Red Faction: Battlegrounds


  • Trophies

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

      Welcome to the Faction (Bronze): Get your first rank.
      Helping hands (Bronze): Complete your first local multiplayer game.
      Taste of Victory (Bronze): Win an online game.
      The Black Hole (Bronze): Kill all other players with the singularity bomb in a 4 player online game.
      Total Carnage (Bronze): Kill 5 opponents in a row without dying in an online multiplayer game.
      Scrap Metal (Bronze): Get a quad kill in the training missions.
      The Running Man (Bronze): Earn a gold star in a survival training mission without using any weapons.
      A Taste of Armageddon (Bronze): Earn at least a bronze star in all the armageddon pack training missions.
      Rampage (Bronze): Destroy 35 enemies in the frostbite training mission.
      A Taste of Origins (Bronze): Earn at least a bronze star in all the origins pack training missions.
      Tormentor (Bronze): In Race mode, kill a player 3 times when they're on their last lap.
      The Skills to Pay the Bills (Silver): Unlock all of the training missions.
      Bling (Silver): Get a gold badge in five player awards.
      Take That, Winters! (Silver): Get a gold star in all training missions.
      Going Up in the World (Silver): Reach Rank 10.
      Faction Leader (Gold): Reach Rank 20.

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