Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL



  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Punchtime Explosion Pro (Platinum): Earn all trophies.
      Couch Potato (Silver): Beat Story Mode.
      Chowder Fan (Bronze): Finish the Chowder theme in story mode.
      Ben 10 Fan (Bronze): Finish the Ben 10 theme in story mode.
      Flapjack Fan (Bronze): Finish the Flapjack theme in story mode.
      KND Fan (Bronze): Finish the KND theme in story mode.
      PPG Fan (Bronze): Finish the Powerpuff Girls theme in story mode.
      Foster's Fan (Bronze): Finished the Foster's Home theme in story mode.
      Dexter's Lab Fan (Bronze): Finish the Dexter's Lab theme in story mode.
      Billy & Mandy Fan (Bronze): Finish the Grim Adventure's theme in story mode.
      Samurai Jack Fan (Bronze): Finish the Samurai Jack theme in story mode.
      No Big Deal (Silver): Beat Story Mode on the Hard difficulty setting.
      Cartoon Collector (Gold): Unlock all characters.
      Costume Collector (Gold): Unlock all costumes.
      Unreal Estate Collector (Gold): Unlock all arenas.
      Big Money! (Silver): Collect 1,000 points from a single level.
      It's over 9000! (Silver): Collect 9,001 points.
      Frenemies (Bronze): Defeat Kevin boss using Ben without dying.
      Samurai's Journey (Bronze): Defeat Aku boss using Jack without dying.
      Professional Hero (Silver): Defeat the Final boss without dying.
      "Yes!" (Bronze): Activate Ben's synergy assist.
      It's Hero Time! (Bronze): Win the Bellwood fight in story mode with Ben or Young Ben in under a minute.
      Vengeance of Vilgax (Bronze): Win five fights as Vilgax against Ben and Young Ben.
      Ugly Finish (Bronze): Score four consecutive knockouts using Kevin's PTE.
      Chicken Ball Z (Bronze): Score four knockouts after using Billy and Mandy's PTE.
      Freedom!!! (Bronze): Win the Toadblatt's level in story mode with Grim in under two minutes.
      Like a Hoss (Bronze): Win the Endsville Cemetery level in story mode with Hoss Delgado without dying.
      I am not your Boyfriend (Bronze): Activate Panini's assist while fighting against Chowder.
      Adventure! (Bronze): Win the first Flapjack Pier level in story mode with Flapjack and K'nuckles in under three minutes.
      Dexo Robo 2000 (Bronze): Score two knockouts using Dexter's PTE.
      What Does This Button Do? (Bronze): Activate DeeDee's assist while fighting against Dexter.
      AH-ha-ha! AH-ha-HA ha-ha! (Bronze): Activate Mandark's assist while fighting against Dexter.
      Dial M for Monkey (Bronze): Win ten fights as Monkey in his alternate costume.
      Way of the Samurai (Bronze): Score five knockouts after activating Jack's PTE.
      Ninjas Beat Pirates (Bronze): Win a fight as Jack in his alternate costume with Flapjack and K'nuckles as opponents.
      Master of Darkness (Bronze): Win five fights as Aku with Jack as an opponent.
      Viking God of Rock (Bronze): Score two consecutive knockouts with Aku's synergy assist.
      Meet My Beautiful Wife (Bronze): Activate Scotsman's PTE and Peppermint Larry's Assist in the same fight.
      Go Mac Go (Bronze): Win ten fights as Mac and Bloo in their alternate costumes.
      S.E.C.T.O.R. V. (Bronze): Complete Kids Next Door Platforming in under five minutes.
      Father is Number One (Bronze): Win five fights as Father with Numbuh One as an opponent.
      Flame Broiled (Bronze): Score a knockout using Father's synergy assis
      Flushed (Bronze): Score two simultaneous knockouts using Toiletnator's PTE.
      A great Big Hug (Bronze): Activate Bubbles' synergy assist.
      Not Powerpuff, Rowdyruff! (Bronze): Win a fight with each Powerpuff in alternate costume against a Powerpuff in normal outfit.
      Planet of the Ape (Bronze): Win ten fights as Mojo Jojo against a Powerpuff girl.
      Him Diddle Riddle (Bronze): Win ten fights as Him against a Powerpuff girl.
      P90 Him (Bronze): Win nine fights as Him in his alternate costume.
      The power is yours! (Bronze): Score three simultaneous knockouts using Captain Planet's PTE.
      Disco Fever (Bronze): Score two consecutive knockouts using Captain Planet's synergy assist.
      Do the Monkey (Bronze): Activate Johnny's synergy assist.

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