff Cassens Shane Dabiri Robert Djorjevich Doug Gauss Sina Ghaboussi Tim Gossard Mark Pearce Vic Larson Issac Matarasso John Teichrow Andy Thorson Stuart Venable Jr. Special Thanks To Bob & Jan Davidson John Patrick John Goodman Jeff Beaumont Ralph Becker Mike Albanese John Sosoka Pam Drake Jenny Toney James Phinney Bobo the Wonder Orc Suzanne States Ronald Millar Sr. Private Pabst Bunchy Eskhandar Salty Dog Rider The "Batman" M.B. Frank Pearce Shannon and her white chocholate grapes Pretty Princess Gwendolyn Susan Bezzina Darlene & her hair The Memphis Blues Christina Cade Jason "God of Thunder" Thor "Dangerous" Damian Russell Shahram Dabri The Mang Mang Vic's Car The Poxy Boggards Ray the Soda Man Lala Endicott C.W. The Kitchen Sink & you for reading this. +--------------+- ++ Chapter Six ++ (Statistics) -+--------------+ This section contains all the statistics of things in the game such as hit points of creatures, how long buildings take to build, how long it takes to research spells and various other details. Read on... # -=6-1=- Unit Statistics # -=6-1-1=- Human unit statistics Unit Attack Armour Hit Minimum Random Time Gold Lumber Range Points Pts Damage Damage Train Cost Cost Footman -- 2 60 1 9 600 400 -- Peasant -- 0 40 -- -- 750 400 -- H Catapult 8 0 120 -- 255 1000 900 200 Knight -- 5 90 1 13 800 850 -- Archer 5 1 60 4 0 700 450 50 Conjurer 3 0 40 6 0 900 900 0 Cleric 1 0 40 6 0 800 700 0 # -=6-1-2=- Orc unit statistics Unit Attack Armour Hit Minimum Random Time Gold Lumber Range Points Pts Damage Damage Train Cost Cost Grunt -- 2 60 1 9 600 400 -- Peon -- 0 40 -- -- 750 400 -- O Catapult 8 0 120 -- 255 1000 900 200 Raider -- 5 90 1 13 800 850 -- Spearman 4 1 60 5 0 700 450 50 Warlock 2 0 40 6 0 900 900 0 Necrolyte 2 0 40 6 0 800 700 0 # -=6-1-3=- Creature unit statistics Unit Attack Armour Hit Minimum Random Decay Range Points Pts Damage Damage Rate Ogre -- 0 60 1 12 -- Spider -- 0 30 1 3 45 Slime -- 10 150 1 0 -- Fire Elemental -- 0 200 0 40 -- Scorpion -- 0 30 3 0 45 Brigand -- 4 40 1 9 -- Orc Skeleton -- 1 40 1 4 45 Dungeon Skeleton -- 2 30 1 9 -- Daemon -- 0 300 0 65 45 Water Elemental 3 0 250 40 0 45 # -=6-2=- Building Statistics Building Hit Time Gold Lumber Pts Build Cost Cost Farm 400 1000 500 300 Townhall 2500 1000 400 400 Barracks 800 1500 600 500 Lumbermill 600 1500 600 500 Blacksmith 800 1500 900 400 Stables/Kennels 500 1500 1000 400 Church/Temple 700 2000 800 500 Tower 900 2000 1400 300 Castle 5000 -- -- -- Goldmine 25500 -- -- -- # -=6-3=- Spell Statistics Spell Research Research Spell Cost Time Range Healing 750 120 8 Far seeing 1500 120 -- Invisiblity 3000 120 8 Minor summoning 750 140 -- Rain of fire 1500 140 9 Major summoning 3000 140 -- Raise dead 750 120 5 Dark vision 1500 120 -- Unholy armour 3000 120 8 Cloud of poison 1500 140 9 # -=6-4=- Technology Statistics Technology 1st Upgrade 2nd Upgrade Research Gold Cost Gold Cost Time Shields 750 1500 120 Arrows/spears 750 1500 140 Swords/axes 750 1500 120 Horses/wolves 750 1500 140 +----------------+- ++ Chapter Seven ++ (Bugs, Problems, Troubleshooting) -+----------------+ # -=7-1=- What was the 'Human 7 bug'? There is a massive attack that happens when you activate a peasant (either by touch or by healing them). This is a mis-activation of a section of code that is only meant to be activated in dungeon scenarios. This bug has been fixed in the 1.21 patch. # -=7-2=- Multi-player is sloooow! How can I speed it up? The 1.21 patch speeds it up. Other than that you can try: - disabling emm386.exe - playing without the music - using 16550 uarts - disabling automatic error correction - disabling data compression # -=7-3=- Why can I only select 4 men per group? In an earlier, pre-release version, you could select as many men as you wanted, but it made the game too easy and boring. You'd build for a while, then select all your men to attack, go get some coffee, and start the next scenario. # -=7-4=- The copy protection doesn't match the manual! There are two reasons for this: 1) If you have the Europeon version of the game (says Interplay on the box/cd), they screwed up in their manual printing. If you've registered you game, contact them for a new corrected manual. 2) You aren't counting all the headings, titles, etc. as lines. # -=7-5=- How would you know exactly how much gold is in a gold mine? Especially ones you haven't even touched! If you mean, how come you can see the #'s, it's our LTTLWRFTSOGP (License To Take Liberties With Reality For The Sake Of Game Play) # -=7-6=- Why do catapults autofire when they never hit anything moving? You should position your catapults in a place where they can fire at a choking point where the enemy has to stop, even if it's only for a few second. If you place a whole bunch of catapults in various places, they are much harder to avoid, however, you might have some units killed by friendly- fire. The catapult is best used for defending against large enemy attacks. Even though it doesn't kill its initial target, three or four enemies marching behind him get splattered. # -=7-7=- Why can't I tell catapults to aim in front of moving targets? This would make catapults much more powerful and unbalance the gameplay. With complete human control, the catapult would never miss. # -=7-8=- My peasant died before he reached his contruction site! Don't worry, get the peasant, or a different one if he was killed, and 'repair' the construction site. # -=7-9=- The #$%@ computer cheats! Actually, the computer does not cheat, it just plays by a different set of rules. The computer economic system is entirely different, based on pre-set values rather than game accomplishments. The computer does not actually use gold or lumber. The peasants harvesting wood and mining gold are just for show (and to take away from your potential resources.) The computer starts off with a thriving city and a full complement of defenders and workers. Random attack units appear at regular intervals. These are sent to attack the human city after a certain number of units has been reached, this number is higher in the later levels. The defenders do not move from their stations unless an enemy enters their range. When defenders are killed, they are not replaced. Workers, however are replaced as soon as they are killed. Note that when you have destroyed every computer unit except for a peasant and a townhall. That peasant needs to cut down one tree or mine one gold before he can start reconstructing other buildings, or other units can be built. +----------------+- ++ Chapter Eight ++ (Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness) -+----------------+ # -=8-1=- When is Warcraft II going to be released? The current scheduled release Date is Christmas '95. # -=8-2=- Official press release BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES WARCRAFT II, SEQUEL TO AWARD-WINNING FANTASY-STRATEGY GAME The battle between Orcs and Humans continues as the two forces wage war by land, sea and air COSTA MESA, Ca., March 27, 1995: Blizzard Entertainment, developer of award- winning entertainment software, today announced Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, the much anticipated sequel to the award-winning fantasy-strategy game, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. The game is expected to be available by Christmas 1995. Warcraft II is the continuation of the ruthless clash between the Orc and Human civilizations. After the long and bloody war in the kingdom of Azeroth, the Humans ventured across the Great Sea to escape the cruelty of the Orcish hordes and to rebuild their empire. Eager to engage in battle again, the Orcish army constructed sea vessels and summoned flying creatures to follow the Humans and attack their unsuspecting coastal encampment. As the commander of either the Orc or Human forces, players must successfully construct and rule their medieval empire while engaging in real-time tactical warfare by land, sea and air. The game allows players to compete in a one-player mode by completing a series of integrated scenarios or play head-to-head against opponents using the game's multiplayer option. "The second in our fantasy-strategy series, Warcraft II offers players a completely different gaming experience than Warcraft: Orcs and Humans," said Allen Adham, president and founder of Blizzard Entertainment. "The game boasts added features such as tactical combat by land, sea and air; increased multiplayer options; enhanced artificial intelligence; and a wide array of new units and weapons. Gaming enthusiasts will find Warcraft II just as addictive as the first title of the series." Key features in Warcraft II will include: * Tactical combat over land, sea and air. * Separate story lines for Orc and Human campaigns with two dozen scenarios. * A dozen veteran scenarios for advanced players. * Multiplayer capabilities supported via modem, direct link and network. As many as seven players can compete through network play. * New units including dragons, griffons, battleships, submarines, Elven archers, Dwarven inventors and zeppelins. * SVGA enhanced graphics with rich three-dimensional rendered scenes. * Map, scenario and unit editor to allow players to customize game play. * Unique "spawning" technology that allows two players to compete head-to-head using just one copy of the program. Warcraft II is expected to be available by Christmas 1995 in DOS CD-ROM formats at most computer and software retail chains nationwide for approximately $50. Blizzard Entertainment is a premiere publisher of next-generation entertainment software. The company has developed more than 30 titles for computer and cartridge entertainment systems. Blizzard is an independent division of Davidson & Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: DAVD), a leading publisher of multimedia educational software. # -=8-3=- Where can I find some screenshots? Screenshots can be found at: ftp.cdrom.com \pub\games\new\warc2pcx.zip ftp.wustl.edu \pub\MSDOS_UPLOADS\warcraft\warc2pcx.zip Also at Kevin Lo's Warcraft page http://www.geopages.com/siliconvalley/1070/ -=- -=- -=- That's it people, this is The End of the FAQ. You can all go back to playing Warcraft now. :) Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the game. All corrections, criticism, questions and additions are welcome. Jeff Kang gkang@jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca