Unreal Tournament 2003

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Speed power-up

    When your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, tap forward (W) four times for a speed power-up.

  • Boost power-up

    When your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, tap back (S) four times to get a boost power-up.

  • Invisibility power-up

    When your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, tap right strafe (D) two times and left strafe (A) two times to get invisibility.

  • Berserk power-up

    When your adrenaline reaches 100 and it starts to flash, tap forward (W) two times and back (S) two times to get a berserk power-up.

  • Character close-up

    Enable the "behindview 1" code, then choose the Electric Sniper weapon. Click the Right Mouse Button to zoom in, and the view will focus on your character in a third person view close-up.

  • Skeletal remains

    Get killed by the fire found in the environment and your remains will be skeletal instead of flesh.

  • Redeemer weapon (demo version)

    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "user.ini" file in the "system" folder in the game directory. Add the following line:

      Z=set XWeapons.Rocketlauncher FireModeClass class'XWeapons.RedeemerFire' | set XWeapons.RedeemerFire AmmoClass Class'XWeapons.RocketAmmo'

    While playing the game, press Z, then shoot the rocket launcher to fire Redeemer ammunition from it.

  • Cheat Codes

    While playing the game in single player mode, press [Tab], then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Codes must be reactivated after each level.

    Result Cheat Code
    God modegod
    Flight modefly
    No clipping modeghost
    Disable flight and no clipping modeswalk
    Full ammunitionallammo
    All weaponsallweapons
    All weapons and full ammunitionloaded
    All botskillpawns
    Toggle third person viewbehindview [0 or 1]
    Change movement speed; default is 1.0slomo [0.1 to 2.0]
    View frame ratestat fps
    View network statusstat net
    Underwater breathingamphibious
    Toggle invisibilityinvisible [true or false]
    Teleport to crosshair locationteleport
    Win the current matchskipmatch
    Jump to a specific match; for example, 12
    is ladder 1, match 2
    jumpmatch [integer number]
    Change player size factorchangesize [floating point number]
    Toggle camera locklockcamera
    Unlock camera rotation from actorfreecamera [true or false]
    Reset camera to view player; true for quiet,
    false for sound
    viewself [true or false]
    Cycle camera through the viewable botsviewbot
    View actor currently carrying flagviewflag
    Change the camera view to indicated playerviewplayer [player]
    Change the camera view to indicated actorviewactor [player]
    Change the camera view to indicated classviewclass [player]
    Kill actor the camera is currently viewing killviewedactor
    Possess a pawn of indicated classavatar [class]
    Spawn indicated itemsummon [item]
    Set camera distance to its targetsetcameradist [floating point number]
    Set gravitational pullsetgravity [floating point number]
    Set jump heightsetjumpz [floating point number]
    Multiply player water and ground speed by
    indicated value
    setspeed [floating point number]
    Write all dynamic actors to log filelistdynamicactors
    Pause the game for indicated durationfreezeframe [floating point number]
    Set red color component of fogsetfogr [floating point number]
    Set green color component of fogsetfogg [floating point number]
    Set blue color component of fog setfogb [floating point number]
    Set the duration a screen flash takes to fade
    setflash [floating point number]
    Trigger the indicated eventcauseevent [event name]
    Toggle logging for all scripted sequenceslogsciptedsequences
    Kill all actor pawns except the playerkillpawns
    Kill everything of the indicated classkillall [class]
    Kill all pawns of the indicated classkillallpawns [class]
    Toggle the level to players onlyplayersonly
    Toggle view to indicated actorcheatview [actor]
    Write the string :"NOW!" to
    the game log
    Test jumping reviewjumpspots [transloc, jump,
    combo or lowgrav]

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