Disney Infinity



  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Platinum Challenge (Platinum): Complete all trophies.
      Star Extractor (Bronze): Collect 15 Stars in a Play Set.
      1 more to go (Bronze): Collect 15 Stars in 2 Play Sets.
      All Star (Bronze): Collect 15 Stars in 3 Play Sets.
      It's a Start (Bronze): Collect 50 Stars.
      Wish Upon a Star (Gold): Collect 70 Stars in the Disney Infinity Starter Pack.
      New friends (Bronze): Play a 2-player game using two different Characters.
      Character Plunder (Bronze): Unlock 3 Character Chests.
      Character Elite Force (Gold): Level up 3 Characters to Level 15.
      Character Elite Set (Bronze): Level up 2 Characters to Level 15.
      Character Elite (Bronze): Level up 1 Character to Level 15.
      Visit the Hall (Bronze): Visit the Hall of Heroes.
      Infinity and Beyond (Bronze): Play 3 Play Sets and the Toy Box.
      All Modes (Bronze): Drive a car, pilot a helicopter, and a ride a mount.
      Power Up! (Bronze): Place one Power Disc on the Disney Infinity Base.
      Great Communicator (Bronze): Talk to mission givers 20 times throughout Disney Infinity.
      Defender of the Universe (Bronze): Defeat 100 enemies throughout Disney Infinity.
      It's a Party (Bronze): Play a 4 player game.
      Sorry? (Bronze): Defeat another player's Character.
      Not Sorry? (Bronze): Defeat 40 player Characters.
      Acrobat (Bronze): Stand on top of a stack of 4 Characters.
      The Champion (Bronze): Win First Place in a multiplayer Adventure.
      Creator (Bronze): Save 4 different Toy Box worlds.
      Graduate (Bronze): Complete all Mastery Adventures.
      Import master (Bronze): Place a toy from a Play Set in a Toy Box you are hosting.
      Spin start (Bronze): Take 10 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault.
      Spin Master (Bronze): Take 20 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault.
      Bonus Bank (Bronze): Win 5 bonuses in the Disney Infinity Vault.
      Toy Maker Extreme (Silver): Take 30 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault.
      Star Hunter (Bronze): Get 18 Stars from Adventures.
      Feat Novice (Bronze): Complete 25 feats.
      Feat Master (Bronze): Complete 75 feats.
      Not Last! (Bronze): Complete 3 Adventures to bronze standard.
      Almost There (Silver): Complete 3 Adventures to silver standard.
      It's All Gold! (Silver): Complete 3 Adventures to gold standard.
      Team Work (Bronze): Complete a story mission in a multiplayer game.
      Getting It Started (Bronze): Complete a story mission.
      Journey Complete (Bronze): Complete the story in a Play Set.
      Another Happy Outcome (Bronze): Complete the story in 2 Play Sets.
      There is no "end" in infinity! (Gold): Complete the story in 3 Play Sets.
      Full of Toys (Bronze): Unlock 10 toys from Play Sets.
      Power Pack! (Bronze): Buy 2 Packs from one Play Set.
      Multi-Tool! (Bronze): Buy 2 Tools from one Play Set.
      City Planner (Bronze): Buy 4 Play Set buildings and place them in the Toy Box.
      Doesn't This Look Better? (Bronze): Customize 6 buildings in the Play Sets.
      Challenger (Bronze): Complete the "Easy" level on all Challenges in a single Play Set.
      Challenging (Bronze): Complete the "Medium" level on all Challenges in a single Play Set.
      Challenges Conquered (Silver): Complete the "Hard" level on all Challenges in a single Play Set.
      That Was Easy (Bronze): Complete 5 Challenges on easy.
      That Was Rough (Bronze): Complete 5 Challenges on medium.
      That Was A Challenge (Silver): Complete 5 Challenges on hard.

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