Dance Magic


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Free Dancer (Bronze): Pass any track for the first time on any difficulty.
      Non-missable Dancer (Bronze): Collect all arrows on Hard difficulty using ingame songs.
      Observant dancer (Bronze): Collect 30 secret notes.
      Sharp-sighted dancer (Silver): Collect 300 secret notes.
      Online Dancer (Bronze): Defeat an opponent in Freestyle online-multiplayer on Hard difficulty.
      Hard Dancer (Silver): Earn rating S or higher at 20 music tracks on Hard difficulty in Freestyle.
      Master Dancer (Bronze): Earn rating M at any music track on Hard difficulty in Freestyle.
      Battle Dancer (Bronze): Win for the first time in Dance battle.
      Critical Dancer (Bronze): Fill your Combo to level 10 and deal damage using Rage.
      Fast Dancer (Bronze): Defeat an online opponent in Dance battle on the track with BPM above 180.
      AI Dancer (Bronze): Defeat an AI opponent on maximum difficulty using custom music.
      Special Dancer (Bronze): Perform 100 Specials.
      Millionaire Dancer (Bronze): Gain 999 999 money.
      Stun Dancer (Bronze): Stun your opponent and defeat him until the stun is over.
      Complete Dancer (Bronze): Complete one Tournament.
      Many Faces Dancer (Silver): Complete the Tournament for all characters.
      Greed Dancer (Bronze): Buy for game currency everything that is sold.

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