Hotline Miami


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Trophy Addict (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
      Combo Beginner (Bronze): Perform a 4x combo.
      Combo Intermediate (Bronze): Perform a 6x combo.
      Combo Pro (Bronze): Perform an 8x combo.
      Combo Master (Silver): Perform a 10x combo.
      Combo King (Gold): Perform a 12x combo.
      Playing Pool (Bronze): Hit an enemy with a weapon bounced against a wall.
      Nigel Lowrie (Bronze): Use a human shield.
      Domino Effect (Bronze): Throw a weapon at an enemy so that his weapon hits another.
      Aced It (Silver): Get an A+ on any chapter.
      Karma (Bronze): Die 1000 times.
      I Got New Friends (Silver): Unlock all weapons.
      Knife for Pros (Bronze): Use all melee weapons at least once.
      1989 (Bronze): Kill 1989 enemies.
      Let In Some Air (Bronze): Destroy 200 glass panels.
      Dog Lover (Bronze): Kill 99 dogs.
      60 To Car (Bronze): Go to the car 60 times.
      These Are My Guns (Silver): Complete chapter five barehanded.
      Pitcher (Silver): Use all throwing weapons at least once.
      Zoo Keeper (Gold): Collect all the masks.
      Guns For Show (Silver): Use all guns at least once.
      Two Birds With One Stone (Bronze): Hit two enemies with the same weapon in one throw.
      Get A Life (Gold): Get A+ on all the chapters.
      Always On Top (Silver): Perform every ground kill in the game.
      Sounds Of Animals Fighting (Bronze): Wear all masks at least once.
      Bat-man (Silver): Clear Chapter 2 using Nigel the Bat.
      Plain Luck (Silver): Hit three or more enemies with the same weapon in one throw.
      That's It? (Gold): Beat the epilogue.

    Additionally, there are seven secret trophies:

      The End? (Silver): Beat the main story.
      Sewer Alligator (Bronze): Find Jones the Crocodile.
      Eye For Details (Silver): Collect all the puzzle pieces.
      The Boss (Bronze): Solve the Puzzle.
      Cat Fight (Bronze): Kill the panthers using Brandon the Panther.
      Smell Something Burning (Bronze): Kill the crapping gangster with a fireaxe.
      This Is It (Gold): Beat the epilogue with secret ending.

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