War Games: Defcon 1


  • Cheat Codes

    While playing the game, enter one of the following codes:

    Cheat Code Result
    unclejohnGod mode
    saladtossedMission select [Note 1]
    twobyfour [unit type]Build any unit [Note 2]
    chaching$10,000 added to resources
    mrmuscleIncreased armor
    bigsoftyDecreased enemy armor
    coffeeIncreased speed
    beerDecreased enemy speed
    shaftIncreased firepower
    shankDecreased enemy firepower
    morningafterFull map
    hermesFaster unit ordering
    donkeysShoot Jeeps instead of missiles
    eyeofgodEnable extra zoom level on lower-level machines
    gimmiegimmieBuild anything without a Command Center or Complex

    Note 1: Enable the code, exit the current mission, then go to the main menu, and press [Ctrl] + H + W. Now click on "Load" and select any mission.

    Note 2: Valid unit type names include dragoon, centre, defence, and other designations used in the game.

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