Death Track: Resurrection


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      First Blood (Bronze): Kill your first enemy.
      First Explosion (Bronze): Demolish your first building.
      Chicken (Bronze): Make your first jump.
      First Victory (Bronze): Win your first race.
      Mechanic (Bronze): Buy your first upgrade.
      Rearming (Bronze): Buy your first weapon.
      Test Drive (Bronze): Buy your first car.
      One of Five (Bronze): Get in top 5 pilots in Scenario mode.
      Champion of the Season (Bronze): Finish Scenario mode.
      Champion of Europe (Bronze): Win European Championship.
      Champion of Asia (Bronze): Win Asian Championship.
      Champion of America (Bronze): Win American Championship.
      Buddy (Bronze): Play your first multiplayer game.
      Rookie (Bronze): Win your first multiplayer race.
      Pro (Silver): Win 50 races in multiplayer.
      Victor (Silver): Win 100 single player or multiplayer races.
      Hard player (Silver): Win any championship final race on hard difficulty level using stock upgrades and first level weapons.
      Sprinter (Silver): Reach 400 kph in any race.
      Beekeeper (Silver): Finish Tokyo in Scenario mode without dying.
      Stunt man (Silver): Get 75000 points with one jump.
      Pilot (Silver): Get 200000 points with one nitro acceleration.
      Maniac (Silver): Kill 500 enemies in single player or multiplayer races.
      Cautious (Silver): Win 5 single player or multiplayer races (not in Race or Drag modes) avoiding enemy's mines and spikes.
      Millionaire (Silver): Get 1000000 credits on account.
      Apostle (Silver): Get 50 Archangel statuses.
      Devil (Silver): Get 50 Megakiller statuses.
      Challenge Accepted (Silver): Complete all basic challenges.
      Challenger (Gold): Complete all challenges.
      Executioner (Gold): Kill Chamorro in Vatican in Scenario mode.
      Best of the best (Gold): Win all scenario races on hard difficulty level without dying.
      Discoverer (Gold): Unlock all cars, upgrades and weapons.
      Perfectionist (Gold): Complete 100% of the game.
      Medallist (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.

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