Kung Fu Panda 2


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Student of Shifu (Bronze): Learn Master Shifu's slick Kung Fu Curl technique.
      Student of Master Croc (Bronze): Learn Master Croc's incredible Acu-punch technique.
      Student of Master Ox (Bronze): Learn Master Ox's ground-pounding Thunder Strike technique.
      Student of the Blade (Bronze): Defeat your first enemy with a weapon.
      Claws of Courage (Bronze): Get a boost from Tigress.
      Wings of Walloping (Bronze): Help Crane defeat the wolves.
      Pincers of Power (Bronze): Rescue Mantis in the tunnel.
      Tail of Triumph (Bronze): Rescue Monkey from the Komodos.
      Fangs of Fury (Bronze): Rescue Viper in the undercity.
      Boundless Fists (Bronze): Defeat 10 Wolves.
      Panda Pow (Bronze): Defeat 40 Wolves.
      Gorilla Grinder (Bronze): Defeat 3 Gorillas.
      Kung Fu Power (Bronze): Defeat 12 Gorillas.
      Komodo Clobber (Bronze): Defeat 8 Komodos.
      Tao of Pow (Bronze): Defeat 32 Komodos.
      Destined for Awesomeness (Bronze): Find 100 Iron.
      Pretty Awesome (Bronze): Find 300 Iron.
      Awesome! (Bronze): Find 100 Steel.
      Amazingly Awesome (Bronze): Find 300 Steel.
      Yeeeeeah! (Bronze): Find 100 Gold.
      Ska-doosh! (Bronze): Find 300 Gold.
      Master Shifu (Silver): Bowl over 10 Enemies with Kung Fu Curl.
      Master Croc (Silver): Stun 10 Enemies with Acu-punch.
      Master Ox (Silver): Smash 10 Enemy Shields with Thunder Strike.
      Blade Master (Silver): Defeat 10 Enemies while holding a weapon.
      Shen is defeated! (Silver): Find 1 Red Symbol.
      Shen is obliterated! (Silver): Find 1/2 of the Red Symbols.
      Who was this Shen guy again? (Silver): Find all of the Red Symbols.
      Strike with Style (Silver): Defeat 80 Wolves.
      How Zen-like (Silver): Defeat 24 Gorillas.
      You Just Got Panda'd (Silver): Defeat 64 Komodos.
      Getting Awesomer (Silver): Find 600 Iron.
      Ridiculously Awesome (Silver): Find 600 Steel.
      Shakabooie! (Silver): Find 600 Gold.
      Platinum (Platinum): Earn all Memorabilia.

    Additionally, there are nine secret trophies:

      Helped into the Harbor (Bronze): Defeat the Wolf Leader Once.
      Tumbled from the Tower (Bronze): Defeat the Gorilla Leader Once.
      Journey of Discovery (Silver): Find all the Jade Statuettes for Master Croc.
      Armor Acquisition (Silver): Find all the Armor Pieces for the Armorer.
      Now Serving Justice (Silver): Find all the Black Blades for Master Ox.
      Crushed by Master Croc (Silver): Defeat the Wolf Leader 3 Times.
      Vanquished in the Village (Silver): Defeat the Gorilla Leader 2 Times.
      Escaped the Enemy (Silver): Escape your first encounter with Xiao Dan.
      Demolished the Dragon (Gold): Defeat Xiao Dan in Combat.

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