Akimi Village


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Good Samaritan (Bronze): Purify the first set of Akimi.
      Radiant (Bronze): Plant your first radiant tree.
      Department of Forestry (Bronze): Plant 5 radiant trees in one game.
      Land Reclamation Project (Bronze): Remove 1 ton of Debris.
      Akimi Liberator (Bronze): Rescue 40 Akimi in one game.
      Philanthropist (Bronze): Send 300 resources .
      Refined (Bronze): Refine 500 Resources.
      Walkabout (Bronze): The name says it all.
      One Man Moving Crew (Bronze): Keep carrying things around.
      Full Set (Silver): Have every building and component in one game.
      Johnny Appleseed (Silver): Plant 10 Radiant Trees in one game.
      Grand Dragon Gate (Silver): Build the Grand Dragon Gate.
      The Old Fashioned Way (Gold): Purify the entire island before building the Dragon Gate or Grand Dragon Gate.

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