Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Alternate dialogue

    Successfully complete the game two times, once with a Light side ending and again with a Dark side ending. Start the game a third time to have new dialogue choices appear during the game.

  • Alternate menu

    Successfully complete the game and your character will appear on the main menu.

  • Infinite Light side points on Korriban in Shyrack cave

    When in the hidden tombs inside the Shyrack cave on Korriban, you will enter a dialogue with Kreia. It does not matter what you choose until your friends materialize. At first, side with them and say that Kreia is a Dark influence. Then, when she protests, side with Kreia to defend her. You will receive Light side points, and Kreia will remain there until you choose differently.

  • Infinite Dark side points

    After the Ithorians call you asking for your help, go to them and see the Ithorian in the plant room. He will ask you to help save their leader, Chodo. Ask him for a reward, then leave them on their own. Do this repeatedly to get more Dark side points.

  • Infinite Dark points

    If you go to the Dark side, eventually you will get a Wookie in your party named Hanhar. After you have answered all the "Influence" needed questions and learned that he killed his people and everything else, ask him why he follows you. He will reply that it is the way of a predator and prey and the strong and the weak. Either ask if that means he serves you or that one day he will kill you like he did Mira. He will say something about the life debts. Ask him about them, then say something along the lines of that it is foolish to hold on to them or ask why he still cares about them. He will say he cannot abandon all the ways of his people, but do not stop pressuring him. Eventually you will say that he is weak or that he will always be his own prey. You will get a success in influence success and grant him a +2 Strength -2 Intelligence bonus. If you do this enough times, it will subtract too much and boost his intelligence over 100 to 200 points. This lets you max out his skills. When you do this, you will get Dark points along with 1000 experience and +2 Strength.

  • Infinite experience on Nar Shaddaa

    Upon entering the refugee camp, speak with Odis. He claims to be sick but cannot do anything about it. He says that the caretaker might help. You must then eliminate all the Sirocco gang members to the east. This can be done by starting a fight with their leader. After they have been eliminated, make your way to the "squid"-looking Exchange leader to the west. You will be given a choice to tell him about Odis being sick. Persuade the "squid" to make more for the refugees. If you succeed, he will ask you to eliminate him. Respond that you will think about it and the conversation will end. You will receive 1,000 experience points every time you persuade him to make more room. This works because the choice to persuade him always occurs when you speak with the Exchange leader.

  • Infinite components

    Using the "Handmaiden's Robe" trick, breakdown the robes on the workbench to get 200 components. These can go a long way, for melee shields, energy shields, etc. Repeat this as often as desired. It is better to breakdown her robes than valuable merchandise.

  • Light and Dark side mastery bonuses

    When getting bonuses for having Light or Dark Mastery, the bonus you receive depends on your class and your alignment:

      Light Side Jedi Guardian: +3 Strength
      Dark Side Jedi Guardian: +1 to 8 additional damage
      Light Side Jedi Sentinel: +3 Constitution
      Dark Side Jedi Sentinel: +3 Dexterity
      Light Side Jedi Consular: +3 Wisdom
      Dark Side Jedi Consular: +50 additional Force Points
      Jedi Weaponmaster: +3 Strength
      Jedi Watchman: +3 Constitution
      Jedi Master: +3 Wisdom
      Sith Marauder: +1 to 8 additional damage
      Sith Assassin: +3 Dexterity
      Sith Lord: +50 additional Force Points

    Your status screen will only show one bonus at a time, at the top. However, bonuses from your starting class are still present and active. Two bonuses of the same type will stack. For example, a Light Side Jedi Guardian / Jedi Weaponmaster has +6 Strength (+3 Strength for each class), and a Dark Side Jedi Consular / Sith Lord has +100 Force Points (+50 Force Points for each class). The best way to be a strong Force User is to be a Light Side Jedi Consular / Jedi Master. You will get Master Force Focus to add +4 DC to your Force Power Saving throws, and +6 Wisdom for Light Mastery, which increases your Force Points, Force Damage, Force Power DC and, for male characters with Battle Precognition (learned from Handmaiden), a +3 bonus to defense for Light Mastery.

  • Handmaiden's Robe

    After you duel with Handmaiden, she is not wearing anything. Put some clothes on yourself then ask her to put some clothes on. The robes she puts on are valuable. You can repeat this process as many times as you desired and sell the extra robes. Note: Only Handmaiden can wear these robes. Additionally, after sparring with the Handmaiden, tell her to put some clothes on. Make sure that you also have clothes on. She will put on her mother's Jedi robe, which only she can wear. It gives a +3 bonus to Defense and a +2 bonus to Charisma.

  • Heal and attack at the same time

    Once you obtain the heal power, it is possible to heal and attack at the same time. First you must heal, then while your character is in the middle of the heal technique, choose an attack (Flurry works the best). On the next turn your character should heal, however damage numbers will appear over your opponent's head. This is useful when defeating tough bosses such as Sion and Kreia.

  • Shields

    When you first get Bao-Dur after you leave Citadel Station, he can make lots of shields (an infinite amount for a limited duration). Keep asking him for shields. You will get Energy, Mandalorian Melee, and Echani types one once in awhile. This is useful for gaining credits. However, after Bao-Dur asks you about making a lightsaber and tells you to collect the parts, you can no longer ask him to produce shields.

  • Dueling

    To become proficient with a lightsaber, you must work on the Dueling feat tree. The first level gives you a +1 bonus to defense and attack whenever you are using a blaster pistol, vibrosword, vibroblade, lightsaber, or any other one handed weapon. Note: This does not work when you are using two weapons. The height of the tree adds a +3 to defense and attack. Add this to the Jedi Defense tree, and if you are wielding a lightsaber or any other one handed weapon, you will usually have a defense of at least thirty when you have Master Dueling and Master Jedi Defense, and an awesome bonus to your attack.

  • Wisdom

    When you level up, it is always a good idea to increase your character's Wisdom. This helps your Force attacks and Force bar. When you have a high Wisdom, your enemy will have a tough time resisting your Force attacks, and it makes the damage of your Force attacks higher and more effective. Attacks such as Stasis, or Stasis Field will be useful in a lot of areas in the game, especially towards the end and in in the very last battle. Normally if your enemy has a good resistance to the Force, some attacks like Choke, Crush, or Stasis will not do anything. However, with a high Wisdom you can do a lot of damage to them.

  • Prestige class

    You can gain a prestige class when you are at least level 15 and have a very strong alignment to either the Light or Dark side of the Force.

  • Saving level progression

    If you know that a difficult character or Boss is coming up and you are ready to level up, do not. Instead, level up while fighting if your health gets very low. This will restore all Vitality points and Force points, and will also give you an extra edge.

  • Character progression

    To get your party's characters to progress quickly, simply return to the Ebon Hawk after you complete any mission (including bonus missions and side quests). This will trigger sequences where your party members will enact with one another. This does not happen every time you enter the Ebon Hawk, but does happen very frequently. Additionally, you do not have to gain influence to make someone a Jedi. If you are on the Dark side, if you get a large enough influence loss you can turn your party members to the Dark side. They will become Dark Jedi like your Dark character with a large enough influence loss.

  • Jedi party members

    If you have a female main character, the Disciple inside the Jedi Enclave sub-levels will join your party and eventually become a Jedi. He is the replacement for Brianna, The Handmaiden.

  • Hanharr as a party member

    If you are playing a True Dark side character, the Wookie will join your party. You will get to kill Mira with him. If you talk to him enough, you will gain attribute bonuses.

  • Gaining influence with Kreia

    After Visas has joined your party, anytime that you lose influence with Kreia, talk to her about Visas' home world and just choose the top conversation option. Then, end the conversation after you can no longer talk about Visas' home world. If done correctly, you will have gained influence with Kreia. Do this repeatedly until it stops or anytime you lose Kreia's influence. Additionally, get to the conversation with Kriea on board the Ebon Hawk when she tells you to raise you weakest skill before she instructs you further in the Force. When she asks what skill you feel is your weakest, simply choose one that an item you possess increases. Simply speak to her while it is not equipped, equip it, then speak to her again. You receive influence, bonus experience points and Force points. Also, you do not need to be at level 15 to do this.

  • Bao-Dur becomes a Jedi

    You cannot really get into conversations with Bao-Dur, so there is no influence: failure or influence: sucess in talking with him. He must be in your party to gain influence. When you talk to him, you may be able to get shields from him (if you do not have too many of the kind he makes already), or you can construct your lightsaber if you have not already done so. After this, the only option will be "Never mind". Occasionally he may say "You know, I'm really glad I found you again , General". This conversation means nothing. You cannot get any influence gains from it, and all the choice options are not very good. Try to make it out without any influence losses or Dark side points. You will have to ask him why he is still here, and he will ask you if you are tired of him already. Then something about wires in the universe will turn up. Just reply with "If you see any, let me know". This conversation occurs more than once. If you have enough influence with him, when you talk to him, you should automatically get into a new conversation. It will mention something about Malachor V. Try to convince him that he was not just fighting for revenge, and that he was fighting to protect others, even if he disagrees with you. Eventually you should reach some random option saying that you can teach him to use the Force. He will say something else. Tell him there is no time to waste. You do not have to go through that series of one option conversation. It just simply states he is now a Jedi Guardian. Bao-Dur cannot equip any robes or Jal Shey Armor. If you want him to use powers that are restricted by armor, you must equip him with regular clothing or nothing at all. As mentioned earlier, in order for Bao-Dur to gain influence he needs to be in your party for practically the entire time. Also, a lot of the times for Bao-Dur to gain influence, only you and him must be in your party. For Bao-Dur and all the others you can train to be Jedi, taking the Light side is recommended. The following are some possible influence gains with Bao-Dur.

    On Dxun, take only Bao-dur with you when you search for the dead Mandalorian's body. The Mandalorian is actually alive. He tells you that he is trapped on a ridge because he was ambushed by Bomas. Agree to help him by killing the Bomas. Once done, talk to him and agree to keep his secret. You will then get into a conversation with Bao-Dur. Tell him something along the lines of if you can help, you will, then end with saying that perhaps one day he will return the favor. Bao-Dur will say you never know, and you should get an influence gain with him.

    On Telos, after you talk with Atris, go back to pick up your allies. However, before you do so, talk with one of the Handmaiden sisters, (not Handmaiden herself). Talk to her about Atton for a future influence gain with him. When you talk to Bao-Dur, be nice and tell him the crash and his collapse was not his fault, and perhaps you should let him stay in your party instead of waiting at the ship. You should get an influence gain with him.

    On Nar Shadaa, take only Bao-Dur with you to the refugee sector. Have a minimum Treat Injury of 5. Talk to Geriel, be nice, and heal him. He will thank you, and say that he feels better. The conversation will end. Almost immediately after you start walking, Bao-Dur will stop you and say that was nice. Select the Light side options and you should get an influence gain with him.

    At the Nar Shadaa Docks, explore the flop house to find a man name Lootra. Hear him out and agree to help him find his wife, Aaida. There are two guards that stop you in the refugee sector. Talk to the Gamorean, then tell him that if you are trying to threaten you, draw your weapons. If your intimidation works, you can only fight them earning Dark side points. Instead of talking to him with your main character, talk to him with someone else in your party. Even though it returns to your main character talking, the intimidation will fail and you can fight them without earning any Dark side points. Kill both of them, then go back and talk to Aaida. Tell her that Lootra is here looking for her. Then, say that you have taken out the guards and that she has a clear path out of the sector. This is when you need Bao-Dur in your party, and Kreia as well. Go back to flophouse and talk to the reunited couple. Kreia will get in an argument with you. Choose the answers that are correct and have to do with the Light side. She will get upset with you. Tell her that if it meant any of your allies' lives, you would do anything for them. This not the choice where you say that about Kreia, but the one after that. Bao-Dur will make a comment saying you remind him that back in the Mandalorian Wars, there was only one Jedi he saw valor in, which was you. End the conversation and you should get an influence gain with Bao-Dur without losing influence with Kreia.

    On Nar Shadaa there is an airspeeder at the Serreco territory in the refugee sector. You may need to take the Serreco out before using it though. The airspeeder is missing parts and you do not have access to its systems. First, to gain access to its systems, use your Security skill after examining it. If you have Atton in your party, he will ask you to let him take care of it. You may both need a high Security skill for this to occur. Accept his help bvy saying "All right, I'll let the expert handle this". Afterwards, thank him for his help and you should get an influence gain with Atton. Next, go to the refugee landing pad and search all the metal boxes and containers. The Navigation system may be in the Plasteel cylinder where you get your ID changed to have Vogga's transponder codes. Next, go to Nar Shadaa docks and go to Pylon 3 (the one at the very end). To the left, there is a Plasteel cylinder that has the maneuvering flaps. Now, go to the flophouse and you will find an Ithorian in one of the places. Hear him out and agree to help him. He tells you that he sells power cells. There is no harm in asking him for one. He says that he will give you one after you help him. Talk to Fassa at the pylons and ask him about the Ithorian. Pay his debt and go back to the Ithorian. Tell him he can go as long as he gives Fassa some of the power cells. He will say that it is no problem and thank you. After the conversation ends, you will receive the power cell. Go back to the airspeeder and install the three parts. After you are finished, you can ask either T3-M4 or Bao-Dur to examine it. Let Bao-Dur examine it first. He will notice some things are wrong and offers his help. Accept it, then afterwards, thank him. The conversation will end and you should get an influence gain with Bao-Dur. If you can, now ask T3-M4 to examine it and say the same things. You should get an influence gain with T3-M4.

  • Handmaiden becomes a Jedi

    Be on the Light side as much as possible as a male jedi with a very high influence over Handmaiden. Ask her to teach you fighting moves and you will duel her. Defeat her three times (you should be at a high level because she is a difficult opponent) Also, you fight without clothes; follow the rules that she says. Put on clothes then tell her to but some on. She will put on Jedi robes. Talk to her about them (be nice), then talk to Kreia about the Handmaiden's mother. You will learn that she was a Jedi, and that Handmaiden got the robes from her. Talk to Handmaiden again, but about her mother this time. Be nice and tell her you know her mother was a Jedi. Then, say the Force could run strongly in her. If you have high enough influence (you may need to try a few times), she will ask you to train her. However, you may need to convince her to betray her oath to Atris. If done correctly, you will see a short intermission sequence of Atris saying that Handmaiden betrayed her.

  • Mira becomes a Jedi

    After you are finished on Nar Shaddaa, talk to Mira while onboard the Ebon Hawk. Keep talking to her to gain influence then ask her why she seems restless. Be nice while talking to her and you will hear her describe Nar Shaddaa, and you will give her the description that Kreia gave you. After you succeed, leave the ship with Mira and talk to her about the same thing. Take her to where Kreia showed you the Force (just in front of the cantina entrance by the railing), and you will stop to show her the Force.

  • Sacrifice Visas

    Equip Visas with the clothing that was on her when she joined your party while facing her master. You get the choice to sacrifice her.

  • Skip to rebuilt enclave

    On Enclave Courtyard, at the entrance to the rebuilt academy where the final confrontation of the remaining Jedi Masters is located, you can get inside before you complete any planets. Stand beside the door and add someone new to your party. If done correctly, they will spawn on the other side of the door.

  • Operating HK-47

    Use the following steps to make HK-47 functional again. On Peragus, get the Voice Vocabulator from the wrecked HK-50 droid. On Nar Shaddaa, after you defeat three HK-50 droids with T3-M4, pick up the remains. On Dantooine, get parts from the salvager by the Jedi Enclave. Also, try to pick up all the remains that the HK-50 droids leave.

  • T3-M4 with a rifle

    Find a Droid Warfare upgrade and install it. Then, choose any rifle from your arsenal and give it to T3-M4 in any slot of his weapon area. He will now use a rifle with great power and accuracy, due to bonus feats like Specialization: Rifle, and Dexterity.

  • Train Aton, Handmaiden, or Bao-Dur to be Jedi

    Go to the various parts of the game and keep speaking to each of those characters. Continue to gain influence with all of them, and eventually you will have the option to train them to be Jedi.

  • Barab Ore Ingot

    To get the Barab Ore Ingot easily you must be on the Light Side. If you choose Jedi Consular, Jedi Sentinel, or Jedi Guardian as a class and choose to be come a Jedi Master, Jedi Weapon Master, or a Jedi Watchman you can still get Barab Ore Ingot. However, do not use two lightsabers. You must use one lightsaber with a color being the same as your class. Also when you have completed four or five planets, it would be possible that you would get the Barab Ore Ingot between completing three to five planets.

  • Lightsaber construction

    To make a lightsaber, you need five things: a crystal, an energy fixture, an energy cell, a lens, and Bao-Dur. On Telos, the Ithorians will send you to the planet's surface. When you are shot down, talk to Bao-Dur. He will join your party. The energy fixture and cell can be bought at the salvager camp by the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. After you save Khoonda on Dantooine, Master Vrook will teach you a lightsaber form and give the lens to you. Crystals can be found in the crystal caves, bought, or found. After you have these, talk to Bao-Dur to have him make you a lightsaber. If you can find the glowing crystal, search it to get your crystal. If you put in your lightsaber it will be more powerful.

    Bao-Dur is an ugly character that follows you around and calls you "General". He is also very skilled at constructing weapons, fixing general robotics, and ship repairs. He will tell you that if you get the parts needed, he will make a lightsaber for you. The following items can be found on these planets. On Dantooine, a salvager near the Jedi Enclave will have all but one part (lens) you will need, at a nifty price. She also has some color crystals. On Dxun, after you kill some Cannoks in the jungles, check their remains. One has the lens needed for the lightsaber. They are found near the Mandalorian ruins entrance, or by the Mandalorian cache. Also, you cannot get your old lightsaber from Arista. You must to collect components and bring them to Bao-Dur, or you can complete a major quest. A lightsaber hilt shell can be obtained at Citadel Station, from the Ithorian Leader. Jarron will sell you a refracting lens it if you save him. You can buy colored crystals. A Silver Crystal is located at the Rodian Merchant on Nar Shadaa, but you must pick her over the other merchant. Additionally, you can get a lightsaber part from Visa when you find her on the ship. You have to fight her, then see Bao-Dur.

    Master Vrook will give you a lens (the only part which cannot be bought on Dantooine). If you have bought all the parts from the salvager camp and helped Master Vrook, Bao Dun should be able to construct a lightsaber for you.

    When you escape Peragus 2 in the beginning, Atton will eventually ask you what lightsaber you had or want now. There is a choice between a single-bladed and a double-bladed lightsaber. The colors are blue, red, green, viridian, and violet, plus silver. Pick one to get it later in the game from Atris.

  • Lightsaber rewards

    If you assist the refugees by getting the Exchange to ease up, Hussef will give you a lightsaber. Also, Master Vrook on Dantooine will give you his lightsaber for saving Khoonda.

    You can get a short lightsaber from Lootra when you free his wife in the Refugee sector by clearing a path through the exchange guards and killing all the Serecco thugs.

    Mandalore will give you a lightsaber if you have completed every task in the Mandalorian Ruins to gain respect.

  • Best lightsaber crystal

    The Crystal Caves on Dantooine hold your very own Force Crystal. It has your name and you can keep getting Kreia to "tune" it to yourself throughout the game. It will also improve over time.

    Always use the personal crystal in your own lightsaber. It is the best crystal in the game, giving you attribute bonuses and a +1 to attack and damage. Also, it is aligned to you, so that you can use a crystal of the opposite alignment and the alignment restrictions cancel each other out.

  • Using lightsaber crystals restricted to the other alignment

    If you have a powerful crystal that is restricted to the Dark side while you are on the Light side (or vice versa), put a crystal that is restricted to the opposite alignment in the other slot. They will cancel each other out.

  • Silver lightsaber crystal on Nar Shaddaa

    You can buy a silver lightsaber crystal from Geeda on Nar Shaddaa. Note: You may have to make the other merchant leave Nar Shaddaa to do this.

  • Lightsaber color

    If you choose not to speak to Atton Rand about your lightsaber after Peragus, the plot of the game chooses your old color for you.

  • Recommended lightsaber form

    Use the Juan Lightsaber Form to do many punches and kicks while being vulnerable to Force powers.

  • Battle Precognition

    Talk to the Handmaiden and ask her to teach you some fighting moves. Do this when you are on the Ebon Hawk. After defeating her, tell her that she seems to be predicting your moves. She will tell you about how the Echani generals could predict the outcomes of battles. Then, ask her how you would be able to do that. After that, you will gain the Light side power Battle Precognition, which allows you to add your Wisdom modifier to your Defense when you are not wearing armor. Note: You must be a male character in order to do this. Female characters will meet the Disciple instead of the Handmaiden.

  • Force Persuasion

    If your Force Persuasion is fully aligned with the Light side, you will get a +3 to your Wisdom bonus, depending on your class type. If it is fully aligned with the Dark side, you will get a +3 to your Strength bonus. Additionally, the bonuses regarding your Force alignment is dependent on your class type. For example, use a Sentinel and the bonus is a Constitution +3. Also, use a Jedi Consular to get Darkside Mastery +50FP.

  • Force Scream

    A very good Force power that has seems to work well on a large scale of enemies is Force Scream and all its other stages. It is especially useful when you are at level 10 to 14, because your enemies are usually weak around that stage of the game, and this power is strong. On Telos, when you fight the mercenaries that protect the Czerka satellite, three or four Force screams (or its other stages) will most likely kill one group at a time.

  • Force Sight

    Talk to Visas about everything except for how she and her people can see through the Force. After you have built up enough influence, save the game and ask her about the way her people see with the Force. If you have gained enough influence, you will gain the Force Sight power. If not, reload your last saved game and keep trying to gain more influence before trying again.

  • Grey alignment

    Do not be a "Grey" Jedi. Leaving your connection to the Force in the neutral area is not cost effective for gaining Force powers. The higher you are to the Light, the better the chance of getting two points to use instead of one. This also works with the Dark side. Jedi Masters also learn powers faster than the Watchmen or Bladesmaster.

  • Influence chances

    Make sure to have just these characters with you when you want influence with them. Also, make sure that you get the correct influence you want. Either have all influence gain or all influence loss; not both.

      Atton: Reply that Atton had a good idea or something to that degree when you are on the Harbinger to get an influence gain. Kill random people with just Atton in your party (for example, Lootra on Nar Shadaa, the person who stops you on Telos when you break into his apartment). Note: You will get a lot of Dark side points for this.

      Bao Dur: Help the spy at the cantina on Onderon.

      Bao Dur: Help the Mandalorian Kumas in the Missing Mandalorian quest.

      Bao Dur: Help the person on Nar Shadaa being hounded for money by the two thugs next to the red door.

      GO-TO: Works the same as HK, however say that you like his skills for a gain or do not like them for a loss.

      Handmaiden: Duel her three times to get all the influence needed. After you duel her for the first time, return each time you level up to see if you can duel her again.

      HK-47: Light side remarks give you loss, while Dark gives you gain. Also use the Mind Trick on the guard at Onderan spaceport with HK in your party to get a gain.

      Kreia: When Kreia scolds you for certain things, say that you agree with her reasoning and you will get an influence gain. You usually get influence gains with Dark side remarks to Kreia and influence loss with Light side remarks.

      Mandalore: Kill Akkerre on Dantooine for an influence gain.

      Mira: Help or kill the Sullustan Akkere on Dantooine.

      T3-M4: Same as Visas. Light side for gain, Dark side for loss.

      Visas: Light side remarks to Visas usually get you influence gains while Dark side remarks give you a loss.

  • Defeating enemies

    If you get stuck trying to defeat a large group of enemies or one very difficult enemy, look around your environment for something to hide behind. The enemies are only aggressive if they can see you, and it is very easy to exploit this "line of sight" issue. You can lure one enemy at a time around a corner until the pack is destroyed, and even better, if you inch around a bend correctly, you can have an enemy targeted without them becoming aggressive. This makes it easy to defeat them with a ranged attack, such as a blaster, lightsaber throw, or grenades. This even makes Kreia's defeat possible without having to concern yourself with the three floating lightsabers. Just run from the sabers until you are around a pillar. With Kreia in sight, she will not attack you with the floating lightsabers around, and she can be easily finished off with some lightsaber throws.

  • Defeating Bosses

    If you are having problems defeating a Boss, simply enter the "Gameplay" settings and lower the difficulty to "Easy" for the duration of the battle. Additionally, get a large number of mines. This works best if only one character is alive. Exit combat-mode and make the enemy follow you. Get a good distance away and set a mine (frag or plasma), then run away. The enemy should run through the mine. Keep repeating this until the enemy is dead.

    If you are in a tough fight, as when Atton fights the Twin Suns or the last fight with Kriea, it helps a lot to run away a short distance and plant a mine. Do this as many times as needed; you can always make more mines at a lab station.

  • Defeating Mandalorians

    Use the following trick when battling the Mandalorians at their camp in their battle circle: The rules are that no Force powers, stimulants, or other items can be used inside the circle. However, if you boost your character with stimulants before you talk to the sergeant you will still have their benefits when you enter the circle. This will make winning easier.

  • Defeating Master Vrook

    If you go to the Dark side, you will have to face Master Vrook in a one-on-one duel. Master Vrook is a difficult opponent. Have the Force Focus power active (the little purple sphere). Keep hitting him with Force Lightning. Once you get him low enough, Kreia will interrupt and give you a new Force form. It looks like another purple sphere, but absorbs the Force from the opponent. When you continue, Vrook will try to heal himself (you should also do this). Make sure the new ability is active and use Plague on him. With it is 100% chance of hitting, it is really the only thing that works. However, every time you get him with that, he will try to heal the poison. Keep alternating Plague and Force Lightning. He will run out of Force and start attacking again. Keep nailing him with Force Lightning, and when he has only a quarter of his strength remaining, he will collapse and will have won. Additionally, when the battle first begins, instead of attacking head-on, run around the trees until he no longer follows. Then, go to where the battle began and lay down all of your mines in one spot, directly on top of each other, Make Vrook follow you through the mines. The mines will explode on him, but not you.

  • Defeating Sion

    Try using Flurry. It does a great amount of damage to him. Also try other attacks as well. Force Body will help you greatly. Make sure your Force bar is up before attempting this. When you do the next four to six Force attacks, it will do almost nothing to your Force bar. Force Heal is a great move to use at this time, along with Force Immunity or Force Storm. Make sure you have lots of some type of healing, such as the Survival Pack, Advance Medpack, or Medpack. You must kill Sion three or four times before he actually dies. Additionally, run away from Sion and hide behind a pillar to make the target on Sion disappear. When this happens, Sion will not run after you. Instead of fighting him head on, walk away from the pillar, where he will not see you, and place as many mines as possible (preferably not gas mines). Then, let Sion see you and lead him to the mines. If it does not kill him, keep using Force Storm. He will regain all his health a few times. Repeat this process until Sion is dead.

    To kill Sion on Malachor as a Dark Jedi, constantly use the Choke Force power that you are given when you get Dark Side Mastery. He cannot resist this, and it is immensely powerful. It is boring, but it gets the job done.

  • Jedi Master Robe on Dantooine

    Save Koohda but kill the Jedi Master. He will have a Jedi Master Robe on his corpse.

  • Computer code on Dxun

    When called back to Dxun by the Mandalore, you are given two missions. The main character Jedi goes to the capitol, but first with a cast member of your choice you will do a mission in the Dxun jungle. In the structure, there are two ancient computers in different locations that open big locked boxes with crystals in them. The first computer code is this string of numbers: (6*2)-8+9/1=13. On the second computer, the answer is: C.

  • Easy experience on Korriban

    Play as a Light side Jedi. Your Force bar replenishes very slowly when cofmpared when playing on the Dark side. Equip the Sith mask, a Jedi Knight robe and the crystal in your lightsaber that helps regenerate Force points. Even with all three items, your Force will return slowly. Before you enter the hidden cave, make sure that you have the Drain Force power maxed out. Use Force Affinity, Force Storm, Force Storm, Drain Life (third tier) and in the next battle, Force Affinity, Drain Force, Force Storm, Force Storm then Drain Life. When you do use Drain Force in this manner, you will get Force points back (more if you are fighting about ten to twelve Hssiss).

    When inspecting the dead Jedi body, to gain more experience faster and easier, make sure you have the Master Force Scream. It does massive damage all around you. This is useful if you plan to fight multiple Hssiss, as it has an area affect of virtually the entire room. You can inspect the body ten or more times and use the Force Scream for all the Hssiss around you. It usually takes about five or six uses, depending on how many there are. Also, if you have Death Field and Force Lightning Storm, it helps. If you are low on health, using the Death Field one time replenishes all your health. Also, having a high Wisdom and Regenerate Force Points are helpful.

  • Silver crystal on Korriban

    When you get to Korriban, you will be told by Kreia not to take items from the old corpses. If you want a silver crystal, search for it in the corpses. However, be prepared to fight. There are enemies that will attack after you open the first corpse.

  • Infinite life on Korriban in Lost Tomb

    When your fighting the Hssisses to gain experience, make sure that you have equipment on that will allow regeneration of you vitality points (masks, implants, robes, underlays for the robes, etc.). Once you have all of these equipped, you will be able to fight the Hssisses without dying, even if your life points reach 0. Note: This trick only works here and nowhere else in the game.

  • Darth Sion on your side on Malachor V

    When on Malachor V, you will fight Darth Sion. Before this, get the power Force Confusion to the highest level. Use it on him as soon as the battle pauses and says enemy sighted. Use it, and he should be on your side. This will wear off, but is a very funny trick.

  • Defeating Kreia on Malachor V

    Once you have started the battle with Kreia, run down the platform behind you. Run away from her until she stops chasing you. Once she stops lay as many mines as you have (thirty or forty recommended) in the same location. Run to where she starts chasing you again and lure her over the mines. If done correctly, her health should be almost gone. She will probably try to use Death Field on you. Use Flurry on her and she will die. Once the lightsabers appear, do the same thing but do not lay mines. Lure the sabers away from each other and attack them separately. Additionally, when you are on the Dark side, you can get a power called Force Crush. When you are fighting her, keep using that Force power. It does about 75 damage each time you use it. She might use Death Field on you sometimes, but it will not kill you. You can also use it on the floating lightsabers.

  • Make Atton a Jedi on Nar Shaddaa

    On Nar Shaddaa, there is an intermission sequence in the refugee sector (near the center) where a blue Twi'lek offers you information about Atton for a small price (about 20 to 25 credits). Pay him, and he will say that he has seen Atton on Nar Shaddaa, and that he is not who he says he is. Talk to Atton about this and keep going on through the conversation. Keep selecting the Light side type answers, which are usually at the top. If you have enough influence with Atton, you will eventually reach a story about a female Jedi who opened his mind to the Force. Closely afterwards, you will go into something about opening Atton's mind to the Force and go into a series of conversation choices where there is only one choice, and Atton will not say anything in between. After completing this, the game will state that Atton is now a Jedi Sentinel. He will level up, making Force powers now available to him.

  • Sleeping Kath Hounds on Nar Shaddaa

    Use the following trick to put Vogga's hounds to sleep easily. In the Nar Shaddaa Dock Apartments are two aliens in one room that keep saying "If you thought you could sneak up on us you were wrong". This is because they are talking about something they do not want you to hear. Use a party character skilled in Stealth, like Atton. Sneak in the room and they will have a conversation about putting Vogga's hounds to sleep using Juma Juice from the cantina. Go to the cantina and buy Juma Juice from the bartender. Then, go back to Vogga's place. Put the Juma Juice in the "urn" in the corner. The hounds will drink away and fall asleep. Then, put Vogga to sleep by getting Handmaiden or Mira to dance for Vogga by talking to the Twi'lek in the same cantina where the Juma Juice was obtained. Vogga will watch the dance and fall asleep. You now can go into Vogga's treasure room without anyone knowing.

  • Fuel for Telos on Nar Shaddaa

    After Peragus is destroyed, Telos has no supply of fuel. On Nar Shaddaa, once you find Vanda the Hutt, ask him what he wants for Goto. You can tell him "Supply Telos with fuel". Because he runs a fuel company, he will supply you with it. The problem is you must get Goto for him. Later, Goto will end up in your party.

  • Silver lightsaber crystal on Nar Shaddaa

    You can buy a silver saber lightsaber crystal from Geeda on Nar Shaddaa. Note: You may have to make the other merchant leave Nar Shaddaa to do this.

  • Lightsaber lens on Nar Shaddaa

    To get the third lightsaber part needed (the lens), go to the catina and buy Juma Juice. Then, add Handmaiden to your party and talk to the Twi'lek in the back of the Catina. He will make Handmaiden dance for Vogga. Then, put the Juma Juice in the "urn" in the corner of the room so that the Kath hounds fall asleep. Vogga will fall also asleep while watching Handmaiden dance. Then, open the door behind you and go to the first metal box to your left. You will get a lens. Talk to Bao-Dur and he will make it for you.

  • Getting out of the ghetto on Nar Shaddaa

    To get out of the downtown or "ghetto" part of Nar Shaddaa, you must do one simple thing. Talk to the Twi'lek girl in the Swoop gallery. She will bring up that she has the codes for C9-T9's cage. Next, you must persuade her to tell you more. Finally, persuade her to give you the codes to the cage so you can destroy the bot. Once at the computer, enter the prompt "[Computer] Overload droid". It will overload and be destroyed. Finally, the man at the counter will ask you what happened. Just say something or use Force Control and say "You saw nothing". He will tell his boss the very same thing. After that happens, you will get a Holocron and be invited to the Jekk'Jekk' Tar. Be prepared. This is also how you get Mira to join your party, and meet the Jedi Master of the planet.

  • Opening the last locked door on Nar Shaddaa

    When your T3 droid is sold to the Hutts, you will reach the last door in the Warehouse Area. It is a combination lock. Use the following combination to unlock it. 1. Center: Counterclockwise. 2. Left: Counterclockwise. 3. Right: Clockwise). After you get what you need out of this room, you will be confronted by HK droids again. They are not that difficult -- stay and fight. You will find the HK chassis for your HK droid.

  • Palace northern storage room on Onderon

    The combination for the lock is: 1) 66, 2) 45, 3) 39. It seemed more like a bedroom than a storage room.

  • Lose Starport Visa without payment on Onderon

    When on Onderon, you will get a Starport Visa from a Twi'lek bounty hunter. You can get this wiped for 500 credits by a Twi'lek in the cantina. If you go to the human woman in the cantina by the name of Sakare, she will offer you money, a weapon, or a crystal for the wiped Starport Visa. If you select "I'll be going now" instead of choosing payment, you will give her the visa and have no chance for payment.

  • Sith Master Temple battle on Onderon

    During the mission where your main character is sent to Onderon to assist the queen, a character of your choosing is sent to do a mission at the same time. During the first mission, with the characters of your choosing, you must go through the jungle and reach a Sith temple and clear it out. After you have progressed through the temple, near the end should be three Sith Masters or Lords waiting in front of a large electrical orb hanging from the ceiling. They are very difficult from the rest of the forces you have encountered. If your entire party enters combat, you will not be able to move about the rest of the temple and will be trapped in the last area with them. Because they are difficult, this is very bad for you as they are not easy to take down. To have an easier time with them, enter solo mode and send one character down to attack. A blaster or melee weapon is fine. Get their attention and draw them out as far as you can. If the character dies, take the next one and shoot at them from a distance to get them out of the area and into the previous part of the base you just cleared out. Then, cancel solo mode. Try to get one of them to chase you. Go near one of the areas where you had to open an ancient box. The ancient control panel should be circular, and if you get the Sith to circle it a few times while chasing you, both you and him should get further apart. You can now turn to shoot with Rapid Shot or Sniper Shot while he is trying to get near you again. When you turn to fight, your allies should be up and have low health. You can restore them if desired. Take the opportunity to shoot at the single Sith if your teammate has it occupied. If he does not, simply run around the structure again until the distance is acceptable and blast him again until he is defeated. Having Mandalore is advisable, because he is a master with blasters and this makes it easier to defeat the Sith. After he dies, get another Sith to follow you. Repeat this process until all of them die. By doing this, you or your party can gang up on one Sith. With a three versus one battle (if your party is up), even though the Sith is stronger, he should be thoroughly outmatched. If your party does not divert the Sith's attention, you can still runabout the circle-like panel and take the time now and again to shoot him until he dies. This is much better then going into the room, being sealed in, and having your party massacred. Also, you can set the game play setting to easy in the menu. Doing these things should make your opponents mere nuisances. After this, return to the tomb area, ask the Madalorian to explore the area, open the tomb, and take the items (which includes Freedon Nadd's short lightsaber). Then, ask the Mandolorian to leave. You will then be returned to your main character for the second mission.

  • Battle circle on Onderon

    When you travel to Onderon, you will be forced to land on Dxun. Once you make your way through the jungle, you will find the Mandalorian camp. Search around and you will find the battle circle. Talk to one of the Mandalorinas there to enter it. They will brief you on the rules. Once you win all the battles you can, you will be told that if you want to battle again you must find a Mandalorian willing to sponsor you. Make your way back to the jungle and you will find the Mandalorian willing to sponsor you. He is in a tunnel that has different routes to take and he is red. Do his mission and he will then sponsor you. Ironically, this is the Mandalorian you will fight. So when you fight him, you get to use all your weapons. Break any rule and you will be told that you cheated. However, the Mandalorian will still fight you. Now your party mambers will join in, and you can take him out together. After you defeat him, the Mandalorian that told you that cheated earlier now says you won. Note: You can do this with all the characters. Also, you only get two warnings if you break their rules. If you do it a third time you will be disqualified and not be able to participate at all in the battle circle throughout your game.

  • Defeating mining robots on Peragus

    On Peragus, you will have to deal with a lot of out of control mining robots in several areas. An easy way to defeat them is with the Plasma Tourch. It has a low damage rate against normal enemies, but its fine against robots, locked containers, locked doors, and even busted doors. Make sure you also keep this weapon and never sell it, as it will be useful in many areas of the game. Also, you will not get many credits for selling it.

  • Lost bomb on The Ravanger

    When you are onboard the Ravanger, one mission will involve planting bombs in four different areas of the ship. At the end when you get to the fourth one, a screen with Kex will appear. He will be upset and say "We have failed, we have lost the last bomb". Knowing that, you have to either must find or make a new one. To find the bomb, go to the weapon hold where all the torpedoes are located. Inside will be security terminal. This will allow you to open the hatch of a torpedo and get the bomb that is inside. Later, return to the last destination and place it. You must then run out whichever way you came and escape while the Ravanger explodes.

  • Easy experience on Telos

    At the Exchange door is a Rodian guard. If you choose to kill him, you will get Dark side points and experience. Kill him, get a journal entry, then go back. He should be there again. Kill him and you will get no Dark side points but some experience points. This will happen at least two to four times.

  • Distraction and kill on Telos

    When you crash land on the surface of Telos, you will encounter a lot of people in a small section of an area with buildings. An easy way to kill everyone is to make sure your party is behind you as you fight an enemy. When it gets to you and one other person, your party will just let you go one-on-one with the person while they fire at some other group. Make sure you take a slightly longer than needed to fight this person. Then, when you are done, attack the group that your party was firing at. Once you do this, your party usually is all dead except for you. You will have to fight what remains of the group solo. Normally, Atton Rand gets up with a low amount of health and starts shooting at another enemy. Once you are done with the group you are fighting at the moment, go to the one that Atton is shooting at. Keep repeating this process.

  • Gaining shields from Bao-Dur on Telos

    While on Telos with Bao-dur, find a container and put any shields that you have inside it. Begin a conversation with Bao-Dur. Ask him to make shields for you. Keep asking him to do so until he will not make anymore. Put them in the container. Repeat this until you feel you have enough, then take all your shields from the container and move on. This is useful for extra credits and components. Note: Any time you return to Citadel Station and Bao-Dur is in your party, he will make shields for you, even after you have constructed your lightsaber.

  • Defeating the Handmaidens on Telos

    When dueling the Handmaidens on Telos, you can use Force Whirlwind to defeat them. For some reason it does not stop the fight.

  • Opening doors on Telos - Military Base

    To open the doors on Telos, first get the codes to the ship. They are found in a cache near some dead robots. Go to the small white building on the right after you find the codes. There will be a computer terminal. Use the command: [Computer] Unlock Bay Door. After you open the doors, you must fight a giant robot. To defeat the robot, use the Plasma Torch while it is distracted by your party members. Make sure you use a lot of Medpacks on yourself. If you believe your character is going to die, switch the weapon to someone else in your party. Another way to defeat the robot is to throw frag or any grenades at it first, then use a double bladed sword while its back is turned. This may take several strikes of three to eight.

  • Defeating the giant battle droid on Telos - Military Base

    To defeat the droid inside the shuttle bay, place mines in front of the huge bay doors. At least ten are recommended. Keep placing them in a diagonal path heading counter-clockwise to the shuttle. If it survives your mines after it comes out of its room, it will be heavily damaged and can be easily defeated.

  • Cheat Codes

    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "swkotor2.ini" file in the game folder. Scroll to the "GAME OPTIONS" section and add the following line:


    Save the file and start the game. While playing the game, press ~, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: A console window will not appear. Press [Tab] to list all console commands.

    Result Cheat Code
    Heal selected character's health and Force
    100 Med Kitsgivemed
    100 Advance Repair Kitsgiverepair
    100 Armorgivesitharmour
    100 Computer Spikesgivecomspikes
    100 Section Spikesgivesecspikes
    All limited use items never expireinfiniteuses
    Add experienceaddexp [number]
    Add indicated number of levelsaddlevel [number]
    Add Light side pointsaddlightside [number]
    Add Dark side pointsadddarkside [number]
    Get additional creditsgivecredits [number]
    Show exact location on mapwhereami
    Travel to indicated mapwarp [map name]
    Press M to show entire maprevealmap
    Set "Computer Use" skillsetcomputeruse[1-99]
    Set "Demolitions" skillsetdemolitions[1-99]
    Set "Stealth" skillsetstealth[1-99]
    Set "Awareness" skillsetawareness[1-99]
    Set "Persuade" skillsetpersuade[1-99]
    Set "Repair" skillsetrepair[1-99]
    Set "Security" skillsetsecurity[1-99]
    Set "Treat Injury" skillsettreatinjury[1-99]
    Set "Strength" attributesetstrength[1-99]
    Set "Dexterity" attributesetdexterity[1-99]
    Set "Construction" attributesetconstitution[1-99]
    Set "Intelligence" attributesetintelligence[1-99]
    Set "Wisdom" attributesetwisdom[1-99]
    Set "Charisma" attributesetcharisma[1-99]
    Press W or S to move faster; repeat to disableturbo
    Restart mini-games, if you loserestartminigame
    Turn darkness into brightnessbright
    Spawn indicated itemgiveitem [item name]

  • Item names

    Use one of the following values with the "giveitem [item name]" code:

    Item Code
    Safety Harness 100_belt01
    Telos Mining Shield 100_fore01
    Survey Gear 100_mask01
    ?'s Armband a_band_c01
    Nomi's Armband a_band_x01
    Vao Armband a_band_x02
    Ludo Kressh's Armband a_band_x03
    Adrenaline Amplifier a_belt_01
    Cardio-Regulator a_belt_02
    Stealth Field Generator a_belt_03
    Czerka Utility Belt a_belt_04
    Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier a_belt_05
    Aratech SD Belt a_belt_06
    Strength Enhancer a_belt_07
    Systech Cardio-Regulator a_belt_08
    Hyper Adrenaline Amplifier a_belt_09
    Exchange Shadow Caster a_belt_10
    Inertial Inhibitor a_belt_11
    Electrical Capacitance Shield a_belt_12
    Thermal Shield Generator a_belt_13
    Eriadu Stealth Unit a_belt_14
    CNS Strength Enhancer a_belt_15
    Exchange Utility Belt a_belt_16
    Immunity Belt a_belt_17
    Adrenaline Stimulator a_belt_18
    Nerve Amplifier Belt a_belt_19
    Jal Shey Belt a_belt_20
    Multishield Generator a_belt_21
    Defel Mimicker a_belt_22
    Frozian Scout Belt a_belt_23
    Tech Specialist Belt a_belt_24
    Aratech Cardio-Regulator a_belt_25
    GNS Strength Enhancer a_belt_26
    Qel-Droma Belt a_belt_27
    Immortality Belt a_belt_28
    Aratech Echo Belt a_belt_29
    Jal Shey Mentor Belt a_belt_30
    Insulated Gloves a_gloves_01
    Exchange Casual Gloves a_gloves_02
    Taris Survival Gloves a_gloves_04
    Accuracy Gloves a_gloves_05
    Gamorrean Gauntlets a_gloves_06
    Exchange Work Gloves a_gloves_07
    Czerka Defensive Gauntlets a_gloves_08
    Detonator Gloves a_gloves_09
    Unarmed Accuracy Gloves a_gloves_10
    Infiltrator Gloves a_gloves_11
    Jal Shey Perception Gloves a_gloves_12
    Gamorrean Wargloves a_gloves_13
    Eriadu Strength Amplifier a_gloves_14
    Karakan Gauntlets a_gloves_15
    Bothan Precision Gloves a_gloves_16
    Sith Power Gauntlets a_gloves_17
    Gamorrean Power Gauntlets a_gloves_18
    Nagai Combat Gloves a_gloves_19
    Kubaz Scoundrel Gloves a_gloves_20
    Automation Gloves a_gloves_21
    Jal Shey Meditation Gloves a_gloves_22
    Echani Accuracy Gloves a_gloves_23
    Zeison Sha Gloves a_gloves_24
    Dominator Gauntlets a_gloves_25
    Nikto Soldier Gloves a_gloves_26
    Ossluk's Gloves a_gloves_27
    Disruption Gloves a_gloves_28
    Improved Automation Gloves a_gloves_29
    Lightning Gloves a_gloves_30
    Battle Armor a_heavy_01
    Heavy Battle Armor a_heavy_02
    Echani Heavy Armor a_heavy_03
    Durasteel Heavy Armor a_heavy_04
    Powered Battle Armor a_heavy_05
    Flex Heavy Armor a_heavy_06
    Mandalorian Battle Armor a_heavy_07
    Mandalorian Heavy Armor a_heavy_08
    Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh a_heavy_09
    Mandalorian Assault Armor a_heavy_10
    Corellian Powersuit a_heavy_11
    M'uhk'gfa a_heavy_12
    Iotran Braceman Armor a_heavy_13
    Felenar Armor a_heavy_14
    Matrix Armor a_heavy_15
    Mandalore's Armor a_heavy_x01
    Neural Band a_helmet_01
    Breath Mask a_helmet_02
    Rakatan Band a_helmet_03
    Stealth Field Enhancer a_helmet_04
    Bothan Perception Visor a_helmet_05
    Sonic Nullifiers a_helmet_06
    Interface Band a_helmet_07
    Targeting Visor a_helmet_08
    Shielding Visor a_helmet_09
    Spacer's Sensor a_helmet_10
    Regal Visor a_helmet_11
    Meditation Band a_helmet_12
    Bothan Sensory Visor a_helmet_13
    Arkanian Blinders a_helmet_14
    Combat Sensor a_helmet_15
    Multi-spectral Target Assessor a_helmet_16
    Consciousness Helm a_helmet_17
    Rebreather Mask a_helmet_18
    Das'skar Hunting Mask a_helmet_19
    Force Mask a_helmet_20
    Sith Mask a_helmet_21
    Stabilizer Mask a_helmet_22
    Matukai Meditation Band a_helmet_23
    Target Assessor a_helmet_24
    Circlet of Saresh a_helmet_25
    Bindo's Band a_helmet_26
    Enchanced Shielding Visor a_helmet_27
    Force Shield a_helmet_28
    Absorption Visor a_helmet_29
    Force Focusing Visor a_helmet_30
    Khoonda Militia Armor a_khoonda
    Light Combat Suit a_light_01
    Combat Suit a_light_02
    Heavy Combat Suit a_light_03
    Mandalorian Combat Suit a_light_04
    Zabrak Combat Suit a_light_05
    Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit a_light_06
    Echani Light Armor a_light_07
    Massassi Ceremonial Armor a_light_08
    Mandalorian Heavy Suit a_light_09
    Zabrak Battle Armor a_light_10
    Ubese Environmental Suit a_light_11
    Echani Shield Suit a_light_12
    Reinforced Fiber Armor a_light_13
    Zabrak Field Armor a_light_14
    Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit a_light_15
    Atton's Ribbed Jacket a_light_x02
    Electromesh Suit a_light_x08
    Mira's Ballistic Mesh Jacket a_light_x09
    Military Suit a_medium_01
    Light Battle Armor a_medium_02
    Echani Battle Armor a_medium_03
    Cinnagar War Suit a_medium_04
    Sith Battle Suit a_medium_05
    Bronzium Light Battle Armor a_medium_06
    Verpine Fiber Mesh a_medium_07
    Krath Heavy Armor a_medium_08
    Powered Light Battle Armor a_medium_09
    Krath Holy Battle Suit a_medium_10
    Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit a_medium_11
    Heavy Cinnagar War Suit a_medium_12
    Verpine Fiber Ultramesh a_medium_13
    Electromesh Armor a_medium_14
    Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor a_medium_15
    Clothing a_robe_01
    Padawan Robe a_robe_02
    Dark Padawan Robe a_robe_03
    Baran Do Novice Robe a_robe_04
    Matukai Apprentice Robe a_robe_05
    Zeison Sha Initiate Armor a_robe_06
    Jal Shey Neophyte Armor a_robe_07
    Jedi Robe a_robe_08
    Dark Jedi Robe a_robe_09
    Norris Robe a_robe_10
    Jal Shey Advisor Armor a_robe_11
    Gray Jedi Robe a_robe_12
    Jedi Knight Robe a_robe_13
    Dark Jedi Knight Robe a_robe_14
    Matukai Adept Robe a_robe_15
    Zeison Sha Warrior Armor a_robe_16
    Jedi Master Robe a_robe_17
    Dark Jedi Master Robe a_robe_18
    Baran Do Sage Robe a_robe_19
    Jal Shey Mentor Armor a_robe_20
    Ossus Keeper Robe a_robe_21
    Natth Cowling a_robe_22
    Arca Jeth's Robe a_robe_23
    Aleema Keto's Robe a_robe_24
    Sylvar's Robe a_robe_25
    Darth Malak's Armor a_robe_26
    Jolee's Robe a_robe_27
    Thon's Robe a_robe_28
    Crado's Robe a_robe_29
    Nomi's Robe a_robe_30
    Handmaiden's Robe a_robe_x01
    Energy Shield a_shield_01
    Mandalorian Melee Shield a_shield_02
    Arkanian Energy Shield a_shield_03
    Echani Shield a_shield_04
    Mandalorian Power Shield a_shield_05
    Echani Dueling Shield a_shield_06
    Verpine Prototype Shield a_shield_07
    Broken Item brokenitem
    Chemicals chem_00001
    Comlink comlink
    Components compont_00001
    Droid Impact Armor Mark I d_armor_01
    Droid Modular Plating Mark I d_armor_02
    Droid Impact Armor Mark II d_armor_03
    Droid Desh Plating d_armor_04
    Droid Impact Armor Mark III d_armor_05
    Droid Modular Plating Mark II d_armor_06
    Droid Modular Plating Mark III d_armor_07
    Droid Agrinium Armor d_armor_08
    Droid Dura Plating Mark I d_armor_09
    Droid Quadranium Armor d_armor_10
    Droid Dura Plating Mark II d_armor_11
    Droid Diatium Plating d_armor_12
    Droid Energized Armor Mark I d_armor_13
    Droid Energized Armor Mark II d_armor_14
    Droid Energized Armor Mark III d_armor_15
    Droid Neural Pacifier d_device_01
    Droid Repulsor d_device_02
    Droid Flame Thrower d_device_03
    Droid Toxin Emitter d_device_04
    Droid Neural Scrambler d_device_05
    Droid Ion Striker d_device_06
    Droid Molten Cannon d_device_07
    Droid Carbonite Projector d_device_08
    Droid Plasma Thrower d_device_09
    Droid Bio-Assault Spray d_device_10
    Droid Carbonite Emitter d_device_11
    Droid Ion Blast Mark I d_device_12
    Droid Ion Blast Mark II d_device_13
    Droid Ion Blast Mark III d_device_14
    Droid Multi-spectral Emitter d_device_15
    Droid Stealth Booster d_g0t0_01
    Droid Omniscience Unit d_g0t0_02
    Droid Singulararity Projector d_g0t0_03
    Goto Targeting Module d_g0t0_04
    Droid Assasin's Rifle d_hk47_01
    Droid Capacitor Armor d_hk47_02
    Droid Assassination Module d_hk47_03
    Droid Optimized Interface d_interface_01
    Droid Stabilization Subroutine d_interface_02
    Droid Machine Interface d_interface_03
    Droid Lockout Bypass d_interface_04
    Droid Parabolic Guides d_interface_05
    Droid Motivator Booster d_interface_06
    Droid Durability Upgrade d_interface_07
    Droid Agility Upgrade d_interface_08
    Droid Wisdom Upgrade d_interface_09
    Droid Exchange Interface d_interface_10
    Droid Remote Interface d_interface_11
    Droid Anatomy Library d_interface_12
    Droid Scavenger Upgrade d_interface_13
    Droid Source Ripper d_interface_14
    Droid Systems Upgrade d_interface_15
    Droid Deflector Mark I d_shield_01
    Droid Deflector Mark II d_shield_02
    Droid Defense Barrier d_shield_03
    Droid Energy Collector d_shield_04
    Droid Deflector Mark III d_shield_05
    Droid Unity Grid d_shield_06
    Droid Shock Arm d_t3m4_01
    Droid Self-Sustaining Unit d_t3m4_02
    Droid Renewable Shield d_t3m4_03
    Droid Motion Tracker d_tool_01
    Droid Upgrade Slot d_tool_02
    Droid Surveillance Upgrade d_tool_03
    Droid Advanced Upgrade Slot d_tool_04
    Droid Reference Database d_tool_05
    Droid System Fortification d_tool_06
    Droid Fighting Upgrade d_tool_07
    Droid Perception Sensors d_tool_08
    Droid Memory Upgrade d_tool_09
    Droid Warfare Upgrade d_tool_10
    Droid Battle Upgrade d_tool_11
    Droid CERS d_tool_12
    Droid CESS d_tool_13
    Droid CEPB d_tool_14
    Droid Micro-Optics d_tool_15
    Reflex Package e_imp1_01
    Pheromone Package e_imp1_02
    Cardio Package e_imp1_03
    Strength Package e_imp1_04
    Response Package e_imp1_05
    Fitness Package e_imp1_06
    Skills Package e_imp1_07
    Health Package e_imp1_08
    Physical Boost Package e_imp1_09
    Mental Boost Package e_imp1_10
    Retinal Combat Implant e_imp2_01
    Lornan Implant e_imp2_02
    Biotech Implant e_imp2_03
    Power Implant e_imp2_04
    Alacrity Implant e_imp2_05
    Insight Implant e_imp2_06
    Skills Implant e_imp2_07
    Durability Implant e_imp2_08
    Physical Boost Implant e_imp2_09
    Mental Boost Implant e_imp2_10
    Bio-Antidote System e_imp3_01
    Nerve Enhancement System e_imp3_02
    Reaction System e_imp3_03
    Advanced Combat System e_imp3_04
    Bavakar Strength System e_imp3_05
    Cardio Power System e_imp3_06
    Skills System e_imp3_07
    Numbness System e_imp3_08
    Physical Boost System e_imp3_09
    Mental Boost System e_imp3_10
    Strength D-Package e_imp4_01
    Immunity D-Package e_imp4_02
    Perception D-Package e_imp4_03
    Enhancement D-Package e_imp4_04
    Immortality D-Package e_imp4_05
    Quickness D-Package e_imp4_06
    Skills D-Package e_imp4_07
    Universal D-Package e_imp4_08
    Physical Boost D-Package e_imp4_09
    Mental Boost D-Package e_imp4_10
    Armored Flight Suit g_a_armrdfsuit
    Clothing g_a_clothes01
    Clothing Variant 09 g_a_clothes010
    Clothing Variant Czerka g_a_clothes011
    Clothing Variant 11 g_a_clothes012
    Clothing Variant 02 g_a_clothes02
    Clothing Variant 03 g_a_clothes03
    Clothing Variant 04 g_a_clothes04
    Clothing Variant 05 g_a_clothes05
    Clothing Variant 06 g_a_clothes06
    Clothing Variant 01 g_a_clothes07
    Clothing Variant 07 g_a_clothes08
    Clothing Variant 08 g_a_clothes09
    Blowtorch g_d_blowtrch01
    Advanced Blowtorch g_d_blowtrch02
    Fire Suppression System g_d_firesupres01
    Dancer's Outfit g_danceroutfit
    Adrenal Strength g_i_adrnaline001
    Adrenal Alacrity g_i_adrnaline002
    Adrenal Stamina g_i_adrnaline003
    Hyper-adrenal Strength g_i_adrnaline004
    Hyper-adrenal Alacrity g_i_adrnaline005
    Hyper-adrenal Stamina g_i_adrnaline006
    Aesthetic Item g_i_asthitem001
    Bith Guitar g_i_bithitem001
    Bith Clarinet g_i_bithitem002
    Bith Trombone g_i_bithitem003
    Bith Accordian g_i_bithitem004
    Battle Stimulant g_i_cmbtshot001
    Hyper-battle Stimulant g_i_cmbtshot002
    Echani Battle Stimulant g_i_cmbtshot003
    Credits g_i_credits001
    Credits g_i_credits002
    Credits g_i_credits003
    Credits g_i_credits004
    Credits g_i_credits005
    Credits g_i_credits006
    Credits g_i_credits007
    Credits g_i_credits008
    Credits g_i_credits009
    Credits g_i_credits010
    Credits g_i_credits011
    Credits g_i_credits012
    Credits g_i_credits013
    Credits g_i_credits014
    Credits g_i_credits015
    Datapad g_i_datapad001
    Repair Kit g_i_drdrepeqp001
    Advanced Repair Kit g_i_drdrepeqp002
    Construction Kit g_i_drdrepeqp003
    Medpac g_i_medeqpmnt01
    Advanced Medpac g_i_medeqpmnt02
    Life Support Pack g_i_medeqpmnt03
    Antidote Kit g_i_medeqpmnt04
    Squad Recovery Stim g_i_medeqpmnt08
    Parts g_i_parts01
    Pazaak Card +1 g_i_pazcard_001
    Pazaak Card +2 g_i_pazcard_002
    Pazaak Card +3 g_i_pazcard_003
    Pazaak Card +4 g_i_pazcard_004
    Pazaak Card +5 g_i_pazcard_005
    Pazaak Card +6 g_i_pazcard_006
    Pazaak Card -1 g_i_pazcard_007
    Pazaak Card -2 g_i_pazcard_008
    Pazaak Card -3 g_i_pazcard_009
    Pazaak Card -4 g_i_pazcard_010
    Pazaak Card -5 g_i_pazcard_011
    Pazaak Card -6 g_i_pazcard_012
    Pazaak Card +/-1 g_i_pazcard_013
    Pazaak Card +/-2 g_i_pazcard_014
    Pazaak Card +/-3 g_i_pazcard_015
    Pazaak Card +/-4 g_i_pazcard_016
    Pazaak Card +/-5 g_i_pazcard_017
    Pazaak Card +/-6 g_i_pazcard_018
    Pazaak Card +/- 1/2 g_i_pazcard_019
    Pazaak Card Double g_i_pazcard_020
    Pazaak Card Tie Breaker g_i_pazcard_021
    Pazaak Card Flip 2&4 g_i_pazcard_022
    Pazaak Card Flip 3&6 g_i_pazcard_023
    Pazaak Deck g_i_pazdeck
    Pazaak Side Deck g_i_pazsidebd001
    Keycard g_i_pltuseitm01
    Computer Spike g_i_progspike01
    Security Tunneler g_i_secspike01
    Security Spike Tunneler g_i_secspike02
    Minor Flash Mine g_i_trapkit001
    Average Flash Mine g_i_trapkit002
    Blinding Flash Mine g_i_trapkit003
    Minor Frag Mine g_i_trapkit004
    Average Frag Mine g_i_trapkit005
    Deadly Frag Mine g_i_trapkit006
    Minor Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit007
    Average Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit008
    Deadly Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit009
    Minor Gas Mine g_i_trapkit010
    Average Gas Mine g_i_trapkit011
    Deadly Gas Mine g_i_trapkit012
    Minor Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit013
    Average Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit014
    Deadly Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit015
    Strong Flash Mine g_i_trapkit016
    Devastating Flash Mine g_i_trapkit017
    Strong Frag Mine g_i_trapkit018
    Devastating Frag Mine g_i_trapkit019
    Strong Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit020
    Devastating Plasma Mine g_i_trapkit021
    Strong Gas Mine g_i_trapkit022
    Devastating Gas Mine g_i_trapkit023
    Strong Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit024
    Devastating Sonic Mine g_i_trapkit025
    Scope g_i_upgrade001
    Improved Energy Cell g_i_upgrade002
    Beam Splitter g_i_upgrade003
    Hair Trigger g_i_upgrade004
    Armor Reinforcement g_i_upgrade005
    Mesh Underlay g_i_upgrade006
    Vibration Cell g_i_upgrade007
    Durasteel Bonding Alloy g_i_upgrade008
    Energy Projector g_i_upgrade009
    Wrist Launcher g_i_wristlaunch
    Adhesive Grenade g_w_adhsvgren001
    CryoBan Grenade g_w_cryobgren001
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Blue) g_w_dblsbr001
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Red) g_w_dblsbr002
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Green) g_w_dblsbr003
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Yellow) g_w_dblsbr004
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Purple) g_w_dblsbr005
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Bronze) g_w_dblsbr007
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Orange) g_w_dblsbr008
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Silver) g_w_dblsbr009
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (White) g_w_dblsbr010
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Viridian) g_w_dblsbr011
    Dark Jedi Lightsaber g_w_drkjdisbr001
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber g_w_drkjdisbr002
    Plasma Grenade g_w_firegren001
    Frag Grenade g_w_fraggren01
    Ion Grenade g_w_iongren01
    Lightsaber (Blue) g_w_lghtsbr01
    Lightsaber (Red) g_w_lghtsbr02
    Lightsaber (Green) g_w_lghtsbr03
    Lightsaber (Yellow) g_w_lghtsbr04
    Lightsaber (Purple) g_w_lghtsbr05
    Lightsaber (Bronze) g_w_lghtsbr07
    Lightsaber (Orange) g_w_lghtsbr08
    Lightsaber (Silver) g_w_lghtsbr09
    Lightsaber (White) g_w_lghtsbr10
    Lightsaber (Viridian) g_w_lghtsbr11
    Poison Grenade g_w_poisngren01
    Short Lightsaber (Blue) g_w_shortsbr01
    Short Lightsaber (Red) g_w_shortsbr02
    Short Lightsaber (Green) g_w_shortsbr03
    Short Lightsaber (Yellow) g_w_shortsbr04
    Short Lightsaber (Purple) g_w_shortsbr05
    Short Lightsaber (Bronze) g_w_shortsbr07
    Short Lightsaber (Orange) g_w_shortsbr08
    Short Lightsaber (Silver) g_w_shortsbr09
    Short Lightsaber (White) g_w_shortsbr10
    Short Lightsaber (Viridian) g_w_shortsbr11
    Minor Sonic Detonator g_w_sonicdet01
    Sonic Detonator g_w_sonicdet02
    Sonic Grenade g_w_sonicgren01
    Concussion Grenade g_w_stungren01
    Thermal Detonator g_w_thermldet01
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber g1_w_dblsbr001
    Double-Bladed Lightsaber g1_w_dblsbr002
    Lightsaber g1_w_lghtsbr01
    Lightsaber g1_w_lghtsbr02
    Unknown g1_w_sbrcrstl21
    Short Lightsaber g1_w_shortsbr01
    Short Lightsaber g1_w_shortsbr02
    HK Droid Processor hkpart01
    HK Chassis hkpart02
    HK Control Cluster hkpart03
    HK Vocabulator hkpart04
    HK Protocol Pacifist Package hkpart05
    KillBlaster killblaster
    Lightsaber Energy Cell Fixture lspart01
    Lightsaber Emitter Fixture lspart02
    Lightsaber Focusing Lens Fixture lspart03
    Miner Uniform mineruniform
    Mining Laser mininglaser
    Crystal 01_VD qcrystal_1_0
    Crystal 01_D qcrystal_1_1
    Crystal 01_N qcrystal_1_2
    Crystal 01_L qcrystal_1_3
    Crystal 01_VL qcrystal_1_4
    Crystal 02_VD qcrystal_2_0
    Crystal 02_D qcrystal_2_1
    Crystal 02_N qcrystal_2_2
    Crystal 02_L qcrystal_2_3
    Crystal 02_VL qcrystal_2_4
    Crystal 03_VD qcrystal_3_0
    Crystal 03_D qcrystal_3_1
    Crystal 03_N qcrystal_3_2
    Crystal 03_L qcrystal_3_3
    Crystal 03_VL qcrystal_3_4
    Crystal 04_VD qcrystal_4_0
    Crystal 04_D qcrystal_4_1
    Crystal 04_N qcrystal_4_2
    Crystal 04_L qcrystal_4_3
    Crystal 04_VL qcrystal_4_4
    Crystal 05_VD qcrystal_5_0
    Crystal 05_D qcrystal_5_1
    Crystal 05_N qcrystal_5_2
    Crystal 05_L qcrystal_5_3
    Crystal 05_VL qcrystal_5_4
    Crystal 06_VD qcrystal_6_0
    Crystal 06_D qcrystal_6_1
    Crystal 06_N qcrystal_6_2
    Crystal 06_L qcrystal_6_3
    Crystal 06_VL qcrystal_6_4
    Crystal 07_VD qcrystal_7_0
    Crystal 07_D qcrystal_7_1
    Crystal 07_N qcrystal_7_2
    Crystal 07_L qcrystal_7_3
    Crystal 07_VL qcrystal_7_4
    Crystal 08_VD qcrystal_8_0
    Crystal 08_D qcrystal_8_1
    Crystal 08_N qcrystal_8_2
    Crystal 08_L qcrystal_8_3
    Crystal 08_VL qcrystal_8_4
    Crystal 09_VD qcrystal_9_0
    Crystal 09_D qcrystal_9_1
    Crystal 09_N qcrystal_9_2
    Crystal 09_L qcrystal_9_3
    Crystal 09_VL qcrystal_9_4
    Heat Shielding Mark I u_a_over_01
    Armorply Plating Mark I u_a_over_02
    Sound Dampening Overlay Mark I u_a_over_03
    Ablative Plating Mark I u_a_over_04
    Energy Shielding Mark I u_a_over_05
    Ballistic Shielding Mark I u_a_over_06
    Bonded Plates Mark I u_a_over_07
    Heavy Bonded Plates Mark I u_a_over_08
    Heat Shielding Mark II u_a_over_09
    Armorply Plating Mark II u_a_over_10
    Sound Dampening Overlay Mark II u_a_over_11
    Ablative Plating Mark II u_a_over_12
    Energy Shielding Mark II u_a_over_13
    Ballistic Shielding Mark II u_a_over_14
    Bonded Plates Mark II u_a_over_15
    Heavy Bonded Plates Mark II u_a_over_16
    Heat Shielding Mark III u_a_over_17
    Armorply Plating Mark III u_a_over_18
    Sound Dampening Overlay Mark III u_a_over_19
    Ablative Plating Mark III u_a_over_20
    Energy Shielding Mark III u_a_over_21
    Ballistic Shielding Mark III u_a_over_22
    Bonded Plates Mark III u_a_over_23
    Heavy Bonded Plates Mark III u_a_over_24
    Heat Shielding Mark IV u_a_over_25
    Armorply Plating Mark IV u_a_over_26
    Sound Dampening Overlay Mark IV u_a_over_27
    Ablative Plating Mark IV u_a_over_28
    Energy Shielding Mark IV u_a_over_29
    Bonded Plates Mark IV u_a_over_30
    Environment Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_01
    Biorestorative Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_02
    Armorweave Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_03
    Strengthening Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_04
    Flexible Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_05
    Durasteel Underlay Mark I u_a_unde_06
    Environment Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_07
    Biorestorative Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_08
    Armorweave Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_09
    Strengthening Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_10
    Flexible Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_11
    Durasteel Underlay Mark II u_a_unde_12
    Environment Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_13
    Biorestorative Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_14
    Armorweave Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_15
    Strengthening Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_16
    Flexible Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_17
    Durasteel Underlay Mark III u_a_unde_18
    Environment Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_19
    Biorestorative Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_20
    Armorweave Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_21
    Strengthening Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_22
    Flexible Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_23
    Durasteel Underlay Mark IV u_a_unde_24
    Environment Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_25
    Biorestorative Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_26
    Armorweave Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_27
    Strengthening Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_28
    Flexible Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_29
    Durasteel Underlay Mark V u_a_unde_30
    Discharge Energy Cell u_l_cell_01
    Diatium Energy Cell u_l_cell_02
    Ion Energy Cell u_l_cell_03
    Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark I u_l_cell_04
    Improved Discharge Energy Cell u_l_cell_05
    Improved Diatium Energy Cell u_l_cell_06
    Improved Ion Energy Cell u_l_cell_07
    Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark II u_l_cell_08
    Superior Discharge Energy Cell u_l_cell_09
    Superior Diatium Energy Cell u_l_cell_10
    Superior Ion Energy Cell u_l_cell_11
    Telgorn Jolt Cell Mark III u_l_cell_12
    Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell u_l_cell_13
    Crystal, Blue u_l_colo_01
    Crystal, Green u_l_colo_02
    Crystal, Yellow u_l_colo_03
    Crystal, Red u_l_colo_04
    Crystal, Violet u_l_colo_05
    Crystal, Cyan u_l_colo_06
    Crystal, Silver u_l_colo_07
    Crystal, Orange u_l_colo_08
    Crystal, Viridian u_l_colo_09
    Crystal, Bronze u_l_colo_10
    Crystal, Adegan u_l_crys_01
    Crystal, Rubat u_l_crys_02
    Crystal, Ruusan u_l_crys_03
    Crystal, Nextor u_l_crys_04
    Crystal, Dragite u_l_crys_05
    Crystal, Firkrann u_l_crys_06
    Crystal, Phond u_l_crys_07
    Crystal, Bondar u_l_crys_08
    Crystal, Velmorite u_l_crys_09
    Crystal, Sigil u_l_crys_10
    Crystal, Jenruax u_l_crys_11
    Crystal, Kasha u_l_crys_12
    Crystal, Opila u_l_crys_13
    Crystal, Eralam u_l_crys_14
    Crystal, Stygium u_l_crys_15
    Crystal, Damind u_l_crys_16
    Crystal, Sapith u_l_crys_17
    Crystal, Pontite u_l_crys_18
    Crystal, Upari u_l_crys_19
    Ultima-pearl u_l_crys_20
    Crystal, Solari u_l_crys_21
    Crystal, Qixoni u_l_crys_21x
    Lorrdian Gemstone u_l_crys_22
    Barab Ore Ingot u_l_crys_23
    Ankarres Sapphire u_l_crys_24
    Crystal, Kaiburr u_l_crys_25
    Crystal, Hurrikaine u_l_crys_x23
    Deflection Emitter u_l_emit_01
    Disrupting Emitter u_l_emit_02
    Crude Phobium Emitter u_l_emit_03
    Fencing Emitter u_l_emit_04
    Improved Deflection Emitter u_l_emit_05
    Advanced Disrupting Emitter u_l_emit_06
    Synthesized Phobium Emitter u_l_emit_07
    Improved Fencing Emitter u_l_emit_08
    Expert Deflection Emitter u_l_emit_09
    Superior Disrupting Emitter u_l_emit_10
    Phobium Alloy Emitter u_l_emit_11
    Expert Fencing Emitter u_l_emit_12
    Refined Phobium Emitter u_l_emit_13
    Synthesized Kunda Lens u_l_lens_01
    Dragite Lens u_l_lens_02
    Synthesized Byrothsis Lens u_l_lens_03
    Beam Gem Lens u_l_lens_04
    Vibration Lens u_l_lens_05
    Pure Kunda Lens u_l_lens_06
    Adegan Lens u_l_lens_07
    Pure Byrothsis Lens u_l_lens_08
    Improved Beam Gem Lens u_l_lens_09
    Improved Vibration Lens u_l_lens_10
    Ossus Dueling Lens u_l_lens_11
    Pontite Lens u_l_lens_12
    Enhanced Byrothsis Lens u_l_lens_13
    Ion Cell u_m_cell_01
    Vibration Cell u_m_cell_02
    Enhanced Energy Cell u_m_cell_03
    Sonic Discharge Cell u_m_cell_04
    Ion Cell Mark II u_m_cell_05
    Vibration Cell Mark II u_m_cell_06
    Enhanced Energy Cell Mark II u_m_cell_07
    Sonic Discharge Cell Mark II u_m_cell_08
    Ion Cell Mark III u_m_cell_09
    Vibration Cell Mark III u_m_cell_10
    Enhanced Energy Cell Mark III u_m_cell_11
    Sonic Discharge Cell Mark III u_m_cell_12
    Ion Cell Mark IV u_m_cell_13
    Vibration Cell Mark IV u_m_cell_14
    Enhanced Energy Cell Mark IV u_m_cell_15
    Mild Devaronian Edge u_m_edge_01
    Basic Ionite Edge u_m_edge_02
    Basic Mullinine Edge u_m_edge_03
    Basic Neutronium Edge u_m_edge_04
    Moderate Devaronian Edge u_m_edge_05
    Improved Ionite Edge u_m_edge_06
    Improved Mullinine Edge u_m_edge_07
    Improved Neutronium Edge u_m_edge_08
    Severe Devaronian Edge u_m_edge_09
    Superior Ionite Edge u_m_edge_10
    Superior Mullinine Edge u_m_edge_11
    Superior Neutronium Edge u_m_edge_12
    Deadly Devaronian Edge u_m_edge_13
    Quadranium Edge u_m_edge_14
    Ostrine Edge u_m_edge_15
    Agrinium Grip u_m_grip_01
    Contoured Grip u_m_grip_02
    Zabrak Grip u_m_grip_03
    Basket Hilt u_m_grip_04
    Nagai Grip u_m_grip_05
    Advanced Agrinium Grip u_m_grip_06
    Advanced Contoured Grip u_m_grip_07
    Advanced Zabrak Grip u_m_grip_08
    Advanced Basket Hilt u_m_grip_09
    Advanced Nagai Grip u_m_grip_10
    Superior Agrinium Grip u_m_grip_11
    Superior Contoured Grip u_m_grip_12
    Superior Zabrak Grip u_m_grip_13
    Superior Basket Hilt u_m_grip_14
    Superior Nagai Grip u_m_grip_15
    Broadening Chamber Mark I u_r_firi_01
    Amplifying Chamber Mark I u_r_firi_02
    Precision Chamber Mark I u_r_firi_03
    Beam Splitter Mark I u_r_firi_04
    Mandalorian Chamber Mark I u_r_firi_05
    Broadened Chamber Mark II u_r_firi_06
    Amplifying Chamber Mark II u_r_firi_07
    Precision Chamber Mark II u_r_firi_08
    Beam Splitter Mark II u_r_firi_09
    Mandalorian Chamber Mark II u_r_firi_10
    Broadened Chamber Mark III u_r_firi_11
    Amplifying Chamber Mark III u_r_firi_12
    Precision Chamber Mark III u_r_firi_13
    Beam Splitter Mark III u_r_firi_14
    Mandalorian Chamber Mark III u_r_firi_15
    Ion Charger Mark I u_r_powe_01
    Power Pulsator Mark I u_r_powe_02
    Basic Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_03
    Ion Charger Mark II u_r_powe_04
    Power Pulsator Mark II u_r_powe_05
    Standard Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_06
    Ion Charger Mark III u_r_powe_07
    Power Pulsator Mark III u_r_powe_08
    Advanced Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_09
    Ion Charger Mark IV u_r_powe_10
    Power Pulsator Mark IV u_r_powe_11
    Superior Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_12
    Ion Charger Mark V u_r_powe_13
    Power Pulsator Mark V u_r_powe_14
    Pure Rylith Power Cell u_r_powe_15
    Pinpoint Scope Mark I u_r_targ_01
    Accuracy Scope Mark I u_r_targ_02
    Targeting Scope Mark I u_r_targ_03
    Crippling Scope Mark I u_r_targ_04
    Pinpoint Scope Mark II u_r_targ_05
    Accuracy Scope Mark II u_r_targ_06
    Targeting Scope Mark II u_r_targ_07
    Crippling Scope Mark II u_r_targ_08
    Pinpoint Scope Mark III u_r_targ_09
    Accuracy Scope Mark III u_r_targ_10
    Targeting Scope Mark III u_r_targ_11
    Crippling Scope Mark III u_r_targ_12
    Pinpoint Scope Mark IV u_r_targ_13
    Accuracy Scope Mark IV u_r_targ_14
    Targeting Scope Mark IV u_r_targ_15
    Vibrocutter vibrocutter
    Blaster Pistol w_blaste_01
    Ion Blaster w_blaste_02
    Field Survival Pistol w_blaste_03
    Sonic Pistol w_blaste_04
    Disruptor Pistol w_blaste_05
    Heavy Blaster w_blaste_06
    Scout Enforcer w_blaste_07
    Systech Aural Blaster w_blaste_08
    Republic Blaster w_blaste_09
    Aratech Droid Oxidizer w_blaste_10
    Arkanian Heavy Pistol w_blaste_11
    Mandalorian Blaster w_blaste_12
    Systech Static Blaster w_blaste_13
    Arkanian Sonic Blaster w_blaste_14
    Sith Disruptor w_blaste_15
    Mandalorian Heavy Blaster w_blaste_16
    Heavy Sonic Blaster w_blaste_17
    Watchman Blaster w_blaste_18
    Zabrak Blaster Pistol w_blaste_19
    Mandalorian Ripper w_blaste_20
    Aratech Ionmaster w_blaste_21
    Onasi Blaster w_blaste_22
    Dashade Sonic Blaster w_blaste_23
    Zabrak Heavy Blaster w_blaste_24
    Systech Electric Blaster w_blaste_25
    Micro-Pulse Blaster w_blaste_26
    Elite Watchman Blaster w_blaste_27
    Mandalorian Disintegrator w_blaste_28
    Dashade Sonic Disruptor w_blaste_29
    Freedon Nadd's Blaster w_blaste_30
    Luxa's Disruptor w_blaste_x05
    Remote's Blaster w_blaste_x20
    Blaster Carbine w_brifle_01
    Ion Carbine w_brifle_02
    Sonic Carbine w_brifle_03
    Blaster Rifle w_brifle_04
    Bowcaster w_brifle_05
    Repeating Blaster Carbine w_brifle_06
    Ion Rifle w_brifle_07
    Disruptor Carbine w_brifle_08
    Sonic Rifle w_brifle_09
    Repeating Blaster Rifle w_brifle_10
    War Bowcaster w_brifle_11
    Arkanian Blaster Rifle w_brifle_12
    Disruptor Rifle w_brifle_13
    Argazdan Riot Buster w_brifle_14
    Bothan Droid Disruptor w_brifle_15
    Combat Enforcer w_brifle_16
    Heavy Repeating Carbine w_brifle_17
    Plasma Projector w_brifle_18
    Mandalorian Assault Rifle w_brifle_19
    Verpine Droid Disruptor w_brifle_20
    Ceremonial Bowcaster w_brifle_21
    Heavy Repeating Rifle w_brifle_22
    Charric w_brifle_23
    Zabrak Blaster Carbine w_brifle_24
    Slavemaster Stun Carbine w_brifle_25
    Onderon Repeating Carbine w_brifle_26
    Sonic Disruptor w_brifle_27
    Mandalorian Heavy Repeater w_brifle_28
    Verpine Droid Disintegrator w_brifle_29
    Zersium Rifle w_brifle_30
    Drink In Hand w_drink_01
    Empty Hand w_emptyhnd_01
    Visas Marr's Lightsaber w_ls_x01
    Short Sword w_melee_01
    Long Sword w_melee_02
    Energy Baton w_melee_03
    Quarterstaff w_melee_04
    Vibroblade w_melee_05
    Vibrosword w_melee_06
    Double-Bladed Sword w_melee_07
    Exchange Negotiator w_melee_08
    Gamorrean War Axe w_melee_09
    Zabrak Vibroblade w_melee_10
    Rodian Blade w_melee_11
    Sith War Sword w_melee_12
    Trandoshan Sword w_melee_13
    Force Pike w_melee_14
    Vibro Double-Blade w_melee_15
    Gamorrean Cleaver w_melee_16
    Rodian Death Blade w_melee_17
    Gand Silencer w_melee_18
    Ryyk Blade w_melee_19
    Trandoshan Double-Blade w_melee_20
    Echani Vibrosword w_melee_21
    Sith Tremor Sword w_melee_22
    Gand Shockstaff w_melee_23
    Shyarn w_melee_24
    Arg'garok w_melee_25
    Geonosian Electro-Staff w_melee_26
    Tehk'la Blade w_melee_27
    Zhaboka w_melee_28
    Gand Discharger w_melee_29
    Freyyr's Warblade w_melee_30
    Handmaiden's Staff w_melee_x01
    Twi'lek Spinning Blade w_melee_x02
    Twi'lek Spinning Blade w_melee_x03
    Ludo Kressh's War Sword w_melee_x12
    Pazaak Cards In Hand w_pazaak_01
    Explosive Rocket w_rocket_01
    Tranquilizer Dart w_rocket_02
    Buster Rocket w_rocket_03
    Kyber Dart w_rocket_04
    Plasma Rocket w_rocket_05
    Poison Rocket w_rocket_06
    Poison Dart w_rocket_07
    Piercing Dart w_rocket_08
    Paralysis Dart w_rocket_09
    Ion Rocket w_rocket_10
    Concussion Rocket w_rocket_11
    Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber w_sls_x02

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