AFL Live 2


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Footy Fanatic (Platinum): Complete all other trophies.
      New Face (Bronze): Create a Custom Career Player in AFL Live 2
      Kicked The Six Pack (Bronze): Kick 6+ goals in a game.
      Aerial Display (Bronze): Take 3+ marks within 50 in a game.
      Bonecrunching Display (Bronze): Perform 10 tackles in a game.
      So Close Yet So Far (Bronze): Play out a draw.
      Wicked Win (Bronze): Win a game by more than 100 points. Unlocks Tru Blu Team.
      Out Of Your League (Bronze): Win a single match against a team in a higher league.
      Winning Attitude (Bronze): Finish a season in career mode with a majority of games won.
      Flawless Victory (Bronze): Finish a season without losing a game. Unlocks Tom Harley All Stars Team.
      Ton Of Fun (Bronze): End a career season where a footballer has kicked 100 or more than goals. Unlocks DC Legends Team.
      Junior Achiever (Bronze): Win the NAB Under 18 cup in competition mode. Unlocks Williamstown Stadium.
      A Good Warm Up (Bronze): Win the NAB cup in any mode.
      Tactical Victory (Bronze): Win the TAC Cup. Unlocks Port Melbourne Stadium.
      World Champ (Bronze): Win the International Cup. Unlocks Internationals for Single and Online play.
      Victorian Victors (Bronze): Win the VFL Premiership. Unlocks Heritage Guernseys.
      Best Of The Best (Bronze): Win the AFL Premiership. Unlocks Bendigo Stadium.
      Threepeat (Silver): Win the AFL Premiership 3 times during in a single career.
      Triple Threat (Gold): Win 3 AFL Premierships in a row. Unlocks Whitehorse Stadium.
      Going The Distance (Silver): Complete career mode in AFL Live 2.
      Long Hard Road (Gold): Complete career mode on hard or above manager difficulty in AFL Live 2.
      TAC Golden Boot (Silver): Top goal scorer in TAC with a player on your team.
      VFL Golden Boot (Silver): Top goal scorer in VFL with a player on your team.
      JJ Liston Winner (Silver): Have one of your players win the JJ Liston Medal.
      Morrish Medal Winner (Silver): Have one of your players win the Morrish Medal.
      McClelland Trophy (Silver): Finish top of the table in the AFL at the end of the regular season.
      Brownlow Medal Legend (Silver): Have one of your players win the Brownlow Medal. Unlocks All Stars Team.
      Coleman Medal Superstar (Silver): Have one of your players win the Coleman medal. Unlocks Victorian Team.
      Norm Smith Medal Champion (Silver): Have one of your players win the Norm Smith Medal. Unlocks TIO Stadium.
      Ron Evans Medal (Silver): One of your players win the NAB Rising Star.
      All Star Superman (Gold): Have average stats of 95 on your career player.
      Big Ego (Gold): Watch the entire game credits for AFL Live 2. Unlocks Big Head mode.
      They Are Playing Your Song (Bronze): Win an online game.
      A Win Is A Win (Bronze): Win a online game with more behinds than goals.
      The Numbers Game (Silver): Win a online game with exactly 20 goals and 13 behinds.

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