Forest Legends: The Call Of Love


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      The journey begins (Bronze): For completing chapter 2.
      Forbidden Forest (Bronze): For completing chapter 3.
      City of Felizes (Bronze): For completing chapter 5.
      Happy End (Silver): For rescuing Aurelio.
      It was easy (Gold): For completing the game in the Expert Mode without using a hint.
      Puzzle Master (Silver): For completing all mini-games without skipping.
      Let me go (Bronze): For taming the scarecrow.
      Art of Potion Making (Silver): For making five potions successfully.
      Luke, I am not your father (Bronze): For revealing Francis' secret.
      911 (Bronze): For rescuing the little pixie.
      In the blink of an eye (Silver): For traveling to another location using X button 50 times.
      Encore! (Bronze): For completing the game and starting playing it over again.

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