Blood Of The Werewolf



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Rookie (Bronze): Complete 1 Quest.
    Beginner (Bronze): Complete 5 Quests.
    Novice (Bronze): Complete 10 Quests.
    Amateur (Bronze): Complete 15 Quests.
    Apprentice (Bronze): Complete 20 Quests.
    Fanatic (Bronze): Complete 25 Quests.
    Adventurer (Bronze): Complete 30 Quests.
    Challenger (Bronze): Complete 35 Quests.
    Contender (Bronze): Complete 40 Quests.
    Professional (Bronze): Complete 50 Quests.
    Expert (Bronze): Complete 60 Quests.
    Wizard (Bronze): Complete 70 Quests.
    Guardian (Bronze): Complete 80 Quests.
    Champion (Silver): Complete 90 Quests.
    Master (Silver): Complete 100 Quests.
    Hero (Silver): Complete 110 Quests.
    Selena of the Wolf Clan (Silver): Complete 125 Quests.
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