Birds Of Steel


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Bird of Steel (Platinum): Earn all available trophies for Birds of Steel.
      You Will Be Ace (Bronze): Destroy 4 planes in Versus mode.
      Good Start (Silver): Receive 5 medals.
      Brave Spirit (Silver): Win a battle against superior forces in Versus mode.
      Leader (Silver): Win a battle in Versus mode as the leader.
      Rookie (Bronze): Earn the second rank.
      Combat Pilot (Bronze): Earn the fifth rank.
      Half-Way (Silver): Earn the tenth rank.
      Preparing (Bronze): Complete the Pre-War chapter.
      To The Far East (Gold): Complete the American Historical campaign.
      From The Far East (Gold): Complete the Japanese Historical campaign.
      Pearl Harbor (Bronze): Complete the Japanese chapter "Attack on Pearl Harbor".
      Wake Island (Bronze): Complete the American chapter "Battle of Wake Island".
      Midway Atoll (Bronze): Complete the Japanese chapter "Battle of Midway".
      Coral Sea (Bronze): Complete the American chapter "Battle of the Coral Sea".
      Guadalcanal (Bronze): Complete the Japanese chapter "Guadalcanal Campaign".
      Winner (Bronze): Complete any Dynamic campaign.
      Malta (Bronze): Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "Siege of Malta".
      Kuban (Bronze): Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "Battle for the Kuban".
      Ruhr (Bronze): Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "Battle of Ruhr".
      New Guinea (Bronze): Complete any mission in the Single Missions chapter "New Guinea Campaign".
      It Was Easy (Bronze): Land on an aircraft carrier.
      The Italian (Silver): Fly in each Italian plane.
      The Australian (Silver): Fly in each Australian plane.
      Choose Your Favorite (Bronze): Fly in one of each country's planes.
      Make a Flight (Bronze): Complete any mission in CO-OP mode.
      New Skin (Bronze): Earn any skin for your plane.
      New Decal (Bronze): Earn any decal for your plane.
      New Record (Silver): Destroy 100 planes.
      New Weapon (Silver): Destroy 100 ground units.
      First Wave (Bronze): Destroy all vehicles on Wheeler Field in the mission "First Wave".
      Second Wave (Bronze): Bomb two different targets by one loadout in the mission "Second Wave".
      Return to Oahu (Bronze): Make "Touch and Go" on Ford Island in the mission "Return to Oahu".
      Survivor (Bronze): Land your damaged aircraft on the airfield in the mission "The Two Against Thirty-Nine".
      Second Breath (Bronze): Rearm on the airfield between attacks on hostile ships in the mission "American Counterattack".
      Blitz Attack (Bronze): Destroy 6 enemy bombers before they reach the Wake in the mission "Japanese Raid".
      Bombshell (Bronze): Damage destroyer with machine gun fire in the mission "Invasion of Tulagi".
      Sentinel (Bronze): Don't let enemy fighters destroy any bomber of your group in the mission "Attack on Lexington".
      Untouchable (Bronze): Don't die in the mission "Shokaku Defense".
      Not a Victim (Bronze): Destroy two hostile fighters with the rear gunner in the mission "To Scratch One Flat-top".
      Eagle-Eyed (Bronze): Find the TF-17 carrier fleet in the "Counterattack" mission.
      Hedgehopper (Bronze): Destroy 5 light targets on Midway Island on Simulator difficulty in the "Midway Atoll" mission.
      Defender (Bronze): Destroy 3 enemy bombers in each wave on Realistic difficulty in the "First Carrier Fleet" mission.
      Way of the Sun (Bronze): Complete the 1st secondary mission objective in the "Fate of Hiryu" mission.
      Formation Keeper (Bronze): Stay near the flight leader all the way to the enemy fleet in the "American Strike" mission.
      One of a Few (Bronze): Land on the Zuikaku at the end of the "Battle of South Pacific" mission on Realistic difficulty.
      Fast and Furious (Bronze): Complete the first objective in less than 5 minutes in the "Tulagi Landing" mission.
      Total Annihilation (Bronze): Destroy at least 20 enemy bombers in the "Battle of the Santa Cruz" mission.
      Sharp Shooter (Bronze): Destroy 5 enemy planes on Realistic difficulty in the "Battle of the Eastern Solomons" mission.
      Killer (Bronze): Kill 15 enemy infantry units in the "Battle for Henderson Field" mission.

    Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

      Take-Off (Bronze): Take off.

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