Sword Of Asumi


Easy "Asumi The Swot" achievement

When Sen takes you to Tactics class, use the following answers for the test to get a perfect score and the "Asumi The Swot" achievement:

    Answer 1: Send archers on foot first.
    Answer 2: In the back of the retreat.
    Answer 3: To smash through enemy lines.
    Answer 4: Attacking the enemy from the sides rather than the front.
    Answer 5: Attack at night-the surprise and disadvantage will throw them off.

Easy "Impressive Poetry" achievement

When you initially have the chance to choose which class to take that day, select "Poetry" instead of "Physical Training". Select the following three lines for Kami to become impressed with your poetry skills and get the "Impressive Poetry" achievement: "Thousands fight as one", "Banners speak fateful omen", "A red sky watches".

Easy "Spreading Rumours" achievement

When speaking with the lunch lady, choose the "Did you hear about Jiro and Hiro?" option to get the "Spreading Rumours" achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Asumi the Swot: Get a perfect score in Tactics with Sen.
    Completed the Game: Completed the entire game at least once.
    Death of Hikari: Completed Death of Hikari Ending.
    Dying Alone: Completed the Dying Alone Ending.
    Hikari's Unrequited Love: Completed Hikari's Unrequited Love Ending.
    Impressive Poetry: Impress Kami with your poetry skills.
    Kaori Suggestion: Suggest to Kaori she is your type too.
    Mercy if for the Weak: Completed Mercy is for the Weak Ending.
    Mineko Falls: Killed Mineko at the End.
    Obstacle Course: Came first on the Obstacle Course.
    Reckless Killing: Kill Everyone in the intro.
    Seduce and Drug: Drug the Principal for Information.
    Skipping the Intro: Skipped the intro on second playthrough.
    Spreading Rumours: You Spread Rumours about Hiro & Jiro.
    The True Assassin: Assassinate the kidnappers after they talk.
    The True Justicar: Completed the 'cannon' ending to the game.
    True Love #1: Saved the World and fell in love #1.
    True Love #2: Saved the World and fell in love #2.
    True Love #3: Saved the World and fell in love #3.
    True Love #4: Saved the World and fell in love #4.
    Try Cosplay: Try a little cosplay with Kaori.
    Utsuro Falls: Killed Utsuro at the End.
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