The House Of The Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut



  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      The House of the Dead: Overlord (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
      Papa's Palace of Pain (Bronze): Complete 'Papa's Palace of Pain' in Story Mode.
      Naked Terror (Bronze): Complete 'Naked Terror' in Story Mode.
      Ballistic Trauma (Bronze): Complete 'Ballistic Trauma' in Story Mode.
      Carny (Bronze): Complete 'Carny' in Story Mode.
      Creeping Flesh (Bronze): Complete 'Creeping Flesh' in Story Mode.
      Scream Train (Bronze): Complete 'Scream Train' in Story Mode.
      The Fetid Waters (Bronze): Complete 'The Fetid Waters' in Story Mode.
      Jailhouse Judgment (Bronze): Complete 'Jailhouse Judgment' in Story Mode.
      Overkill (Bronze): Complete all levels in Story Mode.
      Goregasm! (Bronze): Achieve a Goregasm.
      Weak At The Knees (Bronze): Maintain a Goregasm for 2 minutes.
      De-Generation (Bronze): Collect 10 LPs.
      Decom-Poster Child (Bronze): Collect 15 posters.
      Dis-Figurine Collection (Bronze): Collect 15 figurines.
      Graphic Horror (Bronze): Collect 17 comic book pages.
      Boom Headshot! (Bronze): Decapitate 200 mutants.
      Toasty! (Bronze): Kill 5 or more mutants with one grenade.
      Yakuza (Bronze): Kill 100 mutants 'Gangster Style' (holding gun sideways).
      Suffer Like G Did (Bronze): Complete any level with only one health segment remaining.
      Hardcore (Bronze): Complete any level in Director's Cut without using any continues.
      Merchant of Menace (Bronze): Buy a new weapon.
      Fully Loaded (Bronze): Fully upgrade any weapon.
      Power of the Mind (Bronze): Complete any level with the targeting crosshair off.
      I'll Try Anything Once (Bronze): Play each minigame through to completion once.
      Lights, Camera, Headshot! (Silver): Complete all levels in Director's Cut.
      Caesar's Salad (Silver): Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Papa's Palace of Pain'.
      Private Dance (Silver): Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Naked Terror'.
      Doctors and Nurses (Silver): Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Ballistic Trauma'.
      Clown Shoes (Silver): Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Carny'.
      Meat Packer (Silver): Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Creeping Flesh'.
      Bad Conductor (Silver): Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Scream Train'.
      Swamp Monster (Silver): Complete all CHALLENGES for 'The Fetid Waters'.
      Jail Bird (Silver): Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Jailhouse Judgment'.
      Lab Rat (Silver): Complete all CHALLENGES for 'Overkill'.
      Never Runs Dry (Silver): Complete a level without triggering an enforced reload (i.e. reaching zero bullets).
      Be My Valentine, Jill (Gold): Unlock all unlockables and purchase all weapons.
      Perfect Victory (Gold): Achieve an S rank for all levels in Story Mode or Director's Cut.
      Do You Feel Lucky? (Gold): Complete all levels in Classic Mode without using any continues.
      Extreme Hardcore (Gold): Complete all Director's Cut levels in Hardcore Mode.

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