Absolute Supercars


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Superstar (Platinum): Unlock all Absolute Supercars Trophies.
      Credit Where Credit Is Due (Silver): Achieve a perfect Credit score in an offline race.
      Clean Credits (Bronze): Achieve the Clean Race Credit Bonus in an offline race.
      9 Lives (Bronze): Cause severe damage to a Supercar in Career mode without retiring.
      Crash Test Dummy (Bronze): Completely demolish a Supercar in an offline race.
      Not Counted Out (Silver): Start a race in 16th and finish in 1st. On or offline.
      Glued To The Track (Bronze): Complete a race without going off the track. On or offline.
      Lap Master (Bronze): Maintain first place for an entire lap. On or offline.
      No Fear! (Bronze): Go full throttle and hold off the brakes for 15 seconds in an on or offline race
      Circuit Challenge (Bronze): Win a race at Nurburgring without hitting any obstacles. On or offline.
      New Style (Bronze): Create your first new Livery.
      Styling 'n' Profiling (Silver): Take a Supercar with a personalised livery online and win.
      Race Off (Bronze): Create your first online race.
      Continental Racer (Bronze): Race online against a driver from another country.
      HUD Zen (Bronze): Win a race without the HUD. On or offline.
      Challenge Accepted (Bronze): Complete Stage 1 of Career mode with a 1st place finish in every race.
      Passport Stamped (Bronze): Complete Stage 2 of Career mode with over 6,000 Race Points.
      Up and Coming (Silver): Complete Stage 3 of Career mode with over 10,000 Race Points.
      Bound for Glory (Gold): Complete Stage 4 of Career mode with over 18,000 Race Points.
      Stage 1 Check (Bronze): Complete all Objectives in Stage 1 of Career mode.
      Stage 2 Check (Bronze): Complete all Objectives in Stage 2 of Career mode.
      Stage 3 Check (Bronze): Complete all Objectives in Stage 3 of Career mode.
      Stage 4 Check (Silver): Complete all Objectives in Stage 4 of Career mode.
      Stage 5 Check (Gold): Complete all Objectives in Stage 5 of Career mode.
      Challenger (Bronze): Finish Career mode with over 24,000 Race Points.
      Story of a Champion (Silver): Finish Career mode with over 28,000 Race Points.
      Challenge Dominated (Gold): Finish Career mode with over 32,000 Race Points.
      Looking Left (Bronze): Complete an Auto Club Speedway Oval race without turning right. On or offline.
      Who is the Fairest? (Bronze): Win a race with no side mirrors. On or offline.
      Wet Paint (Silver): Win a race in the wet, without receiving any damage. On or offline.
      Finished in First! (Bronze): Win a race crossing the line in first gear, on or offline.
      Solid Gold (Gold): Complete a Tournament event with maximum points overall (90).
      Shopaholic (Silver): Spend 100,000 Credits.
      Rebellious Victory (Silver): Win a 3 lap race at Homestead Oval without braking once. On or offline.
      Millionaire (Silver): Achieve a Credit balance of 1,000,000.

    Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

      Supercar Superstar (Gold): Win the ultimate race on or offline.

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