Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      "Ow, Quit It!" (Bronze): Destroy the Supply Chopper in Mission Mode. Who needs power-ups?
      Big Red Button (Bronze): Go Ballistic... Use your first nuke!
      Cannon Happy (Bronze): Complete 9 missions without nukes or reinforcements.
      Champion of Freedom (Bronze): Survive 12 minutes of the enemy's attack in any survival game.
      Cockroach of Freedom (Bronze): Withstand eight minutes of the Red Star onslaught in any survival game.
      Comsat Uplink (Bronze): Play online with three other players.
      Freedom's Last Stand (Gold): Defeat all 19 Red Star Champions in Boss Blitz Mode.
      Joint Command (Bronze): Stand together with another player to complete one mission.
      Massive Destruction (Bronze): Destroy 10 enemies with a single nuke.
      Stockpile (Silver): Amass 5,000,000 points.
      Supaweapon! (Bronze): Collect components to complete a megalaser.
      Ultimate Tanker (Silver): Dispel the enemies of liberty. Finish mission mode.
      World Tour (Bronze): Take a tour of each Red Star Country and trash the place! Complete the first 9 missions.

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