London 2012: The Official Video Game Of The Olympic Games



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): Earn all other trophies.
    My Way (Bronze): Create and play through a custom playlist.
    Team Player (Silver): Earn 3 Gold medals in team events.
    Team Spirit (Bronze): Beat your personal best in Team Archery or Synchronised Diving.
    Friendly Competition (Bronze): Win an Events Mode session with four players competing.
    Kit Collector (Silver): Unlock all available sporting accessories.
    The Contender (Bronze): Qualify for the finals of an event in The Olympic Games mode.
    Got Gold! (Bronze): Earn a Gold medal in The Olympic Games mode.
    All-Around Athlete (Bronze): Qualify for the finals of every event in an Olympic Games mode campaign.
    Successful Campaign (Bronze): Earn 20 medals in a single Olympic Games Campaign.
    Self Improvement (Bronze): After using a Retry Token, get a better result than before, and finish in the top 3.
    24 Carat Campaign (Gold): Earn the Gold medal in every event of a medium or hard Olympic Games mode campaign.
    World Champion (Bronze): Beat a World Record.
    Pushing Yourself (Bronze): Beat your own personal best in every event possible, irrespective of gender.
    Style Conscious (Bronze): Wear an alternative national kit in an event.
    Competitive Spirit (Bronze): Complete a multiplayer game, while representing a nation.
    Never Touched the Sides (Bronze): Complete the Men's K1 Kayak Single course with no penalties at all, while representing a nation.
    How's That?! (Silver): Hit the bullseye camera of the archery target, while representing a nation.
    Aimbot (Silver): Score ten or more on every target in a 5-shot round in Rapid Fire Pistol, while representing a nation.
    Game, Set and Match (Silver): Earn a Gold medal in every Versus event, while representing a nation.
    Sharpshooter (Silver): Earn a Gold medal in every Shooting event, while representing a nation.
    Flipping Fantastic! (Silver): Earn a Gold medal in every Gymnastics event, while representing a nation.
    Leaping Legend (Silver): Earn a Gold medal in every Jumping event, while representing a nation.
    The Running Man (Silver): Earn a Gold medal in each of the 4 types of Track events.
    Human Catapult (Silver): Earn a Gold medal in every Throwing event, while representing a nation.
    Super Fish (Silver): Earn a Gold medal in each of the 5 types of Swimming event.
    Close Shave (Bronze): Touch the bar in a High Jump and still clear it successfully.
    Quick and Painful (Bronze): Touch the last hurdle and win a medal in 110m Hurdles.
    Cracking the Clay (Silver): Hit every target at Station 4 in Skeet.
    Total Shutout (Silver): Win a Table Tennis or Beach Volleyball match without losing a point.
    Photo Finish (Bronze): Win a Race by 0.07 seconds or less.
    Big Hitter (Bronze): Perform 10 Power Shots in a Table Tennis match.
    No Splash (Silver): Receive a perfect ten from one of the Judges in Diving.
    Marathon Man (Bronze): Distance run over career is 42.195km.
    Foul Play (Bronze): Perform 30 foul attempts in field events, over your career.
    Superb serving (Bronze): Perform 10 ace serves over your career.
    Social Sports (Bronze): Play an Online Tournament with one or more friends.
    Take on the World (Bronze): Win an Online Tournament.
    Represent! (Bronze): Play online and complete a Quick Match or Custom Match.
    Glorious Results (Bronze): Win a total of 5 Gold medals in Online Quick Matches or Online Custom Matches.
    Awesome Foursome (Bronze): Complete a Challenge Set with 4 players.
    All Star Performance (Silver): Earn 9 Challenge Stars in a single Challenge Set.
    Up to the Challenge (Gold): Complete all Challenge Sets for any controller type.
    No Weak Links (Silver): Complete a Challenge Event, where every player scores more than their share of the 3-star target score.
    Show Pony (Bronze): When two or more players are introduced all together for a race, be the one who emotes first.
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