Polar Panic


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Bear Faced Cheek (Bronze): Achieve a 10x Combo bonus (not achievable in Multiplayer).
      Teddy Bear (Bronze): Get an A grade for a Story Mode Chapter.
      Brainy Bear (Bronze): Get an AA grade in 10 Puzzle Mode levels.
      Never Leave A Bear Behind (Bronze): Collect all the snowmen and break the cages in Story Mode.
      Housing Slump (Bronze): Destroy 50 trapper generators.
      No Bears Were Harmed (Bronze): Complete a Chapter in Story Mode without losing a life.
      The Right To Bear Arms (Bronze): Kill a trapper of each type (not achievable in Multiplayer).
      Trophy Bear (Bronze): Collect all 10 extra life pick-ups.
      Bear Survivor (Bronze): Score 1,500,000 points in 1 player Survivor mode.
      Bear Essentials (Bronze): Survive 5 waves on all 5 levels of 1 player Survivor mode.
      Smarter Than The Average Bear (Silver): Complete the Puzzle Mode.
      Bear Necessities (Gold): Complete the Story Mode.

    Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

      Long Shot (Bronze): Kill a trapper with a sliding block over 15 grid squares away.
      Roller Bear (Bronze): Kill all the trappers on a boat level by only using the barrels.
      A Bear Amongst Bears (Bronze): Complete Story mode on the Insane difficulty.

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