Constant C


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      One-Way Ticket (Silver): Complete story mode.
      Archivist (Silver): Gather all the storage devices.
      Catlike Reflexes (Bronze): While free-falling at a high speed, change the direction of gravity and apply brakes.
      Princess Is In Another Castle (Silver): Find the dinosaur.
      Labman No001 (Bronze): Discover the phone-microwave.
      Catch Me If You Can (Silver): Chase Ellie 2.0 through all the levels where she appears.
      Fall Down 150 Times, Get Up 151 (Silver): Exceed 150 deaths.
      You Only Live Once (Silver): Reach the storage device location in D3-3 and complete the level without dying.
      Fall And Miss (Bronze): Change the direction of gravity in the midair at least 10 times and land safely.
      I've Got Time (Bronze): Collect any storage device inside the 6th door without using the second time field.
      For Every Action (Bronze): Complete C2-2 in 5 seconds.
      Time's A-Wasting (Bronze): Complete C3-3 in 5 seconds.
      The 34th Airborne (Bronze): Complete C3-4 in 7 seconds.
      Nothing Escapes Me (Bronze): Complete F1-5 in 20 seconds.
      Well-Balanced Individual (Bronze): Complete D1-5 without falling off the ball unnecessarily.

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