Gekijouban Macross F: Itsuwarino Utahime - Hybrid Pack


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      A Reckless Idiot But With Good Sense (Bronze): Clear "Remember Kuadoran" mission on Hard.
      Galactiv Fairy (Gold): Clear all missions with SS Rank.
      Ghost (Bronze): Clear "Web Of Vajra" mission.
      Juda System Lilith (Bronze): Clear "Live Fire Maneuvers" mission on Hard.
      Kabuki (Bronze): Clear "Tornado" mission.
      Last Stand (Bronze): Clear "Web Of Vajra" mission on Hard.
      Lay Tea to Arms? (Bronze): Clear "Universal Bunny" mission on Hard.
      Pine Cake (Bronze): Clear "Tornado" mission on Hard.
      S of Frontier (Silver): Clear "Skull Squadron" mission on Hard with SS Rank.
      S.M.S Enlistment (Bronze): Clear "Live Fire Maneuvers" mission.
      Skull Leader (Bronze): Clear "Universal Bunny" mission.
      Sniper (Bronze): Clear "Remember Kuadoran" mission.
      Super Dimensional Cinderalla (Silver): Clear all missions.
      V-type Infection (Bronze): Clear "Skull Squadron" mission.

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