Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      The Power Stone (Bronze): Collected the Power Stone.
      The Rhythm Stone (Bronze): Collected the Rhythm Stone.
      The Mind Stone (Bronze): Collected the Mind Stone.
      The Time Stone (Bronze): Collected the Time Stone.
      The Soul Stone (Bronze): Collected the Soul Stone.
      The Space Stone (Bronze): Collected the Space Stone.
      The Reality Stone (Bronze): Collected the Reality Stone.
      Squad Initiate (Bronze): Completed Story Mode on Easy Difficulty.
      Safety First (Bronze): Defend the S.H.I.E.L.D. Building without losing a power node.
      Elite Hack Master (Bronze): Completed every Hack challenge.
      Robo Racer (Bronze): Completed every race challenge.
      Stark Certified (Bronze): Completed all of Iron Man's Heroic Feats.
      Deadly Darling (Bronze): Completed all of Black Widow's Heroic Feats.
      Slice 'N Dice (Bronze): Completed all of Wolverine's Heroic Feats.
      T-Rex Nino (Bronze): Completed all of Reptil's Heroic Feats.
      The Hulkster (Bronze): Completed all of Hulk's Heroic Feats.
      Law and Order (Bronze): Completed all of She Hulk's Heroic Feats.
      The Human Rocket (Bronze): Completed all of Nova's Heroic Feats.
      Mighter then Thou! (Bronze): Completed all of Thor's Heroic Feats.
      Clearly Forceful (Bronze): Completed all of Invisible Woman's Heroic Feats.
      Woman with Vision (Bronze): Completed all of Scarlet Witch's Heroic Feats.
      Flying High (Bronze): Completed all of Falcon's Heroic Feats.
      Speed Thrills (Bronze): Completed all of Quicksilver's Heroic Feats.
      Webslinger (Bronze): Completed all of Spider-man's Heroic Feats.
      You've got the Super Power! (Bronze): Collect all Power Stone Fragments.
      You are feeling the Rhythm! (Bronze): Collected all Rhythm Stone Fragments.
      Time Management! (Bronze): Collected all Time Stone Fragments.
      Mind over Mind Fragments! (Bronze): Collect all Mind Stone Fragments.
      The Soul of a Hero! (Bronze): Collected all Soul Stone Fragments.
      Shiny Space Fragments! (Bronze): Collected all Space Stone Fragments.
      Reality Fragmented! (Bronze): Collected all Reality Stone Fragments.
      Heroic Attack! (Bronze): Performed a Heroic attack.
      Heroic Hero! (Bronze): Defeat six or more enemies with a single heroic attack.
      Deflected! (Bronze): Reflected an enemies attack back at them.
      Super Hero Up! (Bronze): Revived a teammate.
      Hero Punch (Bronze): Broke through the defenses of a defending enemy.
      Squad Member (Silver): Completed Story Mode on Normal Difficulty.
      Challenge Master (Silver): Completed each challenge at least once.
      Take that Villain! (Silver): Defeated an enemy with a parry.
      Super Revive Hero (Silver): Revived a team mate 10 times.
      Big Red (Silver): Complete all of Red Skull's Heroic Feats.
      Cap! (Silver): Complete all of Captain America's Heroic Feats.
      Not just a side kick (Silver): Complete all of Bucky's Heroic Feats.
      Squad Hero (Gold): Completed Story Mode on Challenging Difficulty.
      Super Achiever! (Gold): Completed all Heroic Feats.
      Fragment Collector (Gold): Collected all Stone Fragments.
      Platinum (Platinum): Earned all trophies.

    Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

      The Large One! (Bronze): Saved the Skrull Throne World from Galactus.
      Jump Hero! (Bronze): Barrel Jumping Hero.
      Lost, then found, then lost again. (Bronze): Defended the Hellicarrier from assault... but lost the Infinity Stones.
      The Overmaster's Underworld (Bronze): Infiltrated Thanos' Hideout.
      Patience is a Virtue (Bronze): You waited calmly in Grandmasters Green Room.
      Nothing is Forever (Bronze): Saved Super Hero City and redeemed Silver Surfer.

    The following trophies require "The Captain America Collection" bonus downloadable content:

      Big Red (Silver): Complete all of Red Skull's Heroic Feats.
      Cap! (Silver): Complete all of Captain America's Heroic Feats.
      Not just a side kick (Silver): Complete all of Bucky's Heroic Feats.

    The following trophies require the "Doom On The Loose!" bonus downloadable content:

      Best Laid Plans (Gold): Escaped from the Helicarrer.
      Doom's Domination (Silver): Completed all of Dr. Doom's Heroic Feats.
      Fear the Might of Doom! (Bronze): Defeated 50 Doombots as Doctor Doom.
      Stinky's Masterpiece (Silver): Completed all of Abomination's Heroic Feats.

    The following trophies require "The Thanos Throwdown" bonus downloadable content:

      Last Titan Standing (Bronze): Survived the Trials of Thanos.
      Mad Titan (Silver): Completed all of Thanos' Heroic Feats.
      Flawless Victory (Gold): Fought flawlessly through one wave of Trials of Thanos.

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