Cars 2


  • Cheat mode

    Enter one of the following codes at the "Cheat" menu to activate the corresponding cheat function:

      All modes and tracks

      Enter "959595" as a code to unlock all modes and tracks.

      Infinite energy

      Enter "721953" as a code.

      Infinite turbo boosts

      Enter "921953" as a code.


      Enter "123456" as a code.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      MASTER AGENT (Platinum): Unlock 49 badges and crests.
      SMASHING (Bronze): Drive through 100 breakable objects in a single event.
      WORLD's BEST BACKWARDS DRIVER (Bronze): Drive backwards for a total of 60 seconds in a single event.
      NOTHING BUT AIR TRICKS (Silver): Complete 10 air tricks in a single event.
      SHOCK VALUE (Bronze): Use 15 turbos in a single event
      READY, SET, GO! (Bronze): Get a perfect Quick Start
      HOP-A-LONG (Bronze): Hop 20 times in a single event.
      ALL MINE! (Bronze): Earn 30 seconds of bonus time by destroying Lemons in a single Attack mode event.
      DANGEROUS CARGO (Bronze): Destroy 5 explosive trucks in a single Attack Mission.
      CAPITOL VIEW (Silver): Gain access to the upper level of a skyscraper in Tokyo Arena.
      SURVIVOR (Bronze): Get a gold trophy in a single Survivor Mission.
      DROP THE BOMB (Bronze): Knock the Disruptor out of any opponent's grasp 5 times in a single Disruptor Challenge.
      EYE IN THE SKY (Bronze): Destroy 3 Lemons with the Satellite Quake weapon in a single Hunter Mission.
      POWER SURGE (Bronze): Collect 3 bonus batteries in a single Survival Mission.
      MAKE THEM QUAKE (Silver): Hit any opponent 2 times with the Satellite Quake weapon.
      ROAD RAGE (Bronze): Bash 15 Lemons in Hunter Mode.
      JET SETTER (Bronze): Jump over an airplane's wings 3 times in Airport Arena.
      JAM YOUR GEARS (Bronze): Drive through 10 fruit stands in Italy Arena.
      ISLAND HOPPER (Silver): Use the island as a shortcut in Casino Tour.
      BUSHWACKED! (Bronze): Drive through 6 hedge sculptures in the Castle Courtyard in Hyde Tour.
      LIGHTS OUT (Bronze): Drive through 15 lamp posts in London Arena.
      SHARE THE SPOTLIGHT (Bronze): Grab the attention of the Trimaran spotlight 3 times in a single event.
      DISRUPTOR DISRUPTOR (Silver): In Disruptor Mode, destroy the opponent's base.
      TRACTOR TRIPPER (Bronze): Tip 3 tractors in a single Canyon Run, Timberline Sprint event or Radiator Springs Arena.
      HUDSON HORNET (Bronze): Drift on a drift strip for a continuous 6 seconds in a single event.
      TOKYO VANDAL (Bronze): Drive through 17 street signs in a single Tokyo race.
      RUNAWAY PANCAKE (Bronze): Collide 3 times with a landing aircraft in Runway Tour.
      TRICK MASTER (Bronze): String together 5 tricks in a single jump.
      BASH 'N' CRASH (Bronze): Side bash 100 cars.
      BULLDOZER IN A CHINA SHOP (Silver): Drive through 500 breakables.
      TAILGATER (Bronze): Spend 5 minutes drafting cars.
      IN YOUR FACE (Silver): Drive backwards for 15 minutes.
      STUNT DRIVER (Bronze): Perform 150 air tricks.
      TURBO CHARGED (Bronze): Use turbo 250 times.
      EAT MY DUST (Bronze): Get 40 perfect Quick Starts.
      AGENT - FOURTH CLASS (Bronze): Unlock any 10 badges or crests.
      AGENT - THIRD CLASS (Bronze): Unlock any 20 badges or crests.
      AGENT - SECOND CLASS (Silver): Unlock any 30 badges or crests.
      AGENT - FIRST CLASS (Silver): Unlock any 40 badges or crests.
      LEADER OF THE TRACK (Gold): Get a gold trophy in all of the C.H.R.O.M.E. Hunter Missions.
      LOCK 'N' LOAD (Bronze): Collect and use each type of weapon.
      LICENSE EXPIRED! (Bronze): Destroy 250 Lemons in Attack Mode.
      DEAD EYE (Bronze): Hit the chase car 25 times with any weapon in Survival Mode.
      SPECIAL DELIVERY (Bronze): Deliver the Disruptor 35 times in Disruptor Mode.
      DISRUPTOR INTERRUPTOR (Bronze): Knock the disruptor out of 30 opponents' grasps in Disruptor Mode.
      ROAD TRIP (Bronze): Drive 250 kilometers.
      BUMPER CAR (Bronze): Take out 50 opponents in Arena Mode.
      INTERNATIONAL CAR OF MYSTERY (Silver): Get a bronze trophy or better in every C.H.R.O.M.E. mission.
      FREQUENT FLYER (Bronze): Spend 20 minutes in the air.
      MASTER TRACKER (Gold): Collect 20 Spy Point Pick-ups.

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