Hyperdimension Neptunia


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Neptune Start (Bronze): New game started.
      Combo Making (Bronze): Created an original combo.
      Item Making (Bronze): Synthesized item used in battle.
      Shopping (Bronze): Purchased items.
      News (Bronze): Gathered information led you to find and clear a quest.
      Medieval Fantasy (Bronze): Arrived in LEANBOX.
      Steam Punk (Bronze): Arrived in LASTATION.
      Marchen (Bronze): Arrived in LOWEE.
      Future Fantasy (Bronze): Returned to PLANEPTUNE.
      Dress Up (Bronze): Accessory changed.
      OVER CLOCK (Bronze): Processor unit changed.
      Teamwork (Bronze): Battle formation changed.
      Hard Battle (Bronze): Fought in Patron godess form during battle.
      Nippon Ichi (Bronze): Nippon Ichi joined your group.
      GUST (Bronze): GUST joined your group.
      Scenario Completion (Silver): Scenarion cleared.
      Multi-Platform (Silver): Walked through the entire map.
      Speed Searcher (Gold): Completed all the time attack in S-Class.
      History Document Histoire (Gold): Obtined all histoire.

    Additionally, there are 27 secret trophies:

      Continuous Combo (Bronze): Performed a chain of 5 link combo.
      Breaker (Bronze): Obstacle destroyed.
      Monster Hunt (Bronze): Monsters call.
      Treasure Hunt (Bronze): Item search skill activated.
      The First Contact (Bronze): First battle.
      How To (Bronze): Dungeon tutorial cleared.
      Blind Attack (Bronze): Duel with IF.
      Seven Spring Herbs Rice Gruel (Bronze): Bring Neptune back to life.
      Green Key (Bronze): Found a piece of the key parts in Leanbox.
      Demonstration (Bronze): Perfect demonstration.
      Black Key (Bronze): Found a piece of the key parts in Lastation.
      Guardian (Bronze): Deafeated all monsters appreared in the city.
      White Key (Bronze): Found a piece of the key parts in Lowee.
      Unlock (Bronze): Broke the 'Histoire' book seal.
      The Goddess Of Darkness (Bronze): Realise the existence of Magiquone.
      Sanngennsennkenn (Bronze): Legendaryweapon 'Sanngennsennkenn' completed.
      Daikennkyuu (Bronze): Legendary weapon 'Daikennkyuu' completed.
      Sousikikyojyuu (Bronze): Legendary weapon 'Sousikikyojyuu' completed.
      Tatujinnnorennsou (Bronze): Legendary weapon 'Tatujinnnorennsou' completed.
      Combo Maker (Silver): Performed a 100 Hits combo (100 HIT).
      Nurse (Silver): Cure 20 times a wounded 'friend' during battle.
      Baton Pass (Silver): Performed 'baton pass' 50 times.
      Green heart (Silver): Patron godess Black heart joinded your group.
      Black heart (Silver): Patron godess Black heart joinded your group.
      White heart (Silver): Patron godess White heart joinded your group.
      True Magiquone (Gold): Combine all the Hards power to defeat True Magiquone.
      Acquire All Trophies (Platinum): Game completed.

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