Alien Rage


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Tenacious (Bronze): Complete single player campaign on any difficulty level.
      Hardcore (Bronze): Complete single player campaign on Brutal difficulty.
      Giant Killer (Bronze): Defeat Vorus Centurion.
      Secured (Bronze): Defeat Security Turrets.
      Showdown (Bronze): Defeat Vorus Gladiator.
      Overdrive (Bronze): Defeat Mk XII Heavy Mech.
      Gangbuster (Bronze): Defeat AA-19 Combat Mech.
      Behemoth (Bronze): Defeat GX-7 Destroyer Prototype.
      Pitching Machine (Bronze): Defeat Vorus Primus.
      Guardian (Bronze): Defeat DF9 Sentry Mech.
      Arachnophobe (Bronze): Defeat Vorus God Mech.
      Point & Shoot (Bronze): Find a new weapon.
      Armed & Completionist (Bronze): Use all weapons.
      Juiced (Bronze): Unlock first Perk.
      Can't Homidecide (Bronze): Kill an enemy with every weapon.
      When Titans Fall (Bronze): Defeat all Bosses.
      Hoarder (Bronze): Find all weapons.
      Relentless (Bronze): 1500 Total Kills.
      Utility Belt (Bronze): Unlock all player perks.
      Apex Predator (Bronze): Reach a player score of 25,000,000.

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