• Unlockables

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding option or effect at the main menu:

      After Story option: Successfully complete the main storyline with eight or more Orbs Of Light.
      Alternate main menu: Unlock the "True ending" in After Story mode.
      CG mode: Collect at least one Orb Of Light in the main story and complete the Arc.
      Music mode: Collect at least one Orb Of Light in the main story and complete the Arc.
      Orbs Of Light at main menu: Each Orb Of Light collected during the game will appear at the main menu.

  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Amiable Scenery (Silver): Clear Miyazawa Yukine's scenario.
      As Long as There's Both of Us (Silver): Clear Furukawa Nagisa's scenario.
      By Far (Silver): Clear Sagara Misae's scenario.
      Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom (Silver): Clear Sakagami Tomoyo's scenario.
      CLANNAD (Bronze): Unlock and clear all scenarios.
      Consistent Enjoyment (Silver): Clear Sunohara Mei's scenario.
      Day After Day (Silver): Clear Ibuki Fuko's scenario.
      Exciting School (Silver): Clear the game book.
      Fantasy World (Gold): Get all of the orbs of light.
      First Orb (Silver): Get your first orb of light.
      Fuko Master! (Gold): During Fuko's path, master every prank.
      Glorious Baker! (Gold): Clear the grass-lot baseball scenario.
      Hiiiiiiii! (Silver): Clear Sunohara's scenario.
      Long Hair (Silver): Clear Fujibayashi Kyou's scenario.
      Long Slope (Bronze): Prologue clear.
      Mino Ayumi's Future (Silver): Clear Fujibayashi Ryou's scenario.
      Platinum (Platinum): Receive all trophies.
      Saito Appeared (Silver): Cause Jet Saito to appear.
      Spacious Garden (Silver): Clear Ichinose Kotomi's scenario.
      The End of the Journey (Silver): Clear Koumura Toshio's scenario.
      To a Small Palm (Gold): Receive the true ending for After Story.
      Tomoyo's Ultimate weapon (Gold): During Tomoyo's Path, successfully perform a 64 hit combo.
      Two Lights (Silver): Clear Hiiragi Kappei's scenario.

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