Dream Chronicles


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Creature Catcher (Bronze): Completed Chapter 2.
      Trapped in the Tree House! (Bronze): Completed Chapter 5.
      In to the Greenhouse (Bronze): Completed Chapter 10.
      Through the Forest (Bronze): Completed Chapter 15.
      End of the Dream (Bronze): Completed Dream Chronicles. (Single Player Game).
      Faye and Fidget (Bronze): Completed the game in Co-op Mode.
      Jewel Apprentice (Bronze): Completed 6 Dream Jewels.
      Dream Guide (Silver): Completed the game within 30 minutes.
      I Spy (Silver): Scored 800,000 points or better.
      Dexterous Dreamer (Silver): Completed the game within 25 minutes.
      Eagle Eye (Silver): Scored 1,200,000 points or better.
      Jewel Master (Gold): Completed all Dream Jewels.

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