My Body Coach 2


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      My Body Coach 2 - Congratulations! (Platinum): Get all the trophies of My Body Coach 2.
      Let's go! (Silver): Perform 10 Fitness exercises.
      Grade A (Silver): Complete for the twentieth time a session recommended by the program.
      Patience is the best buckler... (Gold): Complete for the thirtieth time a session recommended by the program.
      It wasn't so hard after all. (Gold): Carry out all the Fitness exercises.
      Perfect session! (Silver): Succeed in performing all the exercises of a Fitness session.
      I'll handle it myself (Bronze): Use the Session Editor.
      Until the end (Gold): With the Session Editor, design a Fitness session made of 50 exercises... and carry it out.
      My Body Coach 2 Academy (Gold): Obtain the A grade in any choreography.
      A star is born (Gold): Obtain the A grade in all choreographies.
      Okay, we're done here (Gold): Follow a recommended program until the end.
      Exemplary sequence (Bronze): Link together 5 perfect moves.
      Perfect sequence (Silver): Link together 10 perfect moves.
      Legendary sequence (Gold): Link together 20 perfect moves.
      Fitness warrior (Gold): Perfectly carry out all the Fitness exercises of My Body Coach 2.
      Don't you think I've lost weight? (Bronze): Lose 2,000 calories.
      Profit and loss (Silver): Lose 5,000 calories.
      Efforts that pay off (Gold): Lose 25,000 calories.

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