Real Soccer


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      First Victory (5 points): Win your first match.
      First goal (5 points): Score your first goal and reach the end of the period.
      Training Finisher (5 points): Finish all training modes (in Game Modes).
      Penalty Master (5 points): Score on all your penalty kicks.
      Golden Boot (5 points): Be the top goal scorer.
      Assist Leader (5 points): Have the most assists.
      Golden Globe (10 points): Win the Golden Globe.
      Man of the Match (10 points): Get recognized as the top player in a match.
      Match Controller (10 points): Win the match while keeping possession of the ball over 65% of the time in RF(RS) League.
      Extra Time Killer (10 points): Win a match in extra time.
      Best Audience (5 points): Play in all the stadiums.
      Football Collector (5 points): Try all the footballs.
      Iron Defender (15 points): Win 5 matches without conceding a goal.
      World Champion (15 points): Win the International Cup.
      Cup Champion (10 points): Win a cup from any of the continents.
      RF(RS) League Legend (15 points): Submit a score of 200 in RF(RS) League play.
      National League King (15 points): Win the National League Cup.
      League Cup Champion (15 points): Win the League Cup.
      Player of the Year (20 points): Be the best player in the world this year.

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